Sunday, 29 November 2009

Feeling the Blues

Hello to all you lovely people.
Another huge thanks is in order to those very nice individuals who commented on my latest drawings- it was great to hear all your opinions. Thank you.
I know I already ranted about this in the last post, but the British weather system shows no sign of letting up on the miserable rain. So outfit shoots have had to be moved inside momentarily. Which in this case is a good thing as I have been meaning to do some images with this chair ever since we got it.
I have something of a fascination with the sixties (both interior design and clothing wise) so I pretty much love this chair. Obviously its not an original, but as modern ones go it's pretty good.
I knew there had to be a whole sixties theme to this particular sequence, so it was out with the minidress and false eyelashes...
The kaleidoscopic print dress was another vintage purchase in Edinburgh over the summer. This particular piece was found in a specialist vintage charity shop in Grassmarket- my favourite kind! The crocheted cardigan used to be my mum's. I have a feeling it was probably a charity shop buy too. The shoes were spotted by me in a charity shop. I love the fact that they combine the pattern of brogues with a typical 'granny shoe' shape. The white necklace is a vintage family hand-me-down. (surprise surprise!)
My hair is also straightened here, (for a more sixties-ish look) which is pretty unusual as I'm more of a 'brush-hair-and-go' kind of person, but hey, change is good.
Talking of the sixties, I watched 'My Fair Lady' this week. I know it's not set in the sixties, but that's when it was made. I think all the costumes designed by Cecil Beaton are supremely stunning. There is one scene at Ascot where they are about 300 people in black and white outfits- extraordinary! I always love Audrey Hepburn's films.
So this got me thinking. What are your favourite classic films? Is it Audrey Hepburn? Marylin Monroe? Or maybe Grace Kelly? I would love to hear your thoughts- especially as I am trying to widen my knowledge of classic films at the moment.
It's once again Sunday night and the week ahead is looming. So I bid you all adieu and good night.



Jacqueline said...

I love your photos!

Tati said...

i love love loveeee this shoot!!
you look great and your shoes are fabulouss
sofi and i just made a new post on material evidence come check it out!!

Jazz said...

awww these photo's are stunning! Love the 60's inspiration!

I love Audrey Hepburn , especially in Roman holiday , Grace Kelly is also a favourite.
But! Here are some good ones , Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind , and another absolute classic beauty Ingrid Bergman , most famous in Casablanca and Hitchcock movies.
Classic films are the way forward :D

Laura Gerencser said...

I love Audrey Hepburn! Especially in her movies with Cary Grant!:) You should def. see "Arsenic and Old Lace", "His Girl Friday", and "Bringing Up Baby"! Very good movies. I love old movies. And those are some good classics!:) Love your hair and those shoes!!

Natalie said...

I loveee Marilyn Monroe movies, and Audrey Hepburn ones too, definitely go watch some! And beautiful pics again girly! :))


Leproust Vintage said...

These photos look like they are straight out of the 60s! Especially with the pattern of your dress, and the brightly colored chair. Gorgeous photos as always!

valncami said...

that chair is great! love your hair and dress, you look beautiful. audrey hepburn does have a love of great films, i looooveee FUNNY FACE! its so cute! and my fair lady is a good one too, the costumes truly are stunning :)

xoxo, camilla <3

June Paski said...

great outfits sweetie, love ur knit cardigan :)

valncami said...

Great photo shoot dear! I think second photo is very reminiscent of Jean Shrimpton. Would you like to exchange links? I think your blog is very lovely and I like your style. Come see our new shoot!

Zhcsyra hp said...

u are really sweet and pretty :))

Valencia Lia said...

You look so so beautiful !!

Do you actually take your own photos?? I do love the black and white shots. Love love your dress and that gorgeous hair.
the chair you have is so so mod,I adore it<3 <3

Anonymous said...

You look very beautiful with all types of hair, straight, curly and wavy, I'm very jealous. I think I've fallen in love with your shoes, they are so pretty!

Mary Jane said...

your photos are amazing!!! especially the 1st 2nd and last and soooo modelesque!

Stephanie Clayton said...

hi roz- it's style odyssey here. (blogger wouldn't let me comment under anything but my name).

this may be my favorite post on your blog! first- that chair is crazy-cool. next- you look terrific in blue! and what a fun dress. further- straight silky hair really suits you.

i enjoy audrey hepburn and grace kelly films, also anything with gregory peck. and i very much like hitchcock movies.

Melanie M said...

I love all these photos! That chair is so rad!

Nadir H. said...

Great shots, simple yet intiguing, the color of your dress reminds me of Casablanca my city and I don't know why

valncami said...

Hello, I have added you to our blog links list! We are so glad you want to share links:) We are also following. Follow us too!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Gorgeous shots.

Sorry for not responding to your email! I check them on my blackberry and then forget to respond! I LOVED the sketches you did of me. Such a good job!


Valencia Lia said...

re:Awww,that's nice when someone takes photos for you. My sister hasn't been home early these few days,so I have to take my own photos these times.

ohhhh yes,faux fur can help brighten my day alright <3 <3

larasara said...

You are very beautiful very classic:)!

agatiszka said...

Great chair!!

Liv said...

I love the shots, especially the chair :p

Audrey Hepburn is my idol, she is in some amazing films !

I like Breakfast at Tiffanys, Paris when it sizzles , Funny Face, Sabrina and Roman Holiday :)



Vera and Rudy said...

Great photos, great chair, great girl on it - and, believe it or not, you could have found identical shoes in my wardrobe in London - I find that the most unbelievable co-incidence. I have a blazer to go with them which I will lend you......Love babi

3-georgiia said...

i love your middle parting.. you should wear it like that more often really suits you! xxx

BattyNora said...

Wow i love the spatty shoes and that film! lol the sets are so fake :)
[heart] audrey!

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Roz,
First just to answer your question on my post about Chanel 2.55's - most of the post I just wrote off the top of my head, there are no sites I could find that go into any detail, just the odd bit about dates etc. I learn most things purely by experience. The book Chanel: collections and creations is due to be reprinted in the next few weeks so that would be a great place to start, its £18, will let you know when my copy turns up. For general history of fashion Fashion Brands by Mark Tungate is fasinating.
And my favourite classic film, might not be that well know its called Mrs 'arris goes to Paris, and stars Angela Langsbry and Omar Sherif (sure Ive spelt those names wrong) Mrs Harris is a poor London maid who dreams of owning a Dior gown, so she saves up for years and sets of to Paris. Only to find she isn't good enough to wear Dior. The rest of the film is all about the lovely Dior staff secretly making her dress and Mrs Harris medling in peoples lives to help them. Such a good cheer you up film. xx

polobandit said...

Definitely check out High Society starring Grace Kelly and Love In The Afternoon with Audrey Hepburn. As always I love the blog. Cheers!

<3 Theo

lauragray said...

i love all the shots! and i was rather surprised to see that the outfit actually has color! very lovely! Your outfit is amazing!

May i know you fashion stylist? because I'm interested on her styles.

sharonlei said...

You're so stunning!! I love all your photos and you have such a great blog.. looking forward to future posts.

Love & Aloha, Sharon

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