Friday, 9 April 2010

A 'short' story

Ah, spring has finally sprung! Yesterday, it was warm enough to sit outside.. Now to you who take the sun for granted, this probably doesn't even seem like news. However, I am so happy that I can stop playing the 'how-many-layers-can-I-fit-under-my-cardigan' game!
So, out comes the sunshine and out comes the shorts! I bought these beautiful cream shorts in a charity shop last week (they're Marks and Spencers I think.) I was attracted to the classic shape and fabric. I then put them with a thrifted silk top - it has a faint spider's web pattern, if you look closely. It was one pound (!) and, like the shorts, is incredibly comfy to wear.
It's still not summer yet though, so I added blue tights and my favourite cardigan from a charity shop. It's kind of a cross between a cardigan and a blazer. (A blardigan? Hmm.. That doesn't sound very appealing).
I was wearing these faux pearls in my last post, and the belt is thrifted  Radley. I have my usual blue rings on, one of which was my grandma's, and the other my great-grandma's.
And the loafers... My new favourite shoe style! These brown loafers are from a charity shop too, a present from Mum after a drama exam.
In this outfit, I was quite inspired by a seventies aesthetic - somewhat influenced by a shoot I did a while back, full of loafers and a colour scheme of blues, browns and creams.

These photos were taken by my dad on another family walk. I have to say that this seems to be one of the most spectacular views in the UK. In the evening sunlight, the patchwork of fields were quite literally luminous. We also found the remnants of a crumbling stone cottage - perfect for photos! 

I'm currently reading 'Mill on the Floss' by George Elliot. There was a paragraph in it that really struck me:

"We would not have loved the earth so well if we had no childhood in it - if it were not the earth where the same flowers came up every spring that we used to gather with our tiny fingers as we sat lisping to ourselves on the grass... What novelty is worth that sweet monotony where everything is known, and loved because it is known?"

I felt that this observation holds a lot of truth for me. I grew up making dens in the forest, catching frogspawn, sledging down hills in winter and climbing trees. I hold very find memories of these 'adventures', and certainly feel that my loveof the countryside has been influenced by the wayI used to play in it.
Now I appreciate it in so many other ways - landscape + fashion photography ( the countryside being one of my favourite locations for shoots!), family walks, playing with my brother and going for 'rainy picnics' -  a friend and I went out in the pouring rain with big umbrellas, walked through a field and sat under a tree with thermos flasks of tea.
I thought this was a good post to illustrate my thoughts, as the backdrop is so amazing, and really sums up the countryside to me!
So what do you think? Did your environment as a child affect your appreciation of things today? Would you rather live in a city or the countryside? I'd love to hear some of your viewpoints.

I am so grateful for some a large number of really wonderful comments recently, and I really will try and keep up to date with those! It has just been quite a hectic holiday so far.
Also, thank you to Olivia, Izzy, Pearl, Rae and Erin for another host of blog awards! They are much appreciated.. If there is anyone else that I failed to mention, then please let me know!

I am going away for a few days now to see a friend, but I'll look forward to catching up when I get back!



Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

JESUS woman you are so pretty! And so is this outfit :)

annabelle said...

those full circle shorts are amazing. after a swift browse through, i love your whole look, actually. as a city girl, i can't agree on the countryside appreciation, but i'll be reading your blog from now on! X

Ruxandra said...

Amazing photographs as usual.Have fun with your friend!

Lucy said...

Completely gorgeous outfit; especially those shoes! So glad to have started following your blog..
feel free to drop me a visit
Lucy at Where the wild things might be...

Lemondrop Marie said...

I think my environment which was a bit lacking in the beauty you have there made me want and appreciate nature even more. How lovely that you've transfered your appreciation in this way and share it with others. Love the rich colors in the outfit. You look smashing in them.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

Eleanor said...

The Mill on the Floss is an amazing novel...and the BBC did a fab job of making the movie version many years ago. Totally worth looking in to.

Gorgeous as always Roz!

Eleanor- Shopping The Closet

Anonymous said...

I like your accessories - the belt, the necklace and those shoes!


Izzy said...

Beautiful images once again, I adore the sixth one! Well Charity shops are brilliant, also fun, as you never know what you may find...

Swamped in Flowers <3

Pearl Westwood said...

