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A whisper of silk

Bonjour! Sorry, I had French today at school.. Maybe it's infiltrated my subconcious?
To start off with, a big thank you for the lovely comments on my photography post! I enjoyed doing the shoot with beautiful Chloe so much, and it was wonderful to recieve such a positive response.
Today's post is all about texture. As long time readers of this blog will know, I certainly love my silk! It is definitely one of my favourite fabrics - being both comfoortable and very luxurious. (I am one of those people who walks through charity shops, sliding a hand across racks of clothes and then getting a little overexcited when I feel anything remotely silk-like!) So guess who had a big smile on her face when this dress arrived as a package on her doorstep?
Okay, a correction - This silk dress is actually a skirt. I've used the old favorite trick of pulling up and belting. It was originally from Monsoon (I bought it on eBay - 99p! Oh I do love a bargain), and my favourite thing about it is the ruffle detail on the lower section. This is definitely one item that will never need ironing! I also love the colour - a mix of oyster with a dark shade of mother of pearl.
Worn underneath is a lace charity shopped top and I'm also wearing that silk shrug again. Well, it just fitted perfectly with the mood of this shoot. But I had to strap it down with the belt (tied, as ever) because otherways the sides inflated (courtesy of the wind!) and made me resemble a strangely bulbous balloon!
Talking of air, the whole idea for this shoot was the way that the fabric moved in the wind. And boy, did that breeze deliver! It was shot by my dad in a spot we often visit when on holiday, to stretch our legs after a long car drive... It has this perfect little hill, overlooking a stunning estuary with mountains behind. It's one of those breathtaking places that looks more like a film set than a location that lies at the end of a muddy track!

A quick mention to Jill, and her fantastic American Apparel post... Follow the link to see the rest of the photos. I just love these jodhpurs. Is anyone else noticing a trend here? Great drapery of the jacket too.



Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. said...

lovely outfit, and lovely place

Olivia Isabella. said...

Lovely shoot as always. The scenery is certainly pituresque and the length of the shrug is perfect for the dress/skirt!

❤Cate❤ said...

Such a pretty outfit, I love silk to <3

melina said...

Beautiful pics. You look amazing, and so do that background!

Sara said...

Oh wow, gorgeous set! This has a different feel than your usual...I love the neutral/grey color palette and seaside setting. Lovely. <3

Dina-Dyorre said...

oh my, those are breathtakingly beautiful (I bet that word has lost its effect now because it figurates in so many comments on this blog)... I have a love for fashion shoots by the sea. Actually, any type of water "source"!

Pearl Westwood said...

Stunning as always Roz, you could alternatively called this post Call of the Siren, I love the b&w shots.

Yes I am also supporting Jill, such a clever idea!

P.S Dont forget my Chanel giveaway xx


Your skirt and the wind was a perfect combo for this shoot! x

Hannah said...

You really captured the movement of the skirt. My favorite photograph-
ha, I started that sentence then scrolled back up to decide, and I can't! The last one, the first one, the second one, the one where the skirt is blowing in the wind (you do not look like a bulbous balloon, by the way), they're all amazing and beautiful. The way you placed your hands in the last shot really makes it dynamic though, so that might have to be my favorite if I choose.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful billowy, shimmery fabric in your outfit! The scenery is an excellent complement. My favorite pic is the black/white.

I took part in posting Jill's American Apparel thing, too. She has great ideas, she's going places for sure!

Gracie said...

Great shots, that skirt is just perfect, so flowey, i love the movement!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Love the pics! I too, have been wearing skirts as dresses and/or tops, BUT knowing YOU do, I feel even more stylish, LOL.

Your dad really takes great shots; he's got a good model and I love the fact you two work so well together.

Jill aka PolkaDot is also great, a wonderful photographer and great warm presence in the bloggersphere, and that photo is rocking!

WildFlower said...

Your silk skirt is an amazing buy! The ruffles, the layers, the belt and the gorgeous scenery are all fantastic. I can almost feel the hill breeze from here! hehe. Great spot to take photos of the silk skirt.

Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning! I love the layers and how romantic the outfit looks in black and white.

Amanda said...

I feel the same way about anything made of tulle, it reminds me of being young and wearing my ballerina tutu.

San said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. And yes silk is fabulous.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

"Whispers of Silk"; How poetic!
I love the luxurious quality of silk skirts dancing in wind against a scenic backdrop.
So painterly and sublime.

Vicki said...

Aww i love Jill, cant wait to check this out :)
Love these pictures of you my dear!! you have the poses down to a fine art! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog about my alice in wonderland pics ive put more up! check it out if uve time.
vicki xo

Rosanna said...

your skirt is so beautiful! love the colors

danniekate said...

i'm new to you, but i love this. i can't believe how good those photos, before i read the article i thought they were promo shots for celine or chloe maybe! definitely reading this again :)

rouli said...

lovely blog@!!!!!!!!

cool posts!!!

amazing style!!!!!!

come visit me!!


Raez said...

Hello gorgeous:)

I've missed looking at your pretty pictures and lovely vintage outfits while I was away, but I did very much appreciate your nice comments:)

Going to go and browse all of your posts that I've missed...until then, hope you have a great weekend!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

So, I love this post. Everything you said resounded with me! Running your hands across clothes in a charity shop, looking for some good fabric. I am always attracted to silk or linen. :) Then, the mother of pearl/oyster/dark taupe color .... it's so beautiful... paired with silk, the colors change while you look at it!

I recently got a dress that was a soft greytaupe color, that has raw silk salmon colored ruffles. love!

anyway, great job as usual.


TC said...

such a wonderful outfit!

On the Glam said...

Beautiful photos

Alexandra said...

those pics were so reminiscent of Maxfield Parish's paintings, lovely!


Miss Violet Bell said...

Gorgeous photos. Love them and the outfit!
Thankyou so much for commenting on my blog, it means so much to me! It really does :) And yes, I agree the granny-ish ones are good, and that's exactly what I thought when I put on the skirt.. very ballerina
-esque :) hehe

Miss Violet Bell.xx

CalamityJem said...

Stunning photos!
You look so pretty :)

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