Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Homage to Harper's Bazaar in dogtooth

I have a little bit of an obsession with vintage magazines, as they provide so much inspiration and are just generally wonderful reads. My idea of a perfect relaxed day would consist of perusing Vogues, Harper's Bazaars and other magazines dating from the twenties to sixties, while drinking lots of just-ground coffee.
So for a birthday present last year, my mum bought me a set of sixties American Harper's Bazaar covers. I currently have ten of them displayed on three canvases on my wall... (Good for inspiring chic dreams!) A while ago, my mum commented on the fact that I had a dogtooth dress that I could use to recreate one of the covers (shown above). So this is my version!

Okay, so the dog has been replaced with my brother's toy polar bear and I don't have any necklaces as extravagant as the one pictured, but I tried to represent everything in the photo!

This dress is thrifted, and the buttons sewn on are vintage ones that we found at a market stall. The hemline was also taken up - thanks mum! The black vintage belt is family inherited, and so are the leather gloves. The faux fur hat in the first shot was thrifted, and so are the men's brogues which pop up constantly on this blog! Yes, I am obsessed with brogues..
The faux pearl necklace was rescued from a 'treasure box' of odd pieces of jewellery that my brother and I used to play with - we would pretend that we were pirates, then barter and exchange pieces with each other to create our perfect hoard of 'treasure'.  Nothing like discussing the merits of swapping a broken brooch inscribed with the words 'Ladies Tennis Club Tournament 1953' with a single, delightfully tacky faux-diamond earring to bring out the entrepeneur in oneself!

I love the light in these photos. The sun was just about to set, meaning there was that wonderful orange glow brushing every surface.

Talking about amazing magazines, I watched 'The September Issue' yesterday, and decided that Grace Coddington is my new icon! Her sumptuously planned and styled shoots (especially that twenties inspired one!) were extraordinary. For anyone who has seen this documentary, what did you think of it? I'm sure there are some very interesting views on this film.

Thank you for a number of blog awards I recieved recently, they are very much appreciated and will be properly attributed in a later post.


gorgeousclara said...

OMG....your pictures are just amazing!!!!

Rosie said...

The first one is so cute with the teddy bear! Your shoots never cease to amaze me. One of these days you'll be on one of those covers of the magazines, I would bet my life on it! Such a pretty lady!

Beni said...

I love vintage magazines as well! And these photos are stunning, as per usual...

Carly said...

I love houndstooth / dogstooth (depending on where your from i guess). My sister bought me a Vogue from August 1987 (my date of birth) for my 21st birthday, i thought that was so sweet.

Grace Coddington is sooooo talented, I heard people saying how un-fashionable she was when i saw the film at the cinema and i just wanted to scream at them that its not about what she's wearing but her vision and ability to tell such beautiful stories through her editorials. She's my icon without a doubt, i aspire to be her, I've just been offered a 1 month work experience placement at Vogue UK in the styling department so i'm a tiny step closer to my dream, haha.

Sorry about the essay. I can ramble on when i want to.
Carly x x

fashion fletcher said...

oh i just love your blog! You are so beautiful and you channeled this look ohsovery well! Great job! Please come visit!


Natalie said...

amazing! u remade this look perfectly! lovely photos :)


Dylana Suarez said...

I am obsessed with vintage fashion mags, too! The models were always so pristine and elegant! Something that I love so much for spring! You embody this Old Hollywood style beautifully! What a supermodel in the making you are!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I'mloving your version of the cover. It's fantastic! By the way, where do you buy those vintage fashionj magazines. I've been looking for themfor ages but I still can't find them.If you could let me know I would be really pleased :) Thank you

-The Trendy Fashionista

heroine temptation said...

Oh thats amazing girl as alwayS! and i have to admit that you look perfect with your hair up !
ilove your blog
i follow you
please follow me back
xoxo natalia

Serina said...

Love it <3 It really suits you! x

through the lens. said...

after that whole pirate thing with your brother, i can so imagine you as wendy now, you have just the right looks. i love this.

Ganymede Girl said...

Wow your version of that cover is spot on, you totally nailed it! Gorgeous photos as always, I love the last one where you are looking up at the camera.


Katy said...

how cute is that?? the dress is adorable, and that little stuffed dog is perfect, very impressive. my dogs look kind of like that, but they don't stay still long enough for photographs... :-)

spoozyliciouzz said...

Absolutely amazing pics, and you´re absolutely gorgeous...it´s a pleasure to see such creativity displayed.

princesspolitico said...

absolutely perfect recreation of such an iconic cover... your blog is simply lovely!


fashionist__ahead said...

i love your style..
you are beautiful..
i'll follow your blog..
if you have time you can visit me and follow me..

Laura Gerencser said...

Great dress!:)

Catherine said...

I love houndstooth— it has such a high-class feel. That first photo is stunning and it's so cool to see the inspiration. More recreated vintage covers to come?

