Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Clothes Cameras and Coffee

Hi everyone. This is a blog I've just started up to share my appreciation of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee! (Surprise surprise..)
I'm a real fashion and photography enthusiast (especially interested in fashion design- would love it to be my career when older! Will elaborate more in another post). My main passion in clothing is vintage, as a result of which my wardrobe is running out of room! I find the whole process of sketch to garment fascinating. And coffee? Its just lovely..

To start off my blog, here are some pictures of me with one of my many cameras. I love the whole look and feeling of old cameras. You really value every picture taken.

The dress is a from a vintage shop on Brick Lane, the glasses from a 3D film (just pushed out the lenses!) and the camera is a vintage one of mine.


Charlotte said...

Roz! I made a blog as soon as I saw yours! Yours is really good, such lovely pictures, lucky :( xx

Anonymous said...

I've just spent about an hour reading every single one of your posts, I couldn't look away! Your choice of words when you speak about the clothing is beautiful, and I really love the little green dress above! You have a really unique style (:

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I never thought to start at the beginning! Roz, it is so cool to see how much you've grown since the inception of your are such a baby-faced wonder here! And only a year later, so different, and yet very much you! I wish you much success, in the course of this blog and in the journey of your life.

You are a true beauty, inside and out, and I for one, am positive your grown-up years are going to be something amazing! xo. Bella Q

Anonymous said...

I have found your blog and I didn't tought I would arrive in the first post, but the photos were so interesting that I'm here. The most pretty thing here is your hability in writing, you are a such good writer! Congratulations for all your work!

Kisses from Brazil,

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