Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glitterball- the right type of glitter.

In my opinion there are two types of glitter. Tacky glittery clothes that make you wince, and amazing very sparkly pieces that are really rather wonderful. I am usually quite opposed to glitter, but these are two items from my wardrobe that I love.

The grey glittery dress is vintage topshop. (Okay, retro topshop, not quite vintage!) I got it for christmas and really like the shape of it. I've paired it with my grey topshop boots. (I know, I know. Nearly all my posts have incorporated those boots, but I do love them! Its also because the friend who takes most of my photos likes them too...) In one shot, I've also added a vintage green silk scarf and my vintage Radley top. I seriously cherish that top.

The second outfit is this amazing pair of glitter, holographic leggings that I found in a charity shop for £1. They're originally from American Apparel, and even had the original tags on them! I think they're quite amzing to be honest.. The beaded top is from topshop, the black Mary-Janes another charity shop find. These photos were taken a while ago, and those shoes no longer fit me (Boo hoo.)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The very best of vintage

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to do a shoot for a vintage shop I occasionally visit. The clothes were so gorgeous, I didn't want to part with them! These are some of the pictures from said shoot... I really want a housecoat like the one in the photos! I think it's amazing.

All outfits stocked from Berties vintage.
Images and clothes copyrighted to Berties Vintage


Friday, 26 June 2009

Vintage suitcases and very very high boots

Just thought I would quickly post this picture. These are the topshop boots in their full splendour and glory!

Same dress as before... The vintage suitcase ontop is mine (a rather lucky charity shop find!). The other is a friends...


Red lips and Skinny Jeans

The shirt here is another purchase from Beyond Retro (not that I'm obsessed in any way with that shop..). I love the boots too. I was so lucky to find these. I got them in topshop for £20 in a sale, they go for so much on ebay now! And I couldn't live without skinny jeans. I know half the population might be wearing them, but they're the only type of jeans that suit me. But I do have trouble finding them,as I have ratherlong but also skinnylegs. H&M seems to be the only reliable place.. If anyone knows anywhere else that does long skinny jeans,I would really appreciate it if you could tell me in a comment..

I was lucky to have these photos taken by a friend (flo),who is an amazing photographer! Most of the pictures on here will have been taken by her..

Grey top-Beyond Retro



Hair piece-Accessorize

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The dress that deserves a post of it's own

Ok, just to let you know that some of the photos on here are in no chronological order. These were taken a few months ago, but I still love them! This is a dress I've shown in another post, but here are some colour photos of it!

Green dress from beyond retro, tartan tights are unknown, big grey sunglasses are vintage Yves Saint Laurent and blue sunglasses are from Camden Lock market in London.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The beautiful-ness of vintage jackets

I found this jacket in an amazing little vintage shop we sometimes visit. (It has a matching pencil skirt- will post pictures of the two together sometime). Its absolutely tiny, but so beautifully made! The jacket itself is blue linen and is from the 50's. I actually love it...

The dress worn underneath is green linen from Beyone Retro in London. Glasses in one shot are ones mentioned before (3D ones.) The necklace is a vintage one.

Clothes Cameras and Coffee

Hi everyone. This is a blog I've just started up to share my appreciation of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee! (Surprise surprise..)
I'm a real fashion and photography enthusiast (especially interested in fashion design- would love it to be my career when older! Will elaborate more in another post). My main passion in clothing is vintage, as a result of which my wardrobe is running out of room! I find the whole process of sketch to garment fascinating. And coffee? Its just lovely..

To start off my blog, here are some pictures of me with one of my many cameras. I love the whole look and feeling of old cameras. You really value every picture taken.

The dress is a from a vintage shop on Brick Lane, the glasses from a 3D film (just pushed out the lenses!) and the camera is a vintage one of mine.
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