Thursday, 4 March 2010

Forgotten dressing up box- Shoot with Zoe (Plus the amazing Charlotte Taylor!)

I've been meaning to post this shoot for weeks and weeks, ever since I actually took the photos of the very lovely Zoe! Some of my long time readers will recognize this photogenic person from the first shoot I did with her, in november. I really enjoy working with her as a model and have been eager to do more photos with her since then!
This is a digression from my usual posts, me being behind the camera instead of in front of it. But I really enjoy doing photography, so leap at the opportunity to take photos of someone else.

The theme for this shoot was 'Forgotten dressing up box.' Like a childhood memory rediscovered- the fun of dressing up in anything ranging from a vintage swimsuit to Granny's ball dress to a thirties dusky pink silk slip.
So out with the oversized jumpers and furry hats!

In a brief summary, the first outfit is made up of a vintage fifties swimsuit over my black top, with a fringed bath mat as a cape. The black furry hat and white brogues are both thrifted. The second outfit (probably my favourite!) is made up of a thrifted pink cable knit jumper and white lace dress, plus as many faux pearl necklaces I could find. The third outfit is a thirties silk slip with another thrifted jumper on top, and a tied leather belt. Some may also recognize the dress in the fourth outfit, previously modeled in a river. The black velvet cape was my grandma's. The fifth outfit is comprised of a customised t-shirt with a thermal vest layered over it, a pencil skirt and a hat from Beyond Retro. The black shoes throughout were a christmas present.

Gosh! I'm not used to writing so little about each individual outfit. Don't worry, long winded descriptive-ness will be resumed fully in the next post.

The whole idea of a dressing up box got me thinking. Personally, I still have a dressing up box that can always be relied upon, but isn't fashion just an extension of that creative play? I certainly feel that it is. Getting dressed is the perfect way to start one's day. I'd love to hear your opinions on this. What is your favourite childhood dressing up item? Or do you think that you are still dressing up now?

Anyway, on to the second part of today's post. Now, I promised to give my overview of the London fashion shows of days 4 and 5. Here goes:

Erdem for convincing me that I might actually enjoy wearing a print that isn't just floral. I have a slight antipathy to patterns and prints sometimes, but would very happily put on his pieces.

Jaeger London for definitely not disappointing. I have a rather large penchant for Jaeger, and have inadvertantly started a mini collection (standing at 9 pieces so far.) I really liked the recurring check print, voluminous sleeves and 'casual tailoring' (if such a phrase can be used.) I never imagined that I could at one point in my life be attracted to drawstring trousers.

Roksanda Illincic for the layering, draping and embellishment that just make her clothes all look so 'pwetty'! But seriously, I love that fact that a number of pieces look like demi-couture.

Paul Smith for a very vintage looking collection. The jury is still out on those flat caps, but fifties style full skirts and pale watercolour-ish floral dresses are always welcome.

Pringle of Scotland for featuring two of my favourite things to wear at the moment- grey and knitwear. I'll forgive them for the tracksuit trousers because they created such pretty pleated dresses and cable knit jumpers.

Burberry for the beautiful juxtaposition of textures- shearling with floaty dresses and those tailored coats. The bright blue slightly miltary-esque long jacket really caught my eye.

However, someone else who REALLY stood out to me this London Fashion Week was Charlotte Taylor...

Charlotte has been chronicling her work as an up and coming designer on her blog  and she recently revealed her collection. I was so amazed, every piece was exquisite! I would definitely recommend looking at her blog to see the other pieces from her collection she has there. The classic tailoring and refined colour palette mixed with kooky details such as a bold penguin print makes her collection intensely desirable.
As a bit of an aspiring designer myself, I find people such as Charlotte really inspiring, and reading her blog has been very useful...

Oops, I seem to have inadvertently written another insanely long post. Those of you who have reached the end, I congratulate you!


Jacqueline said...

Your photography and styling is impeccable! I really like the model as well. Beautiful photos. xo

Lemondrop Marie said...

