Friday, 30 October 2009

Pink Silk at Dusk

Hello everyone.
I only got back yesterday from Wales and loved reading all your comments on my last post. I will try and reply to all of you lovely people soon.
These photos are very new, only being done this afternoon! The incredibly wonderful Florence took these. She started her own photography blog recently too, and I advise that you all go and take a look! When you do, some of the photos may look a little familiar.. I'm always really inspired by working with flo. She has a great eye for detail.
Today we wanted to do a shoot inspired by a show we both saw over the summer in edinburgh called 'The Kosh.' It was a really amazing one woman dance show. So the theme for this shoot was glamour and eccentricity. I arrived at her house with a vintage suitcase and big bag full of clothes to try out! Too much as usual..
This is a vintage silk slip that was my paternal great-granny's. I think the colour is that perfect dusky rose shade. In fact, the only type of pink I will wear! The little grey top underneath was from a charity shop and the little vintage white satin shrug was bought at a local stall. It did have a beautiful fifties wedding dress with it, that my mum tried to dye red- unsuccessfully. It was blotchy pink and had to be thrown out (I was only about 7 at the time, and didn't exactly think about rescuing it!) What a sad waste. But luckily the shrug has made it's way into my open hands and I wear it all the time.
The tasselled shawl was Babi's (my czech grandma.) I think it has a bit of a Liza Minelli in Cabaret feel. Talking of which, I watched that film the other day. I've always thought it's such a classic. What is your favourite classic film? I'm always a sucker for an Audrey Hepburn one, especially Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
The belt is inherited, and sadly now falling apart slightly. And the rather amazing pink satin and rhinestone shoes were given (!) to me by Rosie, who owns a neaby vintage stall. I always buy something there, she has such an eclectic range of jewellery and garments. I was so amazed when she gave these to me, I think they are possible the most flamboyant pair I own.
I have some more photos from today's shoot to share with you soon, as well as my first shoot with me behind the camera!
Oh, a quick question to you all before I go. Do I write too much on my blog posts? I often find that I have so much to say, and really enjoy writing them, but would you honestly prefer it if I cut down the text? I'd appreciate your opinions...


Anonymous said...

i don't know about the other readers, but i enjoy your text.
as for you- you seem mature and wise beyond your years, so it's quite fitting that you love vintage so! you make it completely contemporary.
this pink color with your skintone- so feminine, beautiful. your coloring is sublime anyway, but with this color...amazing.

valncami said...

What a great shoot! Love the colors and the mix of textures! Very pretty.

Jacqueline said...

I love your photos! So beautiful =) Great job on your blog!

Chloe T said...

I really really really love your blog - partly due to the wonderful pictures but mainly because of the amazing words which accompany your photos. You write in such a mature way, describing every piece of clothing like a person. It makes you sound like you're from a different era and that you have a real appreciation for your clothes and the history behind them.
Lovely colour scheme in these series of photos, that shade of pink really complements your skin tone but really contrast with the bold black from the belt and tights.
You have a timeless beauty and you're sure to go far.

Tati said...

as usual very stunning!
i love the shoes that you were given they have a very elegant feel to them. I also agree with the comment above =] your writing and pictures are very timeless. keep posting
looking forward as always

Anonymous said...

Please don't consider changing your blog, it's one of the only ones I enjoy reading a lot, because they're so long, I love a good read and always eagerly wait for you to type up another.

Ashley said...

What a beautiful shawl!!

Denise said...

you're a lovely lovely girl.

I love how you carry that shawl. Sophistication.
and i love the encrusted heel of the shoe. Amazing.

I Am Denise Katipunera

thatsorad said...

I love all the exceptional silky textures!! so beautiful, also you shoes are totaly rad!!!!


iveta said...

I really enjoy your blog. I like vintage too, but what you do with those clothes is art :) Please keep writing as much as you do :) Best of luck !

Raez said...

so pretty! i love the pink on you, very complimentary with your skin!

xx raez

Natalie said...

gorgeous photos! i really love ur hair, so pretty! :)

Inspiration in Italy said...


Coco said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning. Keep it up!

AY AY AY said...

Thank you :)
I'm going to be 15
I love all your new photos! You just seem to be getting prettier every time! x

Zhcsyra hp said...

u looks so gorgeous :)))

Adela said...

dazziling as usual! i love the ethereal beauty of this outfit; its very old-hollywood glamour! and no, i dont think that you write too much! i LOVE reading your musings just as much as i love seeing your pictures! =)

Nerdic.. said...

The silk vest is cute!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Pearl Westwood said...

This outfit is so lovely like a modern fairy princes in the 60's. The little jewels on the shoes are a great touch. I love Cabaret too! No way don't change a thing, one of the nicest things about your blog is the stories that go with your photos x

Anonymous said...

Very pretty shoot

Kat said...

very nice heels :)

Vicki said...

Love your shoes!!! so vintage Cinderella style! xx

Vera and Rudy said...

I am so glad the shawl and the slip had such a good outing, and certainly we are never bored at your keep it up, please! Babi

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