Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pirate Hoards Autumn Gold

To start off, I just want to thank everyone who got involved in the debate on the previous post. There were some incredibly thoughtful and insightful comments. I'd love for people to carry on commenting on it. It's great reading your thoughts.
Now, on to today's post: another one in a very long line of charity/thrift shop finds.
This is a Jaeger dress that was found in Edinburgh over the summer when we were staying on Nicholson Street, which has the most charity shops possible in a single area... So as you can imagine, I couldn't wait to start combing through them. I actually noticed that in the latest Vogue, it also mentioned that specific street of charity shops, so it's obviously a popular destination.
This was from 'Shelter' I think, specialising in vintage. What I was drawn to first with this dress was the fabric (see the closeup.) I love the child-like effect of the crayoned flowers on bright yellow. The fact that it was vintage, Jaeger and only £6 settled it for me.
I customised it a little to suit me more. The hem was cut off to knee length, with the surplus fabric tied around the neck in a pussy bow to give it a seventies feel. I'd usually be thinking about what pair of heels to put with a dress as fabulous as this, but it was a proper welly-wearing walk, so that settled it, Then it was on with the Radley belt (charity shop) and up with the hair into a messy bun. It's the new tramping around the countryside look, Daaaarling!
The photos were taken on the welsh coast in front of a picture postcard estuary. (That's the best way I can be dragged out of the house to go on walks now, with there being a promise of a shoot for my blog at some point along the way. Though my younger brother is none too happy with the extra hanging around).

And lastly, a massive thank you to the bloggers who got back in touch with me about the designs I did for them. I enjoyed this project so much, and it was lovely to be acknowledged by some of the people I drew. I thought I'd just put a small quote from each one to tell you what they thought.

Jane from Sea of Shoes- "You’re a fantastic artist and I wish you all the best-hope someday your designs translate into real life and I can get my hands on those ruffly anklets."
Raez from Cheap Thrills- "Two runway-worthy outfits designed just for me, I love 'em:) Such creativity!"
Adela from Pink Champagne- "You are a wonderful artist, and should definitely consider a career in fashion photography/illustration. I LOVE the picture, and am already thinking of ways to interpret these looks."
Nicky from Lips Of London- "I feel so special having you a fabulous blogger take time to draw outfits influenced by my style!"
Karla from Karla's Closet- "THANKS SO MUCH! very sweeeeet of you, i love it!"
So thanks again to those bloggers, and also to everyone else who commented. It really made my day! I hope to show you some more of my designs sometime..
I'm on holiday now until thursday, but I'll look forward to catching up when I get back.


Expensive Junk said...

That is so clever what you did to make it original (: I love the pictures too (:
I also had another look at the pictures you drew they are eally really good hope my textiles drawing turn out as nice maybe you could give me some ideas?

Jacqueline said...

lovely dress and great photos!

thatsorad said...

Man, I would love to visit there! So beautiful! You have some of the raddest facial expressions! :) The dress and boots are so fitting for the surroundings!

Natalie said...

very cute dress! and thanks for the comment :)


SAUVAGE said...

Great photos; I adore the dress paired with those boots!

xo sauvage

Emily Cato said...

Wow, I love this set, so gorgeouss!

Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore al the poser,nice location :))

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the dress, it's gorgeous! These are awesome pictures too :)


Mila said...

Gorgeous dress!!!Love it!

Anonymous said...

such nice comments on your sketches!

the light in these pics is sooo pretty with that epic landscape. and i like how you've styled the dress.

Anonymous said...

great style and pix!

Meg said...

This is such a pretty dress and I love the first and last couple of photos. Love your blog.

Pearl Westwood said...

Yay Jaegar! Love it so much! Your customising really works I'd never have guessed if you hadn't said. The comments from all the bloggers are really sweet, and of course quite true, that really was such a creative post!
x Pearl

Jazz said...

Your pictures are so beautiful . I am jealous of the beautiful scenery. Makes me want to jump on a train and get out of London .

