Monday, 20 July 2009

All I need now is a glamorous vintage party...

Hello again!
Sorry for the delay in posting, been celebrating the start of the summer holidays! Seven weeks to fill with drawing, photography, making clothes, reading, traveling, seeing friends, and of course, blogging!
These are some more photos from the vintage shoot I did a while back. Probably two of the most glamorous dresses I've ever had the good fortune to wear! Mind you, I very nearly couldn't extricate myself from the black dress, it was that tight!
Although, I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing to be forced to wear it permanently.
The second dress is a gorgeous pink and black frothy chiffon 50's prom dress.
The first is a slightly strange hybrid of black sequins, netting and antique lace. It actually looked like 2 dresses sewn together.
Dresses and all accessories courtesy of Berties Vintage.
Tell me what you think!
Images and clothes copyrighted to Berties vintage


emily :) said...

Thanks for the comment.
You look absolutely stunning!!!! These dresses are gorgeous!


Laura Gerencser said...

Love the black dress!!!

WildFlower said...

Totally charming and so beautiful....i bet you just wanted to parade around in these dresses all day! I love the rose print on the pink chiffon!! Its so hard to find fabric like that these days.
Thank u for you comment on WildFlower too. Look foward to your next post x

sophie la-la-la x said...

those dresses are amazing - so detailed!
you look stunning, i love how you've done your make up and your hair to keep to the vintage theme too!

sophie x

JESS X said...

amazing, as always! x

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Love this!

Anonymous said...

Your summer sounds ready toi go go go! You shoudl set up some kind of prom for wannabee '50s kids(this is me)!

Raez said...

amazing! these dresses are gorg. as are you! need to see more modeling shots, these are great!


sophie la-la-la x said...

I'm obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, yeah I love those movies too, I also like Paris when it sizzles!
soph x

Ellie Grace said...

Absolutely lovely! Those dresses compliment you immensely.
You are beautiful!

Kate said...

Thanks for your lovely comment (: I love Florence and the Machine, and Regina Spektor. I've never heard of Marina and the Diamonds, before but I'll be sure to check them out! x

Natalie said...

these photos are absolutely beautiful! the black dress is so gorgeous!

Stacy said...

those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! love the headpiece along with the first one

chiaroscuro said...

I really love the pink one!

Amelia said...

Yay for summer! I adore the 2nd dress. It has such a perfect 50s shape and a really interesting print.

cody said...

these photos look so great<3
..enjoy your blog..


Pearl Westwood said...

what an amazing headdrss!x

Miss Muller said...

wonderful dresses and wonderful woman !

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't know where the shoot is from.. I tried to look it up but I can't find it.

Mila said...

Oh wow,gorgeous <3

Maria said...

amazing dresses!
vintage bring us another way of life!

Somewhere Here said...

oh looove the 2nd dress! Very glam

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jessica wu said...

your "look" is just gorgeous overall

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