Sunday, 30 August 2009

Through a mirror brightly: Andrew Logan

Could you get a more "Alice through the Looking Glass" type shot? Was so happy with this particular self portrait..

I accessorised my white dress and jewellery with my thrifted glittery leggings, and some Betty Jackson silver shoes. (£2.50 in a charity shop!)

Me 'modeling' the jewellery in the museum. I love the way the light caught my lips and the head-dress.

Me and my mum outside..

Mum looks up to Zandra Rhodes!

The Big Bracelet group. I really wanted one... But of course, I had my horse.

Two gorgeous brooches..

What an amazing couple! I love the way they added their own surreal characters to the outfits.

There was another person who had the other half of the horse necklace! It was actually a barbie horse cut in half.

This afternoon has been one of the most glittery times I've ever had! I mentioned visiting the Andrew Logan museum a couple of posts ago, but what I didn't talk about was the exciting event happening today.
Once a year, Andrew Logan himself holds a jewellery showcasing event in his museum in Berriew. (Wales.) Today was the day. And out of sheer good fortune (happening to overhear a conversation at the museum last week about a need for extra people to model), both my mum and I found ourselves appearing in his show, alongside a whole host of other lovely people from near and far. And doesn't my mum look great in the green dress? 
Each of our costumes was hand-picked by the artist himself, my favourite part being the 60's style sunglasses. The horse 'necklace' was pretty wild too and carries a price tag of £2000... Actually, considering all the jewellery I was wearing, it was all probably worth about £4000 in total. I was therefore rather nervous about tripping over or bashing into anything inadvertently.
But what an amazing experience. Getting to meet him, wearing such fabulous things and parading them in front of lots of people. Such a privilege. And I have to say, I could seriously get used to the whole sparkly lips thing!
At the end of the show I really didn't want to take off the beautiful things. Going to this museum makes you feel like you want to live your life full of glitter and pretty stuff. Walking in through the door just makes you happy, so imagine how good it is to actually wear his jewellery. He also seems really generous spirited himself, both in person as well as the fact that his is the only museum I know of that allows visitors to take photos. (Lucky, as otherwise I'd have no actual post here...) But above all it's a really inspiring place. Last time I visited i went home and created an Andrew Logan inspired bangle,so who knows what'll happen this time? I'm already plotting my latest creative endeavour.
So now, here I am sitting in my oversized cat in the hat t-shirt, exhausted but euphoric. Glitter traces on my cheeks are all that remains of the wonderful afternoon now. And I think it's time to turn off my computer, so this is it for now. Hope you enjoy the images…

All jewellery and costume copyrighted to Andrew Logan.

Monday, 24 August 2009

All that glitters..

Hey again. This is going to be my last past for about 5 days,as I'm off to Edinburgh! I do have a 5.30am start tomorrow though, which isn't exactly brilliant..
Anyway, so inbetween packing and puzzling over the mysterious murder-scene like state of my cream carpet (turns out I'd cut my foot and not realised- great!)I've got just enough to time to put up some pictures. This is the third outfit from the arboretum shoot (see 'Let sleeping dresses walk' and 'Colourful Creations'.)
This gold shrug is my favourite item of the moment. It made it's way through several people's dressing up boxes before landing in mine when I was about 5 or 6. I recently rediscovered it hiding under some brightly coloured scarves and realised how much it needed a permanent place in my wardrobe. It'seven vintage Pret-a-porter, no I've looked at it closely! The jeans are from ebay, and they're not actually meant to be cropped (being 5"8 does have a few drawbacks.) The black top is from H&M, the ankle boots are thrifted Zara (I love the zip detail!) The battered gold pendant/ locket is from Rosie's vintage stall and the belt is an original seventies one that my paternal czech grandma gave me.
Thanks as ever to the lovely Flo for amazing photography!

Here I've also included some of my latest fashion design sketches. I've been working really hard on my drawing technique over the summer, looking at figures and fabric etc.. I'd really like to hear what you think about them!
Look forward to catching up when I get back. So for now, au revoir...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The early scent of Blossom (plus blog awards)

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in posts in the past few days. Yesterday I was hiking up hills with my dad and brother, where we got lost and had to scramble up a nearly verticle slope. But still a lot of fun! The only trouble with running down most of this particular hill was that I now have really stiff legs.

Then today I went to the really amazing Andrew Logan museum. I've been visiting this place since I was about 5, and have been looking forward to going all summer. If you're ever in the shropshire area, I recommend it! It's filled with some of his most amazing works, including the "cosmic egg", "the lulu fountain" and "Raja Zandra" (a sculpture of the designer Zandra Rhodes.)But anyway, on to today's pictures!

