Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Ball

Luckily for me, I've had two extra days of holiday due to the snow finally falling in our county- time for sledging, snow ball fights, igloo making and (of course) an unexpected shoot opportunity!
Before describing this outfit, let me first explain the process of  a shoot. It usually ends up something like this:
Me: I have an outfit I'd really like to shoot for the blog, just this little vintage/ thrifted _____ (insert description here)
Dad: Humph, how long will it take?
Me: Half an hour max, and I know just where to shoot it! Please?
Dad: Oh alright then, have you got the camera and the spare battery? (We constantly fret about spare batteries on such expeditions.)
Half an hour later
Dad: I need coffee, some caffeine!!! And then I need to get back to work.

Anyway, thanks dad for taking some time off. Having self employed parents is certainly a bonus on an unexpectedly snowy day.
So there we were, me in a floor length ball gown tramping up the country lane. "Ah, hello bemused neighbour. Don't you know I always go sledging in my finest dress daaaarling?" Then it was over a farm gate (yes, in the dress and cloak) and treading footprints into the new canvas of snow.

This blue embossed satin dress with pink flower detail was bought by my mum at a jumble sale for about 20 pence when she was in her late teens. I want to find one of these jumble sales! But unfortunately I have a feeling they are already extinct- oh for the days when relatives gave away the rare pieces owned by late relatives. She bought it for a ball she was attending (although she ended up arriving with it accessorised with crutches, having broken her ankle two days previously.) I love the vibrant colour of this dress, and wish I had such an occasion to wear it to.
I managed to weasel it into my wardrobe after coming across it in her box of vintage pieces hidden at the back of her cupboard (away from my vintage hungry fingers I assume.) But this collection of timeless articles has been somewhat depleted, and then, shall we say- relocated... in my direction.
Of course it was so cold that I needed something very warm over the top, so in addition to the dress pulled over a matching cardi with 3 layers underneath, I also raided this rather delectable cape.
It was originally owned by my late maternal grandmother, who liked to dress somewhat flamboyantly. She would match it with a floor sweeping gypsy skirt, a silver ring for every finger and bare feet. In winter! I think she originally found it in a charity shop too. The orange lining is silk, and the cape is wool. Unfortunately it is a little moth damaged. Although being a generally very peaceful person, the extermination of all clothes moths sounds like a promising idea to me.
The black riding style boots are thrifted and the bracelet is family inherited. The little black bag is part of a growing collection of chain handled specimens working their way into my room via flea markets and that good old favourite- charity shops.

Sadly, no more snow forecast overnight so I'm assuming it's back to school tomorrow.


Jacqueline said...

That blue dress is gorgeous on you, especially with your long dark hair. Beautiful photos. xoxo

Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorites, Roz! it's so pretty the way your blue skirt and sweater "match" the blueish shadows in the snow. sublime!!!
i had a laugh reading the dialogue between you and your dad. my husband acts in a similar fashion when i ask him to do a "quick" shoot.

Zo said...

wow that cape!

just mentioned you in my new year post, thank you for inspiring me :)

KatieM-x said...

What a beautiful dress! I wish you could buy more things like it these days. Most shops say they have vintage stuff when it really is just clothes from last year.
Also, you're really lucky you got two extra days of your holiday.I'm from Scotland, but my school is open and I've had to go.

If it isn't too much to ask for, could you follow my blog?

Katie x

Natalie said...

beautiful photos, i love that dress on u!


Dylana said...

You look fantastic!

Laura Gerencser said...

That first photo is stunning!! Love the dress!!!

Tati said...

hi roz
you look darling
i love the vintage and i LOVE the coat
the arm holes and the hood especially
come by sticky note some time and join in on the NEW CONTEST
its reeally cool and im starting it super soon
so check it out!!

LoliTa said...

love the one of you spinning- gorgeous!

Bianca and Isabella said...

ohhh goodness these photos are magical!

Tabitha C W R said...

Are you a modle because you could pass of for one any day your amazingly beautiful.

heroine temptation said...

love love love
the ourfit
and the black cap
you look amazing
xo xo natalia

Style Artisan said...

Your pleading conversations with your dad/photographer sound remarkably like the pleading conversations I have with my husband/photographer.

The difference is that my husband brings an industrial sized thermos of coffee, which somehow seems to end up in some of the shots.

