Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rain drenched blossom

Spring blossom! Oh wait, I feel like Mary Poppins - about to launch into song about some of my 'favourite things'. But really those little blooms are like signposts saying "Haaha winter, begone! You are hearby banished and will not face parole until at least, ooh, November."

I bought this dress last year, but waited until blossom time to feature it. I found it in a little vintage shop in a nearby town, and was immediately attracted to the intricate pattern and classic shape.
I'm not sure of the origin of this piece as it's handmade, but I'm assuming it may be sixties. Looking at it conjures up a picture of Japanese blossom (surely some of the best in the world?) and exquisite landscapes.
Talking of spring flowers, whilst doing a little research online I discovered the wonderful concept of  Japanese regional 'Cherry Blossom reports' - a little like weather forecasts. Japan is near the top of my 'places I want to visit' list, and I can imagine it being stunning at this time of year..

I puzzled for a while over what to put this blossom dress with as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to keep it simple, or give it some kind of persona. (I often choose a character to be inspired by when dressing, it makes the whole process more entertaining!)

In the end, I felt it was kind of a mix between a gardener and the blooms she tends. A dark olive cardigan and a straw hat were the cultivator/ practical side, contrasting with the 'flowery' dress and necklace.
The cardigan is my mum's (It's more of a woollen blazer) and I borrowed both the straw hat and long pearls from my grandma - thanks Babi!
The olive belt is Jaeger, the white brogues make yet another appearance as do the old favourites - the grey Topshop boots!

This was photographed by my dad in London - while we were visiting my grandma for the weekend. The picture locations are a mixture of