Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The wonders of Vintage Shirts

I have a slight obsession with vintage shirts, at last count I had 5 or 6 I think? Most have been inherited or *ahem* borrowed from my mums wardrobe. I just love the sheer simplicity of a shirt. You can throw it haphazardly over some shorts and a t-shirt, or make it chic with a pencil skirt and some high heels. The possibilities are endless. This is one of my favourite vintage shirts. It was my great-grandmas, so it has sentimental value too. I just think thats its so intricately beautiful, and you can tell its well made.
Photographer: Patrick Lindblom
Copyrighted to Patrick Lindblom


[LA] said...


This shirt would be perfect with a pair of destroy jeans


Anonymous said...

i love the shirt on the picture :)

Katy said...

jeeeeeesus youre pretty! i thought the girl in the photo was a model then i realized it was you after all, and you are a model. amazing vintage shirts=life. please check out mine!


Denise said...

oh yeah! agree on the vintage. i love how it looks so unique.

have a great day!

you have a great blog here. and your so pretty and stylish. so cute. ill follow you.

Raez said...

ah! jealous of your gorgeousity Roz! love vintage shirts too, so flowy and versatile:) definitely loving this one.


Sylvia said...

This is such a gorgeous picture!! I love the shirt, too, an how it has a story.

Amelia said...

I wish my mom had nice vintage shirts that I could steal from her. I love that shirt!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty shirt! And you're so right; these kind of shirts match with everything, and with every mood :)
Btw are you a model? :)

Toni Tones said...

wow...4get the shirt u look absolutely beautiful in tht, thot itwas a model

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again :) I was wondering if you already have LOOKBOOK. If not, please send me your emailadress so I send you an invitation code. You have an amazing style and you're perfect for Lookbook :)

Anonymous said...

great shirt! would you like to exchange links?

Megan said...

ugh, my mom got rid of a lot of her clothes :(
you should check out the vintage clothes on etsy.

Justine said...

wow 14 and already you have an amazing fashion sense!

Cathy said...

hey. love your blog.
check out my shop if you have time:



Anonymous said...

yeah i definatley agree there!

The Reaper said...

Thats a great shirt.

SunShi!ne et Blue.Star said...

I love vintage shirts 2.
Heart urs. really nice


Victoria B said...

wow you look beautiful on here :)


Love Victoria


Maria said...

you look beautiful in this pic!

jessica wu said...

gorgeous model! :)
the blouse IS very pretty

gaby said...


Dina-Dyorre said...

That photo is just divine, you really do have great potential.

Sofi said...

This photo looks like it came from a magazine!! beautiful lighting which was perfect for the outfit.

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