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The Winter blogger capsule collection 09/10

I love the classic styles that Judy wears. So I wanted two timeless designs that also reflected her eye for detail. And like her daughter, the shoes had to be a big focus point! The checkered dress is cotton with the boots being leather. The grey trousers are silk and the green cardigan cashmere.
I only discovered Style Bubble recently, but it has quickly become one of my daily reads. I love that she updates her blog so often, and she's a fellow British blogger! I was inspired by the quirkiness and whimsy of the way she puts her outfits together. The pleated t-shirt is silk and the layered pencil skirt is cotton poplin. On the other design, the cardigan is a chunky knit wool piece with silk screen printed dress.
Another recent find, 4th and Bleeker's blog is very interesting. Although not clothes I would wear, still ones to appreciate and admire. The shorts are silk and the t-shirt is jersey with lace collar and pocket. The cardigan is finelycrocheted with a green felt bowler hat. The pink dress is flannel with a drawstring waist and the tights are lace.
Natalie wears a lot of tailoring and classic shapes, which I hope is reflected here! The red cardigan is cashmere with the pinstripe skinny trousers being cotton. The shoes with cuff detail are leather. The blue shirtdress is silk (yes! I love this fabric) with stitching detail and the Chelsea boots are leather.

Oh the joys of the Christmas holidays. Spare time galore, creative projects to do, blogging more frequently. As due my promise, I'm going to try to post more frequently over the next two weeks to make up for the very sporadic postings over the last few weeks.
Some of you may remember the last time I did a blogger designs project (see autumn blogger designs- it won't bring up the link for some reason.)
I had the idea to repeat this project about a month ago, with the original intention of doing designs for another ten bloggers. However, being very busy got in the way, so instead I thought I'd just post the four managed so far, otherwise they'll never end up being posted here


The first four I chose were:
Alexandra (? I'm not sure of her name, hope this is right!) of
I really enjoyed working out and drawing these designs. I think getting inspiration from other bloggers is very interesting, but I'm being inspired by so much at the moment!
My list of things/ people that are inspiring my designs and style at the moment are:

- Stella McCartney for her flawless tailoring
- Any old (i.e. classic) film including Audrey Hepburn. I want her entire wardrobe, especially those immaculate Givenchy pieces.. Speaking of which, that Audrey Hepburn auction sounded like my dream event, just to get to see them!  But being at school and living a few hundred miles away from London does have it's drawbacks.
- Edge Of Love style. All those floral skirts and big jumpers= what I could quite happily live in during winter
- Vintage issues of Vogue. I am currently collecting these, and the breathtaking images are worth every penny.
- Old books. I would also happily live as Alice in Wonderland.. I'm always getting inspiration for designs from fairy tales.
- Nature. It's surprising how much inspiration one can get from a tree or the colours of autumn!
- Old photos. Now what happened to that coat that my grandma was wearing in that snapshot I have of her?
- Tim Walker's photography. One of my favourite modern photographers, his fantastical shoots are so inspiring. I'd love to be able to do photography like that for a living! His recycled shoot for British Vogue including a bolero made from washing up gloves was brilliant.
- Vintage clothes. Definitely the biggest influence over my designs.
- Anything that could have been worn by an elderly relative!
- Silk. Probably my favourte fabric ever. My wardrobe is being take over by silk shirts, slips, knickerbockers etc..

Yes, I could blather on…and on... about my inspiration, but I'll stop here before I get carried away.
So what are your inspirations at the moment? I'd love to hear yours.

PS- Does anyone know how I could contact 4th and Bleeker to tell her I did some designs based on her style? I couldn't find an email or anything..


theTrendyDwarf said...

I love those sketches. I wish I could draw. I am horrible! I tried once to do my own sketches, but sadly I failed miserably. Finally, I decided to stick to imagination and thoughts and mental images of what I would do with clothing.
check out my trendy blog!

Sofie Marie said...

Just found your blog via a comment on style rookie....your photos are well,awesome! I'm into vintage I'll definatley be following from now on.Check me out?
Its abit of a amature blog,but a'well.

Dylana said...

What lovely sketches! I sketch, too, for fun sometimes!

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for featuring me in your sketches! i really appreciate it. i would definitely wear all the outfits! u r fantastic at drawing :)))


Amelia said...

These are really fun! I love the Style Bubble ones in particular.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Roz, don't know why I never thought to ask you before, where abouts in the UK do you live,I'm from Lancashire? Adore this post such detailed inspirational sketches!I wondered if you would like to exchange blog links and or buttons? Your blog would make a really stylish addition to my blog list.Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to your next post!! Sharon xx

Zo said...

awesome designs!
I think I'll do a few over the holidays, too :)
what inspires me is-
-old films (also involving ms hepburn)
-music. this is a big one for me :)
-the smell of forests
-dreams, i often have ideas in dreams
-stars and nebulae
x Z

Jacqueline said...

Your sketches are gorgeous!


Tariro said...

Those are sooo good!

M. said...

these are so cute, I agree with all your choices for inspiration - they all have amazing style!


Susan said...

Love the cute little drawings! Found your blog from Natalie! Love your blog!

Made You Look Today said...

I LOVE Tim Walker!!!!!!!

Nubia said...

These look great, nice blog

Danielle said...

Such cute sketches!!

fadetoblack said...

omg you are so cute to do this!!
those are some great sketches....
(dont wanna toot my own horn although it may seem that way) I do do some myself check them out on my blog if you like!
would love your feedback :)

Marta Represa said...

Such cool sketches! I lov the way you got the personality of each blogger you pictured!


The Trendy Fashionista said...

These sketches are fabulous. Great work!
-The Trendy Fashionista

cla-sib said...

i love your sketches.. they look so amazing..=)=)

xoxo cla

Raez said...

so talented my dear! i really dig natalies' outfit, so fresh:)

happiest holidays, roz!
xx raez

polka dot said...

I love this series & your sketches, Roz. I don't even know the post 4th & Bleecker but now am curious! (I've got various friends who live right near that corner.. including my brother's apt. in town).

I've got the most wonderful letters from people I met at the Audrey Hepburn thing, which I can't figure out how to put into a post as they're long. (not like that stops me!) but one is really long. Actually I'm going to forward it. I've still got so many shots I haven't posted. Yet.

You've got so many talents, Roz, and most importantly, such a generous heart. Happy Holidays to you & your family! xox

Harley said...

Try using a more confident line in your illustrations. I had this problem a while ago, where I did lots of sketchy lines to make up my shapes, and my tutor said something along the lines of: "Lots of hesitant lines say 'I don't know what I'm doing', but one confident, clean line says 'This mark was deliberate; I meant it'". It's some of the best advice I've ever gotten.

If you end up doing design, it seems like your colour palettes will be excellent.

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