You look stunning in these shots and I admire your fearlessness in the cold and snow. Although there is a difference in our ages, you constantly inspire me. I always look forward to your new posts!

Margherita&Eleonora said...

amazing dress!!! we love your hair!!!! love it <3


Allie said...

I loved your new photos especially those of color, black and white though also have some lovely, of course.
I'm a big fan of your work and your dad, I think you are ... "The Dynamic Duo" seriously.
I still believe that your face makes you look like the model Lisa Cannot (which happens to be one of my favorites), especially for your big blue eyes, those are the same!
(I can feel how cold it is doing in the UK, your hands were pretty red),
Anyway, I'm going.
Congratulations on your lovely photos!

Pani La Mome said...

Everything beautiful!

Sofie Marie said...

Love your photos,esspecially the third and second from last! That cape is to die for,amazing(Lovelove the hood on it),even if it sorta reminds me of the Scottish widows advert(not sure if thats a good thing!).I always find that when I read your posts,I read it in like 2 minutes and then go "woah,I read all that".I dont know,its just I never seem to get bored with what you write!!

Kate said...

Thanks for your comment, and the title is from Mowgli's Road. Really can't wait for her album to come out!
Beautiful photos as always, you're so lucky your parents are willing to take pictures (:

3-georgiia said...

your hair loooks gorgeous.. great shoot :) love the scene xx

Raez said...

wow, the first, second and last shot are just mesmerizing, roz! love them!

also, how cool is it that your dad takes your photos! how does he feel about your blog and intense modeling skills?

xx raez

.:JoaNNa:. said...

the cape makes you look like a princess in fairy tales ;) great photos xoxo

Keri said...

enchanting :]

MellJBrown said...

Love the emotion in your face in the first photo!
You look shocked and upset at the same time, like your boyfriend just told you he cheated on you or something...

Adela said...

i love these! it remind me of "the mists of avalaon" very magical! i love photos 1 3 and 9! =D

Lauren said...

what a fun thing to do on a snowy day! that cape is fantastic.

betz said...

wow! you are stunning darling. i love your style! following you!


Emily said...

Beautiful dress! Your pictures are wonderful.

Phyllis said...

wow that cape is stunning! these are such great pictures too - despite his complaining your dad knows how to take a photo! =) mine would be completely at a loss

Daisy said...

Stunning dress and such fab photos!

Anonymous said...

Heard that England has great flea markets/ thrift shops, have to visit soon! I heart vintage, palace, Jane Austen and the queen!

Your dress is awesome!

janettaylor said...

U are so beautiful & U have a great blog by the way!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miss C. Alexandria giveaway!♥

Good luck!


M. said...

so so gorgeous

lovelove, M.

Hannah said...

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog and I just wanted to tell you I think you're wonderful! You have such a unique style, so much more interesting to look at than all the girls dressed in the same old ripped jeans etc etc. Keep up the good work!

Oh also, yay another British blogger!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love these pictures...THEY ARE JUST AMAZING!

-The Trendy Fashionista

BattyNora said...

Really stunning shoot, as always!

I love the ones with the tree: it feels kind of fairytale-ish; also the third one and the one with the hood up!
Absolutely gorgeous dress, beautiful colour to go against the white snow and dramatic black cape :)
The little bag is just so adorable too!!

It's really inspiring as to how you wear vintage :)

Lurve it
Although i'm kinda of sick of snow except in gorgeous pictures/fashion shoots like that:D

Pearl Westwood said...

That is such a stunning colour on you! The cloak is amazing, people really should dress up more, it makes life much more exciting. I envisage that would be the perfect outfit for a proper slegh, pulled by reindeer... Just saw Judy's post too, isn't she lovely. Enjoy your last days off in the snow, Pearl x

style, substance & sutton said...

your blog is so lovely! ELATION!

fika said...

Hi, there!

first time to read your blog and amazed by the beautiful pictures,,

Christina said...

loove the cape!!

frances said...

you look absolutely stunning!

BaiLing said...

Beautifull outfit, so romantic!
And your dad is a treasure and a very good photographer :-)

Mother of Style said...

Great shoot- that shade of blue + snow is magical.

HeatherClark said...

i love these pics and the outfit...especially love the one of you spinning

great blog! found via atlantis home

come visit mine!

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