Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tea Dresses and Vintage Cameras

These are a few images from the latest shoot I did with a friend (a lot more will be coming soon!) I love this tea dress, I got it for £10 in a vintage shop on Brick Lane in London. There are so many amazing shops there! I just admire the shape and pattern of this piece..
I also really like the use of black and white in these photos.. what do you think?

Today I had an amazing few hours at a pattern cutter's house with a friend. We each made a skirt, mine which I am already fond of. It's a red silk A-line skirt. Pictures will be coming soon, once it's finished! (Aaah, I really do have a lot of things to put up on my blog..)
Dress- Brick Lane
Glasses- 3D ones from the cinema with the lenses pushed out
Camera- Mine

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Same Suit, Different Hats

Yes, I know I'm recycling this shoot as much as possible, but there are some truly gorgeous hats here! This is the last one, I promise.
These are just a few of the many amazing hats that I saw at the shoot. (There was a whole table of them from which a handful were picked.) Hats so delicious, they were practically edible!
My favorite of the lot has to be the one covered in flowers. Reminded me of Eliza Doolittle for some reason.
All images courtesy of Berties vintage.

Off for a few days now with no internet.
Will be looking forward to catching up when I get back!
Images and clothes copyrighted to Berties Vintage

Friday, 24 July 2009

This made me incredibly happy (:

Hi everyone. Hope all of you out there in the blogging world are alright!

This is just a quick post with a bit of good news that I recieved.

A few weeks ago I entered the Landscape Youth Photographer of the Year competition, just for fun. So imagine how excited I was when I found out yesterday that two of the photos have been shortlisted!!

I entered 15 altogether, but these are the two that were successful. I'd really like to know what you think of them.. I'm still somewhat a bit of an amateur photographer, but I'm learning and improving all the time. I like landscape photography, but also fashion and people (some of which I'll post another time).
This is really the first post I've done thats not to do with fashion, but I guess the blog is called Clothes, Cameras and Coffee! (Although nothing done on the coffee front yet.. yet another post to do! Haha.)
All photos copyrighted to me.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sketches and Doodles

As you may already know, I'm really interested in fashion design and would love to pursue it as my job one day. These are just a few sketches I did based on My Fair Lady. (By the way, anyone who is interested in fashion MUST watch this film- Cecil Beaton designed all the costumes) I'd be really interested in your opinon. These are about a month old, and I've been working very hard on my design technique since then, so hopefully there'll be some more recent pictures soon!
Talking of design,what do you think of these? My friend Caitlin is a "Doodler" but I'd call it more art (: These are a few examples of her work. The nail varnish one is stuck in my room, the other was one she did for the Christmas Fair. I would love to one day put her doodle patterns onto dresses and bags. I think that'd be pretty amazing.. If you want to see more of her work, then visit her blog- or find her on my list of blogs (the random thoughts and doodles of a psychopath). There's some amazing ones on there, look at the older posts too!
All sketches are copyrighted to me and caitlin.


Monday, 20 July 2009

All I need now is a glamorous vintage party...

Hello again!
Sorry for the delay in posting, been celebrating the start of the summer holidays! Seven weeks to fill with drawing, photography, making clothes, reading, traveling, seeing friends, and of course, blogging!
These are some more photos from the vintage shoot I did a while back. Probably two of the most glamorous dresses I've ever had the good fortune to wear! Mind you, I very nearly couldn't extricate myself from the black dress, it was that tight!
Although, I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing to be forced to wear it permanently.
The second dress is a gorgeous pink and black frothy chiffon 50's prom dress.
The first is a slightly strange hybrid of black sequins, netting and antique lace. It actually looked like 2 dresses sewn together.
Dresses and all accessories courtesy of Berties Vintage.
Tell me what you think!
Images and clothes copyrighted to Berties vintage

Friday, 17 July 2009

Your room- an extension of style?

First of all, I just want to say thankyou so much to everyone who commented on my last post. 38 comments!?! I'm happy (:

I havn't had any chance to do photography recently as I'm still recovering from the 17.8 mile walk I did on tuesday. Never again!

So I just thought I'd do a quick post now showing you some parts of my room, as it really is an extension of my personal style. It's literally jam packed with old hatboxes, hats, cameras, clothes etc.. But I love it. Oh, and soon to be added to the collection- 15ish very gorgeous vintage hats that my mum rescued from a school ( she donated them a few years ago..). They're completely gorgeous, and there's even a Christian Dior one! I'll have to do a post showing each and every one in their full gorgeousness.

Tell me what you think of these photos! Oh, and I should be posting some more pics of me from the vintage shoots soon.. (see my other post- The very best of vintage)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Light and Airy

Yet again, more pictures taken by the very lovely flo! The dress is actually hers, but I just think the pattern on it is lovely (:
I really like the use of light in these photos, makes it feel very bright and pretty in my opinion. Tell me what you think!

Oh yeah, I recently joined lookbook. I'd be very interested in anyones response... Here's the link-
Thanks once more for all the lovely comments! I really appreciate every single one.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Looking at life through a blurred lens

I hate it when you've taken what you thought was an amazing photo, then looked at it later and realised its blurry. But sometimes I think there's something really interesting about blurred images, an element of surrealism or ethereal-ness. Like the edges of time and reality are blurring, oops started to sound a bit too doctor who there (:

Incidentally though, did anyone see Torchwood last week? Amazing!

But back to the point, these are some pictures a friend (the very lovely flo again!) took of me, and the blur is on purpose. I think they look really good. I love the way the dress flows.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The wonders of Vintage Shirts

I have a slight obsession with vintage shirts, at last count I had 5 or 6 I think? Most have been inherited or *ahem* borrowed from my mums wardrobe. I just love the sheer simplicity of a shirt. You can throw it haphazardly over some shorts and a t-shirt, or make it chic with a pencil skirt and some high heels. The possibilities are endless. This is one of my favourite vintage shirts. It was my great-grandmas, so it has sentimental value too. I just think thats its so intricately beautiful, and you can tell its well made.
Photographer: Patrick Lindblom
Copyrighted to Patrick Lindblom

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Flashes of colour

These are some photos that a friend (flo) took of me for her gsce art project. As you can guess, the theme was colour!
The blue outfit- the top is a friends, the skirt from when I used to do ballet (!), blue leggings from H&M and belt and necklaces are a friend's.
Red/orange outfit- Orange dress is thrifted American apparel, belt, flower, bracelet and sunglasses are all friend's.
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