Friday, 30 October 2009

Pink Silk at Dusk

Hello everyone.
I only got back yesterday from Wales and loved reading all your comments on my last post. I will try and reply to all of you lovely people soon.
These photos are very new, only being done this afternoon! The incredibly wonderful Florence took these. She started her own photography blog recently too, and I advise that you all go and take a look! When you do, some of the photos may look a little familiar.. I'm always really inspired by working with flo. She has a great eye for detail.
Today we wanted to do a shoot inspired by a show we both saw over the summer in edinburgh called 'The Kosh.' It was a really amazing one woman dance show. So the theme for this shoot was glamour and eccentricity. I arrived at her house with a vintage suitcase and big bag full of clothes to try out! Too much as usual..
This is a vintage silk slip that was my paternal great-granny's. I think the colour is that perfect dusky rose shade. In fact, the only type of pink I will wear! The little grey top underneath was from a charity shop and the little vintage white satin shrug was bought at a local stall. It did have a beautiful fifties wedding dress with it, that my mum tried to dye red- unsuccessfully. It was blotchy pink and had to be thrown out (I was only about 7 at the time, and didn't exactly think about rescuing it!) What a sad waste. But luckily the shrug has made it's way into my open hands and I wear it all the time.
The tasselled shawl was Babi's (my czech grandma.) I think it has a bit of a Liza Minelli in Cabaret feel. Talking of which, I watched that film the other day. I've always thought it's such a classic. What is your favourite classic film? I'm always a sucker for an Audrey Hepburn one, especially Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
The belt is inherited, and sadly now falling apart slightly. And the rather amazing pink satin and rhinestone shoes were given (!) to me by Rosie, who owns a neaby vintage stall. I always buy something there, she has such an eclectic range of jewellery and garments. I was so amazed when she gave these to me, I think they are possible the most flamboyant pair I own.
I have some more photos from today's shoot to share with you soon, as well as my first shoot with me behind the camera!
Oh, a quick question to you all before I go. Do I write too much on my blog posts? I often find that I have so much to say, and really enjoy writing them, but would you honestly prefer it if I cut down the text? I'd appreciate your opinions...

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pirate Hoards Autumn Gold

To start off, I just want to thank everyone who got involved in the debate on the previous post. There were some incredibly thoughtful and insightful comments. I'd love for people to carry on commenting on it. It's great reading your thoughts.
Now, on to today's post: another one in a very long line of charity/thrift shop finds.
This is a Jaeger dress that was found in Edinburgh over the summer when we were staying on Nicholson Street, which has the most charity shops possible in a single area... So as you can imagine, I couldn't wait to start combing through them. I actually noticed that in the latest Vogue, it also mentioned that specific street of charity shops, so it's obviously a popular destination.
This was from 'Shelter' I think, specialising in vintage. What I was drawn to first with this dress was the fabric (see the closeup.) I love the child-like effect of the crayoned flowers on bright yellow. The fact that it was vintage, Jaeger and only £6 settled it for me.
I customised it a little to suit me more. The hem was cut off to knee length, with the surplus fabric tied around the neck in a pussy bow to give it a seventies feel. I'd usually be thinking about what pair of heels to put with a dress as fabulous as this, but it was a proper welly-wearing walk, so that settled it, Then it was on with the Radley belt (charity shop) and up with the hair into a messy bun. It's the new tramping around the countryside look, Daaaarling!
The photos were taken on the welsh coast in front of a picture postcard estuary. (That's the best way I can be dragged out of the house to go on walks now, with there being a promise of a shoot for my blog at some point along the way. Though my younger brother is none too happy with the extra hanging around).

And lastly, a massive thank you to the bloggers who got back in touch with me about the designs I did for them. I enjoyed this project so much, and it was lovely to be acknowledged by some of the people I drew. I thought I'd just put a small quote from each one to tell you what they thought.

Jane from Sea of Shoes- "You’re a fantastic artist and I wish you all the best-hope someday your designs translate into real life and I can get my hands on those ruffly anklets."
Raez from Cheap Thrills- "Two runway-worthy outfits designed just for me, I love 'em:) Such creativity!"
Adela from Pink Champagne- "You are a wonderful artist, and should definitely consider a career in fashion photography/illustration. I LOVE the picture, and am already thinking of ways to interpret these looks."
Nicky from Lips Of London- "I feel so special having you a fabulous blogger take time to draw outfits influenced by my style!"
Karla from Karla's Closet- "THANKS SO MUCH! very sweeeeet of you, i love it!"
So thanks again to those bloggers, and also to everyone else who commented. It really made my day! I hope to show you some more of my designs sometime..
I'm on holiday now until thursday, but I'll look forward to catching up when I get back.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Green Scene- Part 2 (plus debate)

