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The value of vintage- interview with Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home

I have been poring over some of my fifties Vogues recently, sparking thought about vintage fashion and what it means to me.. This is a question I have always found interesting, so I thought I'd ask someone else for their view too. Luckily, the wonderful Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home graciously accepted my request for a short interview about vintage, and here it is!

 What would say it is about vintage that makes it so desirable? Vintage makes your look truly your own. Clothes tend to be so homogenized these days--adding vintage is the best bet for a unique look.

 As we all know, many vintage pieces have interesting stories behind them. Do you have any tales you'd like to share about particular vintage items you own? I have a YSL jacket that had a very famous owner, but I can't say. ;)

Do you have any favourite vintage designers? Yves Saint Laurent--definitely. I also like to stalk Vicky Tiel on eBay.

 If you are buying vintage to wear yourself, where are your favourite places to purchase from? Decades is incredible, what goes around comes around in NY, thrift stores and eBay of course!

 I know you have a website that sells vintage. Do you sometimes find it hard to part with some of the pieces? (I think this would be my stumbling block, I'd never be able to sell anything on!) Not really--Usually when I purchase a piece I know if it is for me or for the site. There are pieces that don't sell at times, and I think to myself that they must be meant for me.

 What would you say is your favourite decade for design? Or do you have more than one? 70's and 80's.

 If you could own one iconic piece, what would it be? A piece from YSL's Russian collection.

When did you first become interested in vintage clothing? And what prompted the interest? I started purchasing vintage clothing when I was about 16--so that was over 30 years ago. Wow--I'm old! My mom loved antiques and used to take me along shopping--I naturally started looking at vintage clothing at Antique Malls and Flea Markets.

 And a general question:

 I know that Jane often borrows things from your wardrobe, and vice versa. Would you say that looking at her personal style has influenced you in any way? Or do you influence her? I think we influence each other Greatly. Sometimes she shows me how to wear things in a way that I would not have imagined.

Thanks again to Judy for the interview, take a look at her blog for more fantastic vintage clothes and modern classics. She wears them with such effortless style...

I would be really interested to hear what some of my lovely readers' responses to these questions might be as well!
The first picture is one from a shoot I modelled for a vintage shop, the amazing Bertie's. (That would be my answer to 'where do you prefer to buy your vintage from?' It is the most immaculate vintage shop you are ever likely to encounter. Trips here are dangerous, I'm at risk of performing a disappearing money act, and then returning home with a perfect fifties suit or sixties rose print cocktail dress!)
 I completely adore the forties draped silk piece I wore, and am trying to come up with a way to stretch my meagre budget to findng a similiar item. Copyright on the first image: Bertie's.

All other images are from Judy's blog. Copyright: Judy Aldridge


Lisa said...

Great interview! That picture of you is stunning! Your hair and makeup are gorgeous.

Pearl Westwood said...

What an amazing post Roz, I love Judy's blog to and the interview was such a great read. The one iconic piece I would love to own is one of Coco Chanel's original little hats she handmade, or a YSL le smoking jacket.

Ps. I am having a giveaway on my blog for a vintage dress

Anonymous said...

lovely interview
i love Judy's blog

The Trendy Fashionista said...

wOW, Amazing interview! Great job Roz :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Tiny Quirks said...

you look so different in the first picture! love atlantis home, great interview


Great interview with Judy! That is so cool that she started collecting vintage clothing so young. She must have some amazing pieces. xo

fashion fletcher said...

Great interview this is very inspiring! I am beginning to collect my own vintage pieces one at a time! I always enjoy reading your blog! Please visit and I would like to exchange links so may you please e-mail me? Thank You, and keep it up! ;)

Eli said...

Great interview. I love Judy and Jane´s blogs and it´s always amazing to know a little more about theirselves.

Natalie@CANNEDFASHION said...

Great interview, I'm fascinated by Judy's style.

That's a beautiful shot of you. Nx

Ganymede Girl said...

Wow you look like you have been transported right out of the 40's, gorgeous!

Jane and Judy are so lucky that they can steal from each others wardrobes and that they have so much in common, it must be awesome to have a shopping buddy like that. Judy is amazing because she always looks classic and modern at the same time and she isn't afraid to experiment and have fun with her clothing and jewelry. Great interview, I really enjoyed reading it.

MEF said...

love the first pic!!

Visit my blog

Carly said...

Great interview Roz, would love you to answer the same questions yourself.

I went to a vintage fair on Sunday in Primrose Hill, it was rather lovely but too expensive for my already over stretched purse strings at the moment. There was a gorgeous cream lace dress, I didn't dare try it on though as it was so expensive and the lace looked so old and delicate, I wish i could afford it and just put it on my mannequin in the lounge.

p.s. gorgeous photo for Berties.


♥Lola said...

Such a gorgeous photo! Great interview too :)

Anonymous said...

Roz, excellent interview! You ask intelligent questions, and Judy's responses were so interesting.

Acquiring vintage is a worthwhile passion. I wish I'd become interested long before (why, oh why did I get rid of all my clothing through the decades?!) Judy's knowledge and love of vintage really come through in your interview.

And your love of vintage is quite evident. You're an inspiration!

Nicole Jarecz said...

great interview, enjoyed reading it!

RMb said...

love the interview!! thank you for sharing!

Natalie said...

great interview!! i love vintage fashion so much as well :)

heroine temptation said...

love it so much
and love the picture of yours
xoxo natalia

Rachel said...

Fantastic questions, Roz. I am a big fan of Atlantis Home (indeed, it was how I found out about your blog) so it's lovely to see Judy here!

My growing vintage collection has just been graced by the arrival of a beautiful cream silk Christian Dior skirt which I am so excited about. I'll be photographing some outfits as soon as I get my new camera (and thank you once again for your guidance on equipment: it's very much appreciated!)

x Rachel x

Sue said...

Awesome blog!!!
I've been reading your blog, and I found it incredible, everything is perfect, specially the pictures, you are great with cameras, and your vintage clothes collection is stunning!

I follow you!

lauren lanza osias said...

that first photo lights up my life, absolute perfection! i wish i was more skilled in purchasing vintage... i feel like i don't know where to start! this was an enlightening blog. i enjoyed it very much.

doodlingenie said...

We're in History,
much love

Pia said...

awesome interview! i love the aldridges!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Hi Roz, just letting you know: I passed the GORGEOUS LADIES OF BLOGGING AWARD onto you :) Come check it out!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Debby said...

that first picture of you is STUNNNNINGGG

kiara said...

Love the picture of you in that lovely dress and hat...Is that a 40´s look?

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