Thursday, 22 October 2009

Green Scene- Part 2 (plus debate)

This is kind of a carry on of another post, as you may notice the same dress again! But I had too many photos to do it all in one, so though I would split it up.
Here I've got it with this gorgeous forties utility coat (complete with original utiltiy label!) that is also my mum's, and a bright green shirt dress- place of origin also being my mother's wardrobe. I seriously want to steal half her things!
The hat is a vintage Kangol one found in a local charity shop, and the leaf necklace is a family piece. Boots as before.
I would spend lots of time explaining this, but I think all of it was said in the previous post! But I will say that this is officially the last shoot done on my old camera, from now on they'll all be with the Canon 5D.
So I thought I'd devote the rest of my writing to a debate.
I recently found an article on the internet (not sure where) about teen fashion bloggers. But more interesting than the article itself was the 'your view' section. I found it fascinating reading these, but there was one point that riled me slightly. There were a number of people who thought that if you had a fashion blogger, then you were always obsessed with getting new clothes and feeding the capitalism of society. Apparently this 'frivolous' subject should also have articles of meaning too.
Now I'm personally very interested in fashion, but not just the 'clothes' aspect. I love designing (as is obvious!) and photography. These are my two main passions. I find that my blog is a perfect creative platform to showcase my ideas and style.
Nearly all of my clothes are from charity shops, market stalls and flea markets or family items. The massive majority of my wardrobe is vintage!
But just because I often write about fashion, it doesn't mean that this is my only thought in life. I love writing (fiction and on occasion, poetry), reading all types of literature- my favourites of the moment being the Bell Jar and Small Island. I'm really interested in art and take inspiration from all areas of life. I try to steal the newspapers my parents buy so I can read them first and would like to say I'm rather academic.
Fashion just happens to be one of my interests. Is there anything wrong with that?
Now, I really do understand that everyone is allowed their own opinion on things, but I think you should be able to appreciate other's choices too..
So whats your opinion on all this? I'd love to hear your views.


Jacqueline said...

my favorite color is green and I am in love with all the green clothing in your photos! you look beautiful =)

Anonymous said...

please don't take those inane comments to heart. we creative types know full well that fashion is not a frivolous pursuit. :) in certain circles (the ones we wouldn't want to be a part of), there will always be those who feel that any creative outlet is of no, or little, value. to the contrary, expressing ourselves in a tangible way is what makes us human. as a career artist, i speak from experience! ignore those people and pursue your passions. i'm glad you had your blog to express your views on this, and to welcome other comments on the topic.

about your outfits: i may have said this before, but that deep teal is SO your color. the brighter emerald green is really lovely, also.


Just Angie said...



My Passport to Style said...

Fashion is just an art form in my opininion and not limited to non academics, its a language you can use to express yourself with, just like understanding politics or literature! Also I feel strongly it doesn't need to take itself to seriously which can be a strength as adults we need resources that encourage us to play, fashion allows that.
Great green dresses by the way! Sharon xxxp

Zhcsyra hp said...


Antonia said...

These boots are absolutley GORGEOUS! I need a pair in my closet...they look perfect with the coat and the fur hat. I'm in love!

x Nia

Sher said...

You look so beautiful in green! I agree, your mom certainly has an amazing wardrobe!

And yes, fashion is only a part of my life too, I love so many other things like reading, writing, photography, etc. It's harsh to lump all fashion bloggers as materialistic and obsessed with getting new clothes.

Laura Gerencser said...

Great post!! I love all the greens as well!

Cameron said...

The very first subject of The Chattanoogan told me that dressing is "a fun, creative thing to do in the morning." Two hundred postings later, her words remain the sole common denominator among the many sorts who've appeared on my blog. From thrift shoppers to crafters and high fashion bargain hunters, all have chosen to express their personalities through their wardrobes and it's been this reporter's good fortune to share their looks on his 'blog. I wouldn't bother had they been the shallow, self-obsessed and willing victims that some imagine, nor do I understand the lack of time/money or just "wanting to feel comfortable" arguments against dressing well. People who project confidence and individuality brighten our world.

Adela said...

i love the bright green dress and the gold pendant necklace and boots! that last picture is beautiful.

seriously, i don't think you should be worried by that article. blogs are meant to express our interests, and there's nothing wrong whatsoever if your entire life was dedicated to fashion and you blogged about only that subject. just blog about what YOU want to blog about, roz! who cares what some dumb magazine thinks?