I was lucky enough back in february to be asked to do my first ever test shoot: these photos were then later used in SO-EN -a japanese magazine. The clothes were chosen by stylist Nao Koyabu- all totally delightful pieces by contemporary designers, but with a vintage feel to them. It was great to be asked to do the shoot with no make-up and just washed hair- all very natural and fresh.
The first photo shows a cover mock-up (not actually used in the end) and has the most amazing head-dress against the early blossom. I loved the fish swimming towards the sky, with the net-like the fishing net- covering my face. Very whimsical.
The second picture feels like it could have been pulled straight out of the seventies. I was wearing this amazing floral skirt, and a huge vintage necklace made of tassels (unfortunately not very visible in this image) and little gold rimmed glasses. Lovely.
The gold dress was fabulous, cut beautifully to fall in folds at the front.
The black flower head dress also really appealed to my sense of the surreal- it was shaped and molded of black acrylic.
The blue jacket fitted like a silk slipper and I loved the little pill box hat- which was sort of rigid hexagonal shape.
Photographer: Aya Sekine.
Copyright: Aya Sekine and SO-EN magazine
Thanks to Select Model Management.

Now onto the blog awards! Hmm.. this might be a rather long post. Sorry! :)
First up, thankyou to both the lovely LeProust Vintage and wonderful Buttons and Ribbons for giving me the lemonade stand award! You just have to tag other people.

I'm going to pass it on to-

Now for the other award.
Thanks to Kate of teenage caffeine addict for tagging me with this award. This award requires the blogger to list 7 interesting things about themselves and then pass the award on to 7 other 'kreativ bloggers'.

1) I played the piano for five years and then gave up. I really regret thisand would love to be able to still play.
2) I would love to be a fashion designer when I'm older and am constantly sketching out ideas.
3) But if I couldn't be fashion designer I'd love to work in psychology
4)I'm just about to start doing my GCSEs. I chose RE, French, Art, History and Drama.
5)I'm slowly starting to learn to make my own clothes, with the aid of vintage 50s patterns.
6) My favourite bands at the moment are Marina and the Diamonds, The Clash, Emmy the Great, AnnieLennox, Polly Scattergood and David Bowie.
7) I love reading all the comments I get. They make me smile.
Now for who I'm giving them too!
Phew, thanks to anyone who took the to read all of this!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Let sleeping dresses walk

Yet more photos from my shoot in the arboretum last thursday.. Yet more clothes owned by my great-grandma, (mum's-dad's-mother). This dress is an original 50's creation that was found in the attic when  the house was being cleared out - hence the title - a dress that has been asleep for decades gets a new outing and turns its face to the sun. It's the first time I've worn it, and unfortunately it's slightly too big, as well as the elastic having perished, so I had to enlist the help of a trusty safety pin.
There's something about graffic floral prints that always makes me smile. This is definitely a rather bold dress... And the summery scenery definitely compliments it. I felt like a giant flower against the greenery.
I wore it with peep toe shoes that I was given after doing the vintage photo shoot for the wonderful Bertie's vintage shop.
The gold battered locket came from my favourite vintage and antique stall in my local market town. (A bargain, at £5). It's actually quite dangerous for me to visit Rosie's stall, as I'm in peril of parting with more money than I plan!
I love the last shot of the cat. It tried very persistently to make its way into the photos.. Much more of a poser than me!
Photographer: The ever fabulous Flo

Friday, 14 August 2009

Colourful Creations

These pictures are from a shoot I did yesterday with my friend flo. We trekked up to a local arboretum in the grounds of a small stately home... This is what my dream garden would look like! What a completely amazing location. In all, we shot 4 different outfits. So this is the first of 4 posts!
The black dress was made/ customised by me. It was originally a long skirt owned by my grandma. I found it in my dressing box (best source of interesting clothes!) a few months ago, and the elastic had lost all stretch around the waistline. So I just cut two arm holes in the sides and added a belt! (Incidentally, the belt being one my mum bought from a charity shop when she was in her teens..) The rainbow striped cardigan/ top was found in my grandmother's attic when her house was being cleared. We think it might actually have been made by her. The white brogues are from ebay. (My second favourite place to find unique things-after charity shops of course!)
This glass table was so beautiful, I especially like the metal legs.
I'll be away for a few days now (Wales!) but will be looking forward to catching up when I get back.
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