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style


I love it. The dress is fantastic and the photos are beautiful. I have a white poodle that is only 2.5 lbs you could have borrowed for the shoot =) xo


girl by the whirlpool said...

beautiful! I love the neckline of your dress

Laura said...

Lovely pics!!!

Emily said...

I love how you used the vintage bazaar as inspiration. So...inspired! I love flipping through vintage mags as well. I cut out the pictures and create great collages.

Thanks for the post. Great job!


María Jesús said...


and what's your height? you have so long legs!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Amazing photos, and brilliant concept. I agree with you that Grace C rocks! She is lovely, lovely too. Did you see the Vogue issue where they styled the young models to look like Grace! It was a hoot to see sweet young things wearing huge red wigs and sweet all black ensembles, surrounded by cats.

Your "dogstooth" dress is divine. And so are you.

Rae said...

I love your recreation of the picture from the vintage magazine! It's gorgeous! Feel free to stop by/follow my blog! Yours is such an inspiration to my blog!!!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

amelia said...

I watched the September Issue a while ago. I loved Grace Coddington's styling for that shoot- the models dancing on the bar [or table? Something like that]. I also loved how honest Grace was when she was talking to the camera- she seemed like a really real person, not a fake personality created just to look good on TV, like in some other shows/ documentaries. All the insights into Anna Wintour's life were interesting as well. She didn't seem as scary as I've always thought, but maybe I just got that idea from the Devil Wears Prada, which must have been a bit over-exaggerated.
Anyway, I love your blog!Your photos are amazing, but besides that I just love the way you write!!
Amelia x

Audrey Leighton said...

You look lovely. I'm suprised I have never stumbled across your blog before. I am enjoying how diverse your dressing is, def. keeps it much more interesting!


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh I absolutely love it!!! Especially 'dog' LOL x

brooke said...

hey there,

i recently discovered your blog and loove your photo shoot ideas! my sisters and i always go out on little fashion shoots, and yours are a major inspiration. i especially love the one in the cardboard box!


Taylor Sterling said...

you look amazing! I love that dress- lovely!!

Hypeed.com ☀☀ said...

Stunning! Great photoshoot!!

xx Alex

Clara said...

lovely look
great blog!

Valeria said...

the first pic is great, u really nailed it! and you have long amazing legs, so you can afford wearing all the outfits you want! Beuatiful shooting and cute blog!


polka dot said...

p.s. I just thought of a hilarious touch.. if you held a small stuffed animal in the shoot.

polka dot said...

Roz, your mom is amazing: first for finding such a unique gift for you (framed Harper's Bazaar covers: how cool) but also for suggesting this shoot. I'm typing this quickly during a commercial (watching Brothers & Sisters) but had to reply to your comment: that's really weird that I randomly asked that question & you happened to mention it. And yes: I was SO inspired by Grace, I seriously considered calling Vogue in NY, and asking for her PA, just to leave a message that 'Jill in London' thinks she's wonderful.

I'm thinking.. you know how recently I did a kind of 'guest blog' post with Erika, of the Fashion Chalet. I'd love to use a shot or two from this post, but maybe send you a few questions.. do a kind of online interview. Just a thought..

okay, break must be over. Happy Easter! I didn't think it was possible, I know I say it each time, but this might be my favourite post yet! xx

Hannah said...

I LOVE how creative all your outfits and photoshoots are. It's great hearing about the inspiration for them, too. It seems to add so much life to them.
You got that Harper's Bazaar cover perfectly. It's stunning.


Carina Joana said...

loved it! amazing dress!

Anonymous said...

I just love houndstooth. Reminds me of my grandmom, who was way before her time, stylishly speaking. And she had this houndstooth luggage...Timeless. :)

Don't get rid of your vintage magazines, or the contemporary ones that are good issues. I made that mistake years ago, when I started moving a lot, and tossed all my 80s Vogues. I could kick myself!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit and the photos!
they're amazing!!!! <3

Michele said...

Hahah love it!! That first picture rocks. Amazing dress btw

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Thanks for answering my comment! I was looking for online stores where they sold vintage fashion magazines and I found one that you might be interested on. Here's the link:http://verabattemarco.com/vintage-fashion-magazines.html?page=2

-The Trendy Fashionista

Glam Girl said...

Amazing pictures, it looks like in the magazine!

BattyNora said...

Wow so classic: i absolutely love the idea! I like how you so elegant even with the stuffed polar bear (much cuter that an real dog:)).

The lighting in the photographs looks especially stunning up against the brick wall. I also like how the dogstooth reflects the grooves in the stairs- the metal gives the outfit a modern edge.

I thought the September Issue was fascinating, not least beacuse of the dynamic between Grace Coddington and Anna. I could feel her outrage when they were trying to cut down on the shoot for the magazine, and getting rid of all the best shots! The way she styled the models and chatted to them was simply so effortless and natural, just amazing.

Every Little Counts said...

i love the top photo!

Mayra said...

your interpretation of that cover was simply amazing! i am simply stunned by all of your beautiful pictures

Law said...

all your pictures are so wonderfull. I'm lovin it.

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