I just want to know when we will be seeing you in Vogue ;-) x

Diana Q. said...

I am in love with that outfit!

Hannah said...

I really love the flare of those shorts. They seem like they're just screaming summer.
Now I have to ask because I'm so jealous...Where do you fin all these amazing stone walls/abandoned cottages? On they on your family's property or do you find them as you walk through the countryside?
Whenever I see a mysterious old house that I'd like to explore I'm always too afraid I'll be found out for trespassing or something.
But I think those stone walls are beautiful and I wish I could scamper about in them as you do. :)

brooke said...

completely and totally editorial looking. sell them off to a magazine already! i love that necklace especially. nicely elegant and not too thrift-looking, even if the whole ensemble is from one!

i try to go for an editorial look with my blog too, but dont quite have all the resources to do full-fledged photo shoots like this (ie i have no photographer!) so a white backdrop will have to suffice for now.


You are beautiful in these shots! I Love the necklace and the shorts look so comfy. x

RMb said...

the photos are lovely!! you're good at commanding the attention of the camera. :)
george elliot is great. i love the quote you posted!! your blog makes me want to visit the english countryside really badly! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Those shorts look amazing on you!

HeatherClark said...

oooo i just adore your shorts and the faux pearl necklace. SUCH gorgeous pictures i love this post :)

Carly said...

Hi Roz, I always love your outfits as you know, but this outfit i adore because it's actually something i would wear, the shorts are perfect they remind me of the type my mum used to wear in the early 90's.

I grew up in the countryside like yourself, and it was the greatest place to grow up, having a farm full of animals and endless amounts of places to explore. It definitely holds some of my greatest memories. Now i've moved to London, it's such a great place to make a career but I think i'll eventually move back to the countryside when i'm older to relive my childhood hopefully in the farm i was brought up in.

Again sorry about the essay. Lots of love Carly x

Emily said...

Lovely! This is a great look. I love how loose and free those shorts are. Great Spring look, but can also be changed up a bit for Autumn. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great questions! Right now, I'm longing for the vibrancy of city life.
I grew up in southern US suburbia. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
The outfit: I am convinced you can pull off anything- even high-waisted, full shorts! You have great style.

Mlle.S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spoozyliciouzz said...

Two thumbs up!

Juliet said...

Hello gorgeous!
I'm a girl from Spain who loves your blog. Well, actually, I nerver been here before today, but I really feel in love with your style, your lovely pictures (England Is my favourite country, I think) and your amazing writes.

I love England, because I love Janne Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Rosamunde Pilcher, etc...
Well, hope that, if you don't mind, maybe I can add your blog to my favourites.

You look amazing with this outfit, gorgeous.
I like so much your shorts, and all the pictures. Where is exacly the place?
It seems like the places of the Janne Austen books...:D

Lucy Laucht said...

These shots are so gorgeous, I think there's something very Grace Coddington-esque about you and your blog in the way that she too grew up in the Welsh countryside and modeled- have you seen the September Issue?

Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

Cath said...

OK, the fourth picture might just be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. haha. It's amazing how you find and recycle old items that no one else would ever think can be made into such an amazing, editorial-like outfit. Like these shorts...anyone (including me) would have just thought «old granny shorts» and thrown them back in the bin. Your eye for style is incredible. And I totally bought loafers at a charity shop a couple of days ago because of this post!!

Silvia Couture said...

great photos! The weather and scenery looks amazing!

Clara said...

wow. amazing pics.
you're a model?
you're perfect!!!

polka dot said...

That is an amazing quote & the whole post is such good food for thought (not to mention, gorgeous 'shoot' in the most amazing place: I bet it IS the most beautiful spot in Britain!)

I grew up in the NYC suburbs, but because travel was important to my parents - and nature - we had a 'richer' childhood than our peers (the suburbs can be a bit sterile). And I agree: memory is so potent. The other day I passed forsythia in bloom, and while my father has died, I just had to call my mother and talk with her about it. Just a 'do you remember that giant forsythia that Amy & I used to play inside of?' kind of conversation.

I'm really into loafers, too, and these are always my (non)colours. And those 'shorts' are so wonderfully feminine!

Just came here to borrow your photos.. your interview is coming up shortly, Roz! xo

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