Saturday, 11 July 2009

Looking at life through a blurred lens

I hate it when you've taken what you thought was an amazing photo, then looked at it later and realised its blurry. But sometimes I think there's something really interesting about blurred images, an element of surrealism or ethereal-ness. Like the edges of time and reality are blurring, oops started to sound a bit too doctor who there (:

Incidentally though, did anyone see Torchwood last week? Amazing!

But back to the point, these are some pictures a friend (the very lovely flo again!) took of me, and the blur is on purpose. I think they look really good. I love the way the dress flows.


becca. said...

i love your pictures, the way you take them is really unique and the dress looks gorgeous too.
fabulous blog would you like to link exchange? i'm 14 too. haha. how cool are weee!

becca. said...

you friend is amazing at photography.
i wish i had a friend like yours to take pictures for my blog, i have my sister and thats it haha.
and as if you love audrey hepburn too, shes like my idol. i have a lot of audrey canvas' in my room and i really love all her films especially funny face, which is your favourite audrey film? xox

Laura Gerencser said...

Great photos!! Love them!:)

theTrendyDwarf said...

Oh em gee! I don't care whether you get too psychologist or doctor-ish on the post.. you are so right! I love your pictures! Really beautiful and the blur effect adds a wonderful twist to the essence of the picture. Love your dress and props to the photographer.
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La Couturier said...

Stunning photographs (: They really are beautiful!

La C.

emily :) said...

No i didnt see Torchwood i was gutted i had all planned on watching it but completely forgot it was on and it got to friday and i was like omg i have missed it! Haha you did sound a tad dr who like there but he is a legend i cant believe david tennant is leaving *insert tear rolling down cheek here* The photography is amazing though the blurriness gives it another depth.

Check out my blog if you have a spare minute please :)


WildFlower said...

Far out...out standing blog lady! Your photographs are simply amazing. This is really original fav photo is of you sitting on your suitcase. INCREDIBLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, sometimes a photo is on its best blurry :)
Lovely pics!

jesu bm. said...

aaah lovely dress(:
I was checking your blog and i think it's fun and i loved it

i'm following u

hugs .-

Raez said...

haha, these are awesome. so ethereal indeed, i love how perfectly blurry these are!

xx raez

Amelia said...

These are quite stunning! I love pictures that show motion.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved blurs. Back when I lived in NYC, after university, my friend BK used to shoot me as his muse (pre blog, alas) and we'd do deliberate blur shots with slow film. I keep asking him to dig up those shots.
Now, with my own blog, my husband is often saying I shouldn't use a shot because it's blurry but to me it's not a flaw, it's art.

I love your blog, and am adding you to my blog roll. Thanks for adding me!

Eline said...

I LOVE that last one!

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