Thursday, 3 December 2009

London Calling

Okay, okay. I do realise that this is probably the most cliched, overused title in the history of photos or films set in London, but that's the beauty of it. Also, I am a genuine Clash fan and love the album 'London Calling' itself.
But while we're on the subject of that, is it just me or does nearly every non UK film that makes reference to this capital city feel an incessant need to feature the same song as my title?
So no surprises for guessing what the location of this shoot is!
 When we were in London for a brief visit a while back, my dad decided to pull out the camera at every opportune moment, including on the tube and in various very busy streets.
As you can tell, my dad's a bit obssessed with taking photos in black and white at the moment- which makes great shots but isn't so good for showing off outfits. So I've included a colour one at the end to demonstrate what it actually looked like.
The blue minidress is a vintage handmade one from the sixties I found on ebay- I just love the detail around the neckline. The crocheted cream vintage cardigan was given to me by my grandma, with the label detailing that it was hand made in Shanghai. The grey blazer is Jaeger, seen in a previous post... The leather belt was found for 30p in a charity shop and the boots are my mum's. The green twiggy bag is from good old Marks and Spencers and the book is my modeling portfolio.
Regents Park is somewhere that I suggest everyone puts on one of those list of 'ten places to visit before you die'. Even thought this list concept makes me feel a bit queasy, in this instance it deserves its place! I'd love to do a full moon illuminated shoot there one night- preferably with me behind the camera.
So tell me what you think. What are your favourite/ most picturesque parts of London or any other major worldwide city?


Tati said...

i loveee these!!
i really like all of the angles in the pictures and I would have to say my favorite is the third one of you on the steps of the subway. I love how you call it tube in England. Anyway, these are super amazing and am so jelouss you live in England, I have an obsession with Europe and esspecially England, and I'm glad I get a chance to go since my family lives there. To answer the question at the bottom I would have to say my favorite parts of London are streets by Hanleys toy store, and by the tower of london. I also really like Oxford but thats not in England, but it is such a pretty town. I think you should make a post on your modeling portfolio, I would love to see the pictures in it! keep posting
lovely as always

Pearl Westwood said...

Roz, only you could make the subway look chic! You remind me of Twiggy in these shots, I think its the combination of the London back drop and some of your poses, great shots xx

Fashion4Life said...

i love all the shots! and i was rather surprised to see that the outfit actually has color! (: haha very lovely

Dylana said...

Your outfit is amazing! These shots are like straight out of glossy!

Maria said...

first of all: i really liked the title!! A classic reference!! =)
I've never saw one of your editorials on the street, in an urban ambient.
I have to say that i loved!!
the colored photo it's a perfect way to end the editorial
It's like see two diferent days
two atmospheres
so cool


valncami said...

wow i love this location for a shoot! it's fresh and urban and i am in love with the photography! you're dad is very good!! and in my opinion the black and white gives the photos even more feeling (although i love color of course too), so bravo to him (and you as well, for always looking so gorgeous in everything you throw on)! i wish i could visit London, i've never been, but i would really love to go someday! anyways, love your blog as usual..i think you're just adorable. we just recently linked you after you suggested an exchange of links (great idea! :]) and thank you so much for your lovely comment. made my day :)

xoxo, camilla

Natalie said...

so you are with select in london, i can tell from ur book! i knew u had to be a model! and i'm totally loving ur outfit, especially in the colored pic!! :))



Jacqueline said...

I love your photos and your blog =) xoxo

June Paski said...

great outfits, love ur blue dress, it's so classic and chic :)

I like london eye, combination classic and modern part of london


thatsorad said...

I love all the black and whites and then the last one color! So awesome!

I was in London when I was 7, it was beautiful and the people were so rad :) I loved it! thanks for the walk down memory lane!

I love your outfit of course too!