What beuatiful images, my fave photos are the ones of her peeking from the trees and the ones as she looks out at the water! Interesting- dressing up is like hitting that creative box of fun some days.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Chelsea said...

Those pictures are lovely, especially the second and long dress one.

Carly said...

Hi Roz, glad you liked the post i featured you on.

You photography skills are great, thanks for bringing Charlotte Taylor to my attention, i love her designs.

Maybe you'll be showing at London Fashion Week some time in the future.
Carly. x x

Catherine said...

Beautiful shots! Great model and photographer. The one with Zoe laying on the dock with head in hand is my favorite shot. The light is so beautiful in it.

I love "dressing up" and always have. Putting on clothes should be fun! I think my mom still has a dress up box in her house for any children that might visit. There are so many wonderful things in it— among them, a dress my mom made for one of her high school dances, old ballet costumes, and a mirrored dress from India from a family friend.

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

Ganymede Girl said...

Great photos, styling and lovely model!

I used to love dressing up when I was a child, especially wearing my mom's heels even though they were much much too big for my feet. We had bags and bags of old clothing stored in the attic that my mom used to wear when she was younger but didn't fit her anymore. I ripped into them, made a mess, and took everything for myself. My mom always bought vintage so she had lots of dresses and jackets from the 40's to 60's and I used to love wearing them around the house or creating little outfits to become a character but for some reason I didn't have the guts to go out in the getups I came up with. Of course now I wish that I didn't care what people thought and went out in whatever I wanted regardless of if I looked a bit silly or not. If people always based what they wore around if they looked silly fashion certainly wouldn't be as fun!

Pearl Westwood said...

What a great shoot, I absolutely love the photo with the red sweater by the lake, its a total combination of the styling and the composition - and her expression, so perfect.
I will have to check out Charlotte's website, her designs are really unusual, and I can actually see you in the 2nd and 3rd outfits, very much your style xx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics!

theTrendyDwarf said...

Both of you are so pretty for a great fashion blog! I love ALL of her ensembles and photography. Both of your styles are so unique and vintage. My favorite ensembles are the 2nd, 5th and 6th. It's good you finally posted this photoshoot!
check out my trendy blog!

Dylana said...

This is so so beautiful! Like out a wonderful dream!

Natalie said...

lovee the photoshoot so much! the looks are beautiful! :)))

Style Artisan said...

I've said it before and I will say it are as talented behind the camera as you are in front of it!

Thanks so much for your sweet get well comments. I am all better now and back to posting!

Laura said...

The first look is amazing!!! I love your pictures

Misha said...

I'm in love with Zoe, she's amazing to look at. And the clothes, not to mention the locations. My favorites are the ones where you can see the lake in the backgrounds, great light!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

my mom bought a whole box full of costume jewelry from goodwill for me when i was 5. i played with it for years and years!

heroine temptation said...

clothes amazing

Anonymous said...

Zoe makes a wonderful model. That white lace dress is heavenly- a beautiful and versatile piece, a real keeper!
I must get my hands (feet?) on some white brogues; I don't care if they're new or not. They're a fresh and cute alternative to the ballet flat.

Clare said...

Gorgeous looks and photography. Thoroughly enjoying the bath mat as a cape!



lauren lanza osias said...

you take stinking awesome pictures, i loved the photos. the clothes all had this whimsy about them that i could just get lost in. stellar.
be a follower, not a hater

Anonymous said...

she is a wonderful model and both the styling and the photography are amazing, love all of it.

Raez said...

what a perfect shoot! stylish is bang on ahd the model looks so pretty:)

ps. thanks for the sweet blog-birthday wishes! you're the sweetest!

xx raez

SULLY said...

i could never thing that you was fourteen :)

Anonymous said...

woow so beautiful

Janelle Haskin said...

I really love your photos, your model and the gorgeous clothes!! I'm really excited I found your blog!


doodlingenie said...

Roz,your great at this :)

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