Friday, 18 September 2009

Gold and green and very corny-part 2

Hello everyone. Hope you've all had a good week. Beginning of London fashion week today, will someone tell me why I can't go! Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe it. Maybe next year though. My dream is to one day get to meet Vivienne westwood or Stella McCartney.
But I thought I'd post some photos to cheer me up.
They were taken on the same as day as the others in the corn field with the blue Jaeger blazer. (although I've now been corrected and told that they're barley, but lets still say corn as it sounds more interesting!)
So I don't need another long story about the shoot, because that part has already been explained!
This gold cardigan was found in a charity shop, still with the original label! I love the fact that it's this really grown up refined cardigan, but so sparkly and gold too. I made the skirt in spring, but it took me until the summer to hem it! It's actually made out of some old curtain material that was my great-grannys. I think the colour is just beautiful.
The lace top underneath is from h&m, and the brown leather belt is a vintage one that my mum got from a charity/thrift shop when she was a student. The white shoes were another charity shop buy (I like to pretend I'm Twiggy, or Jean Shrimpton when I'm wearing them because they have such a nostalgic sixties feel.) The gold watch was my grandmothers, it has stopped but I still wear it as a bracelet. Kind of awkward if people ask you the time though!
The necklaces are from various family members and the black bag was yet another charity shop find. (Maybe I should rename this post- Roz's thrifted collection!)
And the amazingly crazy leopard print gloves were a gift from my paternal grandma. Thanks Babi!
I'm off now to take pictures the rugged welsh countryside and do lots of drawing. My idea of a perfect weekend!


She's Dressing Up said...

I love these photos =]. The leopard print gloves are perfect!

Adela said...

stunning as always! i love those leopard-print gloves! that second to last pictures is perfect! and your opheilia photo shoot is beautiful! i did a shoot like that about six months ago-very fun!

Laura Gerencser said...

Love your skirt!! Beautiful pattern!! Great photos too!!:)

3-georgiia said...

i love this shoot :D

Liya said...

so glam
wish i had a field near my house!!

June Paski said...

Love ur cardigan its so gold and you have lot of amazin stuff from charity store


Raez said...

oooh, love this! ive always wanted to do a shoot in a cornfield, you look great:):)

xx raez

Natalie said...

YOu are so cute! i love looking at your little photoshoots. the skirt looks lovely on u!


AY AY AY said...

Thank you so much for all the comments!
I'm really sorry, I haven't been very active recently, been busy studying and haven't really settled into it yet :D
Really great photos- I loved the Ophelia ones- in fact, about a month ago my friend and i were going to do an ophelia-style shoot! x

WildFlower said...

Your photoshoots really inspire me, they are so imaginative and your pretty face and natural beauty makes you wanna keep looking! You have such creative flair. The fields are really beautiful in these shots and your poses suit what your wearing and keep it light hearted. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

not only is your style truly original-quirky-classy-pretty-glamorous and all that good stuff, but the locations/backgrounds are really fitting; they add a rich dimension to your photos.
and those gloves....i LOVE them! so glam and fun.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is naturally wavy yes? It's just beautiful.

Lexi said...

Hi! Really cool blog and awesome-fun photo shoot!

I especially like the leopard gloves and the sparkly gold jacket, because really, what article of clothing is not improved by a little sparkle?

Anonymous said...

Hey Roz!
what lovely photos :)
I'm kind of jealous that you get to live in the country with huge outstretched fields and fresh air. It looks like so much fun!
You won't BELIEVE what has happened to me this year I'm stuck at home all of this weekend because of conjunctivitis and some late night london concerts. NO LFW FOR ME :(
You should also put some of your sketches on your blog I would love to see them :)
also how funny is this my mom told me she was always seeing Vivienne Westwood around our neighbour hood these days she loves to cycle around on this eccentric bicyclette and I was so jealous and next thing who cycles by ? But Dame Westwood herself! I wish I had my camera ;)
Nicky x

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love these pictures and your style!

Sabrina said...

you look really pretty!I like your style !
I totally love your gloves and that belt!

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

cute outfit.
Loving your skirt.

Anonymous said...

The leopard is everywhere now!
Wonderful outfit :)
beautiful photo shoot!


Pearl Westwood said...

Lovely shots Roz so full of charater, really adore the first one though, looks like it should be a CD cover. X

clash of cooper said...

pretty ladyy. the gloves are so fab!

Kat said...

the first pic is perfect, like an editorial shoot :)
and i adore the belt!

Tayler said...

love this outfit!!

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