Your drawings were wonderful! Keep working..and perhaps one day we will see you at Saint Martins :D


Kate said...

lovely photos(:x

Liya said...

stunning photos omg

Anonymous said...

the photos are great and I wanted to commend you on your fabulous comment on Tavi's blog :)
I really get nothing out of a pickled horse or pig by Damien Hirst.. interestingly enough they have a few of them in the Tate Modern and I recently went to see an exhibition called Pop Life it was all about the commercialism of the 60's/70's and they (funnily enough) included a damien hirst pickled sheep... I'm not sure if Mr. Hirst was too pleased with this as I thought it was really rather mocking his work seeing as some of the other art were just movie posters from that commercial era etc. Well sorry about my rambling ;)
Next time you visit London be sure to check it out and (if you haven't seen on the news already) the huge black box in the Tate Modern..
anyway got to dash but it was a lovely post :)

Adela said...

that dress is so beautiful! i love the unexpected vibe it gives with the contrasting wellies. very alice in wonderland! =)

Sofi said...

This is such a beautiful photo shoot! Your outfit is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. Did I say beautiful enough there? Anyway I love your style: it is vintageish but not so over the top, this is exactly the look I aspire for and thanks for your blog because it combines wonderful photography and fashion :) good Job :)

also just so you know, this is my favorite blog that I have seen so far! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and this is really just an amazing blog!

Lov the blog!

Jyun said...

14 and so talented with choice of clothes, styling, hair, everything. This is crazy!

June Paski said...

wow love ur dress soo much, the colors is awesome, I love the eleventh photos, u look so beautiful :)


bisou-joue said...

Love your dress, the print is fab' !
Wow pictures are so beautiful, the landscape is just so amazing !

Sofi said...

This is so Beautiful and inspirational! I love your style and these pictures are lovely!
I am a new blogger so I have only seen a few sites but this is the best. That you are so young and already following your dreams is so cool:) keep up the great work! And thank you for the great blog :) I most definately think you will go places with your talent.

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Just left you a lonnnnng comment on the Debate post. Hope you're having a great holiday. It's so strange, Roz: we were up in Herefordshire on Saturday - without laptop - & I told my husband about you, and wanting to do a shoot with you but I didn't know how to reach you. I love what you did with the Jaeger dress, and yes, wellies are the perfect unexpected footwear! ; )

Looking forward to some great posts when you're back - I'm sure you're shooting wherever you are. jCx

Cat said...

Hey from Canada! Woooow, definitely my new favorite blog! Absolutely everything about it is perfect, including the person wearing the clothes:) AND, I love that most of your clothes are recycled. It think your fellow bloggers (ahem, S of S) should follow your example. You symbolize everything that is RIGHT about fashion!

Leproust Vintage said...

I think you must seriously live in the most beautiful place on earth!!

Ashley said...

Love the feminine dress paired with the wellies.
Also, beautiful scenery in your photos.

valncami said...

dress is very cute how you changed it up added the belt and made a scarf. great style and blog! we became followers hope you like ours and do the same:)

Nerdic.. said...

Cool pictures, the background is stunning!
X, fashion-nerdic

Vera and Rudy said...

Smashing pictures, great ideas and a good model - what more could anybody want? Am thinking of you Babi

Raez said...

hey girl! long time no speak:) very lovely photos, i adore the lighting, scenery, and MODELING in each one!

as to your debate, i must agree with you. i for one also wear vintage quite often and i hardly ever buy new. i do say i 'lust' after things, but i really dont think it counts too much.

xx raez

Denise said...

What a beautiful dress! and I just happen to fall in love with the place, over looking like that. OMG wish i was there. It's really pretty.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Ruxandra said...

this is so much like an editorial.the light, the decor, the clothes ....beautiful.

Cameron said...

What a find was the gorgeous Jaeger print and bokeh from the 5D makes your well-chosen settings that much dreamier.

Fashion4Life said...

i am blown away! your blog is beyond incredible and i am so inspired! (:

kelsea said...

ahh, that's great!!! select is a wonderful agency! i, too, am signed (with ford) but have only done a few tests. (i'm 15) i went on my first casting the other day! they were looking for older, curvier girls so of course the job was not for me-haha. take care, and hopefully we will meet up backstage somewhere soon! ;D

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