Anonymous said...

how cool that you're a clash fan. they were popular stateside when i was in fashion school! (if you know this band, you'll know THAT was a long time ago!)

what is the most appealing about this post is you have photo after photo in stark black/white which is quite fitting with the rainy atmosphere of the city on the verge of a gray winter, then suddenly, wham! one lone photo in color- a nice surprise.

another lovely ensemble here; the boots have a wonderful versatility.

from my memory of big cities, i have to say miami's skyline at night is picturesque, when you're leaving south beach heading inland; it's like a fairy tale, the buildings are lit in pastel colors. and nothing beats sydney's opera house, from every angle possible.

Leproust Vintage said...

I have always wanted to visit London! I hope to in the next few years! The photo of you on the escalators when you are looking back is gorgeous!

Zhcsyra hp said...

amazing boots,awesome cardi and lovely adorable blue dress <33333

Liv said...

I love London, whenever I go , I always say that :)
Great shots, and love the outfit as well :)

Lots of love,

BattyNora said...

Wow i love these! The one looking down the steps is especially haunting, and i love the escalator shot- so fleeting and atmospheric and not cliched at all :)

Monochrome totally adds to the 'timeless' edge on some of the pictures too...

OMG i love London especially Camden Market and (lol how commercial) the new Anthropologie shop! :)

Stunning shoot; the sky behind Regents Park is my favourite part of all the pictures! Like a 'washed out moment' :D

Allie said...

Oh God, I can not imagine how much I liked your photos. Really and what you say the title is unimportant.
Give love to your dad because he is an excellent photographer, if I had a magazine would definitely working for me.
Additionally, the outfit you chose for the session is super cool!
I hope some day to know London, it is one of my dreams to go to that beautiful city.
Well, I think I talked too much, continue with your photos, you really have a very good future in this, even, I think you look a lot like Lisa Cannot (if you know who you are, just google: D)
kisses and blessings.

Anonymous said...

This outfit is, as always, gorgeous.
I haven't been to London since I was maybe twelve, but I remember really loving Piccadilly Circus.

Valencia Lia said...

All this photos are taken all so beautifully:) So cool you got to visit London and these street photos I love them!

Gorgeous vintage dress with that crochet caridgan over and those shoes I adore them. Ohhhh,are you going for an audition or something?

ariela♥ said...

Wow your pictures look amazing! You dad has serious photography skills. And they look good in black and white, dont worry. Love your shoes,


cody said... you pics!! (: you a such a great taste !!!
xx cody

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos and lovely outfit!

nowtakeitorleaveit is back and is waiting for you again :)


The French Doll said...

i love this! i think u totally capture the spirit of london, sort of busy and lonely- b&w is good here! kind of makes me want to go home!

diamondsinchampagne said...

I am desperatley trying to find boots like yours, they would be perfect for fashionable travel

non, merci said...

wow, your outfits are always so chic! amazing photos by the way x

Anonymous said...


Raez said...

looking gorgeous as always, and i lvoe your dad's photography. he's good at black and white!

ps. loving that blue mini, how cool is it taht its handmade int he 60's!

xx raez

Amelia said...

I can't get over how gorgeous these pictures are! Really! And the dress is just perfect :)

heroine temptation said...

you are amazing !!
oh god i love the dress and i adooore the shoes <3
you really look perfect!
please check my blog..i nwe over here...

alexababyface said...

...Amazing photos!:)
good job!

Sylvie said...

You looks stunning! These are such great shots of you. I really like the second, third, and fifth. You look like a model on her way to a go-see.

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Wow, Roz, I didn't realise how far behind I was in your posts! Ditto for all the other comments (it's funny, some of my favourite bloggers are here, & I agree with them all. I never connected you with Twiggy til Pearl said it, because of your beautiful long hair, but if it were short & blonde.. yeah, I can see it).
I'm the wrong person to comment on favourite places in London. Too many. But come the warmer weather, I hope you guys can come back to London & we'll meet in Regent's Park - do a photo shoot with your dad and other people I've met thru the blog. I found the best secret place there, it's where we shot the fashion shoot in October.

Lovely post. xoxo

WARREN said...

i love your photography!
especially the one next to the big statue!


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