Thursday, 2 July 2009

Take one black t-shirt and add...

First of all, I'd just like to thank everyone who's commented on my blog! You're all so nice!!
Thanks also for the suggestions about modeling. I was actually lucky enough to be scouted by Select models. I've been signed to the sneak preview division since earlier this year. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to learn more about the fashion world and business side, and also to learn more about photography!

I'm just posting some photos of some t-shirts I customised recently.. The various things on the t-shirts have been collected from markets, given to me, been made (the heart) and just been found amongst junk at home! I'm incredibly interested in fashion design (some time I'll post some sketches...), so these t-shirts were very fun to create! Although I think some of them are a little more for display than actual wear!



Raez said...

aw, you're welcome sweetie! these tees are really cute, gloves--what a great idea! and i really hope you do well in the modelling word, rooting for yah!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely shirts. I want one!!! :)

ps. good luck with the modeling!

F.S said...

cool blog u have got!

doodlingenie said...

check out me blog dear if you have time.
Its pretty lame, i'm just getting used to it.

doodlingenie said...

Oh yeah, your blog is amazing.
Have a good holiday and mission baloon, umbrella bubble should happen SOON!

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