Monday, 10 August 2009

And Then The Sun Came Out..

Sorry for the lack of posts and replies over the last few days. I've been at the Big Chill music fesival.. These are some of the pictures from the event. Considering I took 623 over the course of 4 days, they had to be edited down rather a lot! Enjoy...

These two pictures were taken by my friend Esme. I'm wearing a gold cardigan thing that I found in the dressing up box a few years ago. I actually made the necklace. It's christened " Mummy's scissors" as they are my mum's old sewing scissors, bandaged up in silk like a mummy. I got complimented on them a few times over the
weekend which was nice :)
This dress is made from a skirt. I just pulled it up and added a belt.. This was in the "enchanted garden" at the top of the hill. Beautiful views.

This was an art installation in one tree, with some amazing white dresses! These were 2 of my favourites, but they were all pretty stunning.

Esme outside our tent with her very big backcombed hair and lovely skirt.

I saw this bag when I was watching Noah and the Whale. I think I want it rather a lot! It's so gorgeous, I'm now looking out for a brown leather satchel like this.

I saw some great outfits too! These are just the two best, I particularly love the gingerbread men.
We managed to break the world record for most zombie extras caught on film, and this is the effigy/ statue that they had built. I think it was burnt on Sunday night.

I saw some great music, the best being Marina and the Diamonds and Emmy the Great. Both amazing!

We had a lot of fun at the bubble stall.. It was quite hard to drag Esme away to go and see Noel Fielding and Dylan Moran.. (The latter being some of the best comedy I've ever seen.)

The dereliction drive in was popular. All these abandoned cars that you sit in, graffitie on, or in my case, take pictures of!

Known as Lucille, the Car of Doubt, you could write anything to do with doubt (surprise surprise!)

I saw these guys and couldn't resist taking a picture!

But the excitement was too much for some people.. Here's esme, exhausted with all the fun (;


kirstyb said...

love the pics and great outfits xoxox

☆ mαísα said...

Looks like you had much fun! nice pictures :*

Flashes of Style said...

Pretty pretty! Looks like alotta fun. I love the picture with the bike.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.
P.S. How did you make your template?

Leproust Vintage said...

This music festival looks amazingly fun! I just love that brown satchel you saw! Amazing!

Amelia said...

This looks really fun. I love your gold cardigan and wow, that dress installation is amazing!

Zo said...

ahhhh you are lucky, wanted to go to the big chill this year :/ hahah
i love the photos! :D
reading the guradian weekend were you? i get it every week from my granddad, i cut out all the pictures and stuff :P
thanks for the comment, my room looks like a crime scene most of the time!

Anonymous said...

My apologies. What I meant was the picture of that person as your heading (the black and white pic.) How did you do it, and place it? I'm tired of using blogspot designs. I would like to make my own.

Does it matter what my name is? said...

that sounds like SO MUCH fun!!! wish i cld have gone!!!
i cant really make out the necklace... i dont really understand, could u do like a close up picture of it all by itself plz??? i am very curious!!!

Raez said...

great photos, looked like loads of fun, especially loved the gingerbreadmen:)]

ps. not that expensive only $110 for the kit plus two rolls of film

xx raez

Pearl Westwood said...

ooh looks fun! I love the dresses in the trees!

Miiicha said...

Haha love the pics! Great blog will be following

Love Miiicha

nycrun said...

love the car and the top shot

Lagelle said...

U look so lovely in all those pretty hats, btw come visit

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Fabulous shots! Next best thing to being there : )

You've got a great eye as a photographer, and great style yourself! Thanks for your comment, am putting together a little 'hats off to..' thing, should be up in a few minutes..

Kaitlyn said...

I'm not sure if your from the U.S.
but it looks alot like Bonnaroo.
you would probably have alot of fun there!

sophie la-la-la x said...

amazing, i am jealous. everything you saw/wore/did I really want to do etc, was going to go to the big chill but was in spain! i love the mummy scissors, very unique and didn't cost a penny! thanks for the comments

sophie x

-L said...

Waay CUTE BLOG. I loove all yoru OUTFITS!! :)

Erika said...

This looks like the most thrilling time ever. Next time, please take me with you! :)

the christy said...

wow, this looks like fun!
and noel fielding is hilarious.
your blog is great! :)
i like your style.
btw how old are you?

Anonymous said...

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