Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Old Curiosity Shop

Finally - part 2 of the pictures I took of  my lovely friend Emma, (they've been languishing on my computer for a number of months!) I think I might have subconciously been avoiding editing them down to a 'post-able' number. Does anyone else have this problem? I do manage to whittle my photos down in the end, but it's a hard task.

The second part of this 'story' was inspired by the title of Charles Dickens' book  'The Old Curiosity Shop' - though I do have to admit I've not actually read it yet!
However just the title itself conjured up images of crowded shelves, antique wonders and dusty curios. I styled Emma accordingly, also thinking about book-ish colours and outfits one could sit and read in!

The first set of items comprises of a little crocheted shirt under a Jaeger tank top I bought from a charity shop. (Ha, were you wondering how many posts could go by without me mentioning Jaeger yet again? Maybe I should start a tally..) Then I added some vintage (but thankfully never worn!) silk knickerbockers as shorts/ culottes and my favourite pair of sixties shoes. The patchwork floppy sunhat was given to me by my grandma - I have a big penchant for seventies style hats at the moment.

The second ensemble was partly inspired by an old Vogue editorial in which three stylists had to interpret and style a parka - so I did a dressing gown version!
Don't you love this vintage men's dressing gown? I can just imagine it being worn by Boris Lermontov in 'The Red Shoes', or it being nonchantly flung over a suit in a gentlemen's club by a cigar smoking aristocrat.
Under this I added a men's dress shirt (usually worn as part of a tuxedo suit) and some trousers I got at a clothes swap. The ankle boots are from a charity shop, and the gold necklace was a relative's.

I asked Emma to pose in various locations around my home and in our summer house (basically a tiny shed filled to the brim with junk - perfect setting for a hidey hole retreat!)
Thanks to the gorgeous Emma for being such a willing model and agreeing to wear whatever I present her with!

This is the moodboard I made for this photo story. I've been making loads recently for inspiration..

I'm not sure why, but the month of May always seems to go unbelievably quickly. Between another trip to London, masses of revision for one of my GCSE exams and that fact that my birthday is coming up, the days have slipped past and my blog has been somewhat neglected.
However, I'll rectify that soon.

As I mentioned above, I took a trip to London last weekend and met up with the incredibly lovely Jill of Polka Dot street style. She was just as wonderful in person, and took some great photos of the outfit I was wearing.
Although we only met for a short amount of time (along with my mum), her warmth and enthusiasm were completely infectious! I'd be looking forward meeting Jill, as her comments and communication are always so incisive and thoughtful. You can see the post on her fantastic blog here.


Lydia said...

The photos are amazing. I love how much effort you put into each post!
I just saw the post on Jill's blog with your photos on Primrose Hill. Such lovely photos, I'm quite jealous of that dress/skirt.

Lydia xxx

Laura said...

Lovely hat !

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh! They are so great!!! :D I love them

Chloe said...

Not only are you a sight for sore eyes, incredibly beautiful with a whimsical charm about you, but you are also incredibly talented! I love the way you write, you definitely seem to have a way with words. And you clearly have the way with a camera!
I'm absolutely loving the use of books with this shoot!

Seriously, I just looked on your "About Me", since I have been an avid follower of your blog for some time now and I never really noticed that you're only fourteen?! That's the same age as me and I am genuinely astounded, since I always thought you were at least sixteen or seventeen. I'm honestly shocked! You seem extremely intellectual and wise for your years. You're also an incredibly role model so I applaud you for that.

Keep doing what you're doing, because what you're doing is fantastic!


Gracie said...

Oooh cool shots, has a very dusty old book shop feel to it. Love it!

Raez said...

haha, so cool! very pretty pictures, you and your friend are gorgeous. What a cool inspiration too. I've never heard of that book, but it sounds great already:)

xx raez

Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job!


Anonymous said...

Wow great photoshoot! I love all the photos.

Lucy Laucht said...

Gorgeous photos, it seems you are as good behind the camera as in front!

Lucy Laucht

fra_zz said...

great photos!

rischa said...

I love these pictures, very artistic. And of course the styling is beautiful too, as always. Now I'm tempted to hunt out a vintage man's dressing gown to wear as a cardigan... but I think it might earn me some strange looks from other people!

Pearl Westwood said...

Tremendous as always x

Olivia Isabella. said...

Great ambience from the photos, I can almost smell them! But wish we would see more of the outfits!
Saw Jill's post, you look fabulous!
UO x

mirror said...

hey! i just started following your blog! it's really cool & you have gorgeous photos :)

Ruxandra said...

Did you know your blog was featured here ??I do not know if you know Sopanish, i think you might as well use a translato to read what they said :)Congrats.

Elliejane.x said...

I saw your pictures on Jill's blog, they were beautiful. I love the jacket here as well! x

danniekate said...

okay, i love this blog, and i love that you're young and have been shot by jill like me! i'm 16, and currently drowning in revision for my a levels, but GCSEs were horrible too :)
love the moodboard, and also your friend's hair! redheads are on the rise.

Tiny Quirks said...

hmm, as much as i love reading i don't know how i feel about charles dickens...i read Great Expectations once...can't say i'm a fan.

but i like the name; The Old Curiosity Shop- and i adore the idea you got from the title.

very cute photos

the Citizen Rosebud said...

The following is a gross understatement: YOU ARE BRILLIANT. I get goose-bumps when I see glimpses of your creative powers, and you behind the camera taking gorgeous photos and planning moodboards give me the suspicion that you are the future of fashion.
And it goes without saying that you are lovely in front of the camera, a most inspiring face and model!
Loved the pics taken by Jill of you. She's so warm that I can feel it across the Atlantic, I love her blog, her point of view. She captured your special stylish spirit so well.
As always a joy to see what you've been up to! xo. -Bella Q

UnoCosa said...

i really really love the photos ... can't agree more, fantastic title, xx

Anonymous said...

Jill's post on you was excellent! I've also had the pleasure of meeting her in person, and have to agree with you. She is spirited and genuine; a rare person indeed. So glad you two met! Two like-minded souls...
Good post of Emma and the moodboard. I must learn how to do those...or else get myself a scanner!

eva-christa said...

Love your outfits and this atmospherea!
'ECH from pAris
La Bise

Alice In Fashionland said...

Ooh, what a wonderful hat! I think you've done a great job of styling her, and such beautiful pictures.

Haven't read the book either, cannot read Dickens.

YuraKimchi said...

Beautiful and amazing photos. They look like they could be part of movie stills.

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