Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The North Wind Doth Blow

I'd like to start off this post by saying a big thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on my last blog post. I personally didn't want to cut down on the amount of writing, but wanted to check that I wasn't boring all of you as I waffled on.
I was going to wait another day, but I couldn't wait to post these photos. These were taken by my dad on the last day of my half term holidays (I'm now back at school, contemplating my art homework while writing this.) We drove up to the hill above my village to shoot this, and we were immediately greeted with a downpour- typical rural living. But then the sun came out.
So, we rushed out to try to take photos before another wandering rainstorm hit us. It was so windy that I was literally clutching my hat to make sure it didn't take flight into a nearby field!
The dress here is actually a tartan skirt that I rescued from being thrown out, because I really liked the fabric and thought I might turn into a bag or something else suitably creative. However, I noticed that if I hoiked it up and added a belt then it made a rather lovely dress. I put it over a vintage shirt that my mum had in our dressing up box (she used to be a drama teacher- lots of dressing up things around the house!)
The leather jacket is an Escada one found in a charity shop- the leather is the softest imaginable. It's now known as my 'photography jacket'- and I plan to wear it out whenever I'm a-wandering with my new camera.
The boots are vintage ones bought by my mum in the nineties, the belt a student purchase of hers. Both hats were recent charity shop finds and the brown bag was my great-granny's. The woollen scarf was also one of great-granny's and I think the leaf necklace is a family hand-me-down item.
I'm really pleased with the new blogger posting template, meaning I can make the photos a lot bigger.
I have an interesting debate lined up for the next post, I'll be looking forward to hearing more opinions.

Edit- One of the photos didn's show up, so I've added it in now!


Kate said...

the picture of you by the gate is gorgeous, you look so cute when you smile!x

girl by the whirlpool said...

love the plaid, and your shoes are so cool!

Laura Gerencser said...

I love your skirt/dress!!! The color is lovely!!

Jacqueline said...

oh, the photos are so beautiful and you are gorgeous in them =) Great job. Love the outfit as well!



Lauren said...

your boots are incredible! also, your photos are always so wonderful. lovely outfit. you have such great style!

Anonymous said...

nice shoot- the wind added an extra element.
i can never tire of plaid! great idea, wearing the skirt as a dress. i did just the reverse for my latest post, wore a dress as skirt. it's such fun to wear an item differently than what was originally intended!

Vera and Rudy said...

Beautiful photos and you look lovely - I think this will have to be one of my last comments, as one cannot let comments to blogs (no matter whose) take over ones life!!!! But it is wonderful visiting with you! Love and congratulations Babi

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful layering going on here and I adore your outfit!

its so gorgeous with that dress and your biker jacket,you look stunning:)

Zhcsyra hp said...

u looks so terrific :))
love ur amazing boots,adorable dress and whole the outfits are great <3333

ARK LIN said...

i love the look! you look so classic.

Tati said...

I'm going to have to say this is one of my favorite shoots so far! I love the ones where your hair is blowing in the wind! Absolutely stunning =]
questionnn...how do you get the pictures that big? mine are tiny and the are on the largest setting..and one other question...i was wondering which camera you use because mine is a Canon 500 and it only lets me upload 5 pictures per blog post and wanted to know how you posted so many
ANYWAY amazing post as always

Ash Fox said...

your dad is an AMAZING photographer and you are and AMAZING model. the 5th pic is my favorite. these photos are so picturesque.



Valencia Lia said...

Re:Awwww,don't worry! You'll reach your 100posts in no time. heeee

I didn't know it was 100 till I was about to hit the publish post button.

Following your blog now girl <3

Fashion4Life said...

wow you are gorgeous!! and this pictures are spectacular!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! it feels very Irish to me. Which is a good thing...

Faridah said...

You look absolutely perfect. I love your style. You're dad is such a talented photographer and he sounds like a fun dad to have.

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Oh, Roz, gorgeous, shots. As always. I'm so moved that it's your dad that takes the photos. Brings back such happy memories of my own, fabulous father, who always shot us 'for scale'. (as in 'Go stand in front of that monument. I need you in the shot for scale.')

Sorry - I think it's my turn to reply - been running around & haven't had time to catch up on comments & emails, and today, after last night's garden square bonfire & party after, my little sore throat/cold is back. I'd love to work out when we're back in your area, do a 'guest shoot'!! And of course please do let me know any time you're back in London.

Meanwhile, if your dad wants to send any of those shots... would love to try something painterly with the Ophelia & water ones..

have a lovely weekend, Roz!! xoxo

Kat said...

the first pic looks very editorial-like and the seventh pic is sooo beautiful!

isabel said...

Me ha encantado tu blog. Tienes unas fotos estupendas y unos outfis preciosos.
Besos desde Estella.

Pearl Westwood said...

The skirt looks ace as a dress, I do that too! Love these shots, the wind really makes them come alive. The photo with you by the gate is lovely you look like your day dreaming x

Anonymous said...

Great Photography! i love the outfit and you look absolutely gorgeous in it!



Tati said...

i gave you awards
check my blog!

Amae said...

Oooh, I love your style. And you look like the main face of the great beautiful novel, dear.

kelsea said...

you are so freaking fabulous!!! do you model too?

Carolina Botelho said...

love it!!!

BattyNora said...

Wow...Dylan Thomas...!

The gorgeous vintageness of the clothes (and some serious stomper boots) plus the beautiful windsept scenery [equals] one stunning and earthy shoot with just the right amount of quirkiness to set it off!

Luv the sexy tomboy look as well!

Gorgeous clothes, gorgeous pictures :D


Ruxandra said...

I've said it before, but your photos do look like an editorial.Beautiful.Who takes your photos?

Natalie said...

So that photo where ur standing in the middle of the road is my favorite! soo pretty, looks right out of a magazine! such a cute look, definitely one of my favorites of urs :)



valncami said...

so beautiful! i love all your shoots. <3

xo, camilla

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