Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Longing for Spring.. Dreaming of Erdem

This could also be named 'in praise of hand made pieces from ebay'.  This beautiful vintage dress arrived on our doorstep about a week ago (yes, quite a few items from ebay have appeared recently! My mum and I have decided to not log in for a while now..) I was amazed when I saw it. I love surprises like these- where dresses that looked good in photos then turn out to be beautifully unique in the flesh (fabric?)

To start with, this vintage dress is handmade- one of a kind. And then you see the material! It has this amazing collage effect- like cuttings of plants and patterns taken from newspapers and stuck down in abstract formations. That's what makes it look so individually created, in the best possible way.
The other thing that struck me when I pulled it out of the tissue paper was how much it reminded me of an Erdem piece. I think it's all the opulent florals that made me think of his distinctive fabric prints.

However, I was at loss as to what to style the dress with for two reasons:
1- I am someone who finds it very hard to just put on one item and go. I like to think about layers and accessories, kind of making that piece of clothing my own.
And 2- The temperature. Yes, that little beast I am constantly wittering on about. (Though as I pointed out before, in this respect I am just stereotypically British: weather obsessed!)  Don't let this sunshine decieve you!

So I added the old favourite, a silk shirt. I have a small collection of them now. 'One for Every Occasion!' (Silk, I adore thee!)
The brogues are repeat offenders on this blog, being one of my most cherished pairs of shoes. But somehow this dress just didn't look right with heels.
The necklace was made by me last summer. I've christened it 'Mummy's Scissors' as they are sewing scissors wrapped in silk 'bandages.' The belt is Jaeger. (Surprise, surprise! Maybe we should play a little game- at what point in each post shall Roz try to work Jaeger into the conversation?)

My original idea for the dress was to shoot it among the multitudes of snowdrops that have sprung up along the lane behind our house. However, it was when my dad and I got to the top of the hill and found the wind that the photos got better.. Blustery breezes and long dresses always make a great combination.

Now, a big thank you to all of you who gave me book and poetry suggestions in my last post.. I am definitely going to act on some of that advice! It's always great getting your responses.

Right, time to go and do my art homework.

Ps- My blog archive is only showing my latest six posts on the main page, despite it being set to ten in my settings. Does anyone with more technology knowledge than me know how I could fix this? Or is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Laura said...

Great dress!!

Nutmeg said...

Beautiful dress! I admire the way you put the particular pieces of clothing together. Your outfits are always a great surprise to me and your style is truly splendid :)


The dress is a great color for you. That is so awesome that it is handmade! xo

dace design said...

Wow, I love your photos and the way how you describe everything - from the receiving and putting it together with other items. Especially love the first black and white photo and ... no, but all of them are so great!

Sara said...

That tree-lined lane is too much! So gorgeous.

Pearl Westwood said...

It works wonderfully with the blouse! Re: technical problem have you got it set to only show the current month maybe you can try changing that?
P.S I am having my first giveway:

Pippa Artus said...

Gorgeous shoes :) And trust me im the same! Love putting new things together :)
Love the shoes also! <3

M. said...

That dress is so lovely! Well done pairing it!

Ruxandra said...

i read about this 6 posts per page on other blogs too, yet never checked mine.
another amazing photoshoot.i love the chic.also, i have to say i ador ethe new header.very sweet.
good luck with your homework.take care:)

Carly said...

Roz, you look great again and the location is yet again another beautiful one. Your home must be lovely.

What sort of outfit do you put together on a day of school or shopping? I'd love to see.


BattyNora said...

Wow! The print on the dress is so gorgeous, like a mash up of watercolour- i love how the green/ blue references the sky and countryside. Also the necklace is so cute and intriguing, it looks like you're prepared for any emergency sewing/adjustments :).
Despite the lovely hues on the dress my favourite photos are those in black and white- it makes the images look more darker and more intense.
The second-last image makes me want to be irrationally carefree and run down the nearest snowdrop bordered countrylane with my hands outstretched!


I have enjoyed very much your blog!!!

hand pecked debb said...

Oh I've been lurking around for a couple of months now but this dress was the wow of my day! Gorgeous find!

Fashion Chalet said...

Love your blog!

Very creative :)


Anonymous said...

Love the dress! it's divine, and the way you take your photos is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm weather-obsessed, too. Goes all the way back to my childhood in Alabama; I hated winter because I loathed wearing coats!

The dress is heavenly. On most people, it would be hard to style, but it looks as though it was made for you.

Krystalle said...

This dress is an absolutely stunner! It reminds me of Japanese kimonos for some reason, probably due to the print. & that particular lane picture reminds me so much of Narnia - I LOVE it! :D

spoozyliciouzz said...

Wow, your pics are by far the best i´ve seen in a while...great outfits, great textes, and the picture settings are just plain awesome.

Congrats, you just have won another follower!

doodlingenie said...

Very japanese, i love it :)

Sunshine Savvy said...

I am loving the shoes! Pwrfect color!!!

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