Saturday, 25 July 2009

Same Suit, Different Hats

Yes, I know I'm recycling this shoot as much as possible, but there are some truly gorgeous hats here! This is the last one, I promise.
These are just a few of the many amazing hats that I saw at the shoot. (There was a whole table of them from which a handful were picked.) Hats so delicious, they were practically edible!
My favorite of the lot has to be the one covered in flowers. Reminded me of Eliza Doolittle for some reason.
All images courtesy of Berties vintage.

Off for a few days now with no internet.
Will be looking forward to catching up when I get back!
Images and clothes copyrighted to Berties Vintage


Amelia said...

I adore the hat with the feathers! I wish people wore hats more often.

Amelia said...

Also, re your comment: I'd love to swap links. I'm linking you right now.

Pearl Westwood said...

Personally I can never see enough hats! I was just bidding on a fab vintage hat on ebay, with a huge pom pom, but my internet is misbehaving and totally crashed on me grr! I totally would wear that huge hat with the flowers it is quite insane! And I love the photos from this shoot - be proud and post them all!

Kate said...

Wow, cool hats. Thanks for commenting btw (:

Zo said...

Thank you :)
Love these pics

Zo said...

I don't think they do have a website- sorry :/
GOD i really want to go there, never had the chance. It looks amazing!

Raez said...

love it! my fave is teh second, and i will miss you! hurry up and get yer internet back;)

xx raez

Nemerae said...

Amazing hats!!
Btw, are you only 14? :O

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely comment ^.^ and these pictures are so stunning <3

Charlotte Drene said...


You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you look like Audrey Hepburn (:
Love those hats too, they must give you some kind of classy feeling right?

Kat said...

the first hat is great and i really like your header!

Style Bird said...

These pics are great! Love the hat.

Leproust Vintage said...

I just stumbles upon your blog, and I love it! Such beautiful photos and clothing...absolutely stunning!

Keith said...

Great photos. I love them. You've got a really cool blog.

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

So, these are the hats.

Yea. I'm definetly NOT dissapointed. They are fabulous!

Please wear them every day! They truly suit you.


Bahrain Fashion said...

I adore them. So stylish!!


FabBlab said...

These just scream Burberry meets John Galliano. So artsy and chic. Love it.

Liv said...

You are gourgeous, I love all of the photos :)

What do you think about swapping links?


Anonymous said...

i've never been a fan of wearing hats but this post might just make me change my mind :)

- jen

magicnina said...

Great pictures!! The hats are amazing and the outfits are very sophisticated:)

Beth said...

wow these hats are gorgeous!
love the first one especially.
great photos
beth xx

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

All these hats are gorgeous, they really "make" the look and the outfit. Like Amelia, I also hope people would wear hats more often, but I've got this bad feeling that it's never gonna happen again...vintage dreams.


Leproust Vintage said...

Certainly, I would love to swap links with you! Just added you to my blogroll! :)

Maria said...

fabulous hats. i would love use them! It has a special charm.


Leproust Vintage said...

Sorry to comment again...I left a little award for you on my blog. I think your blog is just lovely!

jessica wu said...

OHHHH my goodness
you are the most gorgeous 14 year old i've seen.
eliza doolittle for sure!

and i love your blog

Michelle Gabrielle said...

beauuuuutiful my darling!

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