Panda said...

Hey Roz!

Haven't talked to you for a long time... These pictures are stunning :) The Greens are so vivid, and your outfits are great. Love that jacket. Very elegant. oh, and i TOTALLy agree with styleodyssey about that article. The people who wrote that are just jealous. LOL :P

Panda xx

Dylana said...

Love that green dress! The color is amazing!

AY AY AY said...

I don't think there would be a fashion industry if it didn't have any meaning to it! And I totally agree with you :) I'm pretty much the same; I am a bit of an academic, but still have a creative side. I'm also very keen on philosophy, and literature. I think that really, It's the people who are most inspired by life, such as certain designers, that can get the deepest into what we all aspire to be and do.


Tati said...

I love this shoot
and agree with what everyone is saying. Keep posting and do what ever you want that makes you happy =]

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in green, this photo shoot was fantastic!
- Claire.

olivias-pizzaz said...

people are just afraid of fashion..thats why they diss it

valncami said...

I really love your blog and your pictures. I don't know where you live but it is beautiful there. Great clothes too!

Andie said...

those pictures are gorgeous! i love the green coat and those boots and everything!
and i agree with you, though i didnt exactly understand what "feeding the capitalism of society" meant. but fashion blogging isnt about getting new clothes and showing it off, its about sharing new ideas and using old things as new and such. though im sure everyone wants to buy something new at one point right? okay now i dont really know what im saying, but i do hope it makes sense (im not every good at debates or speeches or anything in that matter, sorry)
thank you for sharing this :)

Leproust Vintage said...

I love your hat and the 40s utility coat paired with those amazing boots!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving fashion and keeping a creative diary/blog of your photography and fashion! I work with neurogenic disorders all day long, and before I started a blog I had absolutely no creative outlet and was miserable! We all must have our hobbies and interests, and fashion is a great one!

NouvelleMarcelle said...

You are a breath of fresh air! Truly lovely.

Heini said...

Fabulous! You´re really pretty.

Pearl Westwood said...

Firstly how stunning do you look in the dark green!!
Secondly, I think it is usually the people who do not understand, cannot afford or are uncreative who bitch about fashion. I am a bit old to fit in the teen blogging category but in the twenties category! Anyway I am currentyly just about to submit a PhD theis in biochemistry so there must be a bit more going on in my mind than high heels and lipstick, its just that they are much more fun! If I had the option of a career lecturing on the benefits of Prada I certainly would!
Thanks for giving us a soapbox Roz LOL,
Pearl x

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love love love love those boots...the whole outfit actually!

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Hi Roz, only just discovered you had posted this last week so hope I'm not too late to join in the debate! Had stupidly assumed you weren't posting much because of school - so glad it hasn't stopped you.

First, yours is one of my favourite blogs, and it's because you're not just stylish & a lovely girl, but because you're clearly very smart. As someone who is so not a teen blogger - but still 'young' in blog time (6 months or so), I feel passionately on the subject, too. It was random anyway that my subject is fashion (thru street shooting) - it could be food, could be anything - the point is that thru our creativity in how we dress ourselves, how we FEEL about fashion, we're talking about everything else, especially our role, as women, in the world.

I'm going on way too long and others, like Pearl and esp. Style Odyssey, have said it better than me. Yes, there are a lot of fashion bloggers who create and spread the idea of envy and wanting more - and worship labels, designers, or celebrity - but you are so far from that in every way.

Oh, and the teal of that coat is your perfect colour, darling! ; ) xoxo


All what matters, that the short shift dress is perfect ;)

Anonymous said...

reminds me so much of a Ralph Lauren inspired shoot my father did when he was a photographer.

very darling.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh!! I love your boots!!! They're so beautiful!!!

alissa said...

Well, I must start by saying how much I love your blog! I've only just found it, and I;m glad I did...

As for the debate, I am really most inspired by bloggers like yourself who are able to take vintage/thrifted pieces and put them together in a creative and beautiful way. I get frustrated when I read blogs that are constantly photographing new expensive things that are well beyond my budget, not only because I can't afford them, but because I don't find them particularly interesting or inspiring...anyone can wear high street designs and look alright can't they?

so, congratulations on pulling together some amazing looks, i can't wait for more exciting posts!

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