This is kind of a carry on of another post, as you may notice the same dress again! But I had too many photos to do it all in one, so though I would split it up.
Here I've got it with this gorgeous forties utility coat (complete with original utiltiy label!) that is also my mum's, and a bright green shirt dress- place of origin also being my mother's wardrobe. I seriously want to steal half her things!
The hat is a vintage Kangol one found in a local charity shop, and the leaf necklace is a family piece. Boots as before.
I would spend lots of time explaining this, but I think all of it was said in the previous post! But I will say that this is officially the last shoot done on my old camera, from now on they'll all be with the Canon 5D.
So I thought I'd devote the rest of my writing to a debate.
I recently found an article on the internet (not sure where) about teen fashion bloggers. But more interesting than the article itself was the 'your view' section. I found it fascinating reading these, but there was one point that riled me slightly. There were a number of people who thought that if you had a fashion blogger, then you were always obsessed with getting new clothes and feeding the capitalism of society. Apparently this 'frivolous' subject should also have articles of meaning too.
Now I'm personally very interested in fashion, but not just the 'clothes' aspect. I love designing (as is obvious!) and photography. These are my two main passions. I find that my blog is a perfect creative platform to showcase my ideas and style.
Nearly all of my clothes are from charity shops, market stalls and flea markets or family items. The massive majority of my wardrobe is vintage!
But just because I often write about fashion, it doesn't mean that this is my only thought in life. I love writing (fiction and on occasion, poetry), reading all types of literature- my favourites of the moment being the Bell Jar and Small Island. I'm really interested in art and take inspiration from all areas of life. I try to steal the newspapers my parents buy so I can read them first and would like to say I'm rather academic.
Fashion just happens to be one of my interests. Is there anything wrong with that?
Now, I really do understand that everyone is allowed their own opinion on things, but I think you should be able to appreciate other's choices too..
So whats your opinion on all this? I'd love to hear your views.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Red Riding Hood

The first thing I have to do here is express the amount of excitement about my new camera (okay, well it's actually mine and my dad's camera, but I just like the way I can say it's mine.) Eeeeeeee!
Okay, now I can carry on with the blog post. So these are the first batch of photos taken on said camera- a Canon 5D to be precise. They were done on an autumn afternoon at a nearby favourite place to walk. It used to be an iron age fort and had views across most of the county.
But on to the outfit! This stunning satin red evening coat was purchased by my Czech Great-Grandma (paternal) in Washinton D.C, America in 1966. I believe it was bought for an important reception.
The vibrancy of the coat complimented the colourful leaves falling around me.
When the coat found its way to me, Babi (my grandma) referred to it as 'The Balenciaga Style Coat.'
As you can probably tell from the nature of my shoots, I love the fantastical, the surreal, myths
and fairytales. I'm really inspired by Tim Walker's photography and I love planning the use of contrast in the resulting photos- even if I'm not taking them! Hence, an evening coat in a wood.
I can't believe the quality of the photos taken with this lens.. I think I'm in love!
The black dress is a WareHouse one found in a charity shop by my mum, the boots (my favourite of the moment!) are also charity shopped and the necklace made from freshly picked berries and leaves was the creation of my lovely mum!
I'd also like to quickly say a huge thankyou to the following people for giving me blog awards..
-Jill of for the 'Over The Top Award.'
-Sophie of for the 'I think You are an awesome Girl'
- (Sorry, didn't know your name) for the 'Splash Award'
I'm sure there was someone else too, but I've completely forgotten. If there is, could you please make yourself known so I can give you credit?
Thankyou so much to all of you! It's really lovely to be acknowledged..
One other thing, I now have over 150 followers. I' really like to thank every single one of you for taking the time to follow me. I can't believe that I didn't even have a blog a few months ago!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Boots not made for walking

Hi everyone. You may shout at me for not being very responsive lately (blog posts and replying to all you lovely people) but please don't as I'm feeling a bit fragile and tired.
Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Bristol with friends. City Life! People! Civilisation! This demanded.. serious boots (the kind I never get to wear in the rural hills-for obvious reasons.)
The aforementioned boots have been posted before, in monochrome, but hell they needed visit away from my shoe shrine collection! So off we trotted- me and the the topshop spiky heels to suitable locations in the city. Mind you, once I'd laced myself into them I realised that I was restricted to about a 20 yard radius! These are the pefectboots to admire, sit down or stand up- but not exactly suitable for pounding the pavements...
The hole in the wall provided a useful frame in a nearby carpark, and I loved balancing on the wall outside my friend's house!
The backdrop of the last boot shot was taken, barefoot, back at home, after an incredibly active weekend.
In the majority of the shots I'm wearing a much loved (to the extent that some of the buttons are missing) two sizes too big charity shop Jaeger blazer. It's belted in with a 30p leather vintage belt, also thrifted. Miss Selfridge knitted dress and favourite tartan tights/ indigo skinny jeans.
The final shot was my little homage to the shoulder pads of this season paired with a homemade lace t-shirt. All jewerelly family vintage pieces.
And of course, the boots! They were £20 down from £80 in my best ever topshop sale find.
I'll be back to normal soon with more country posts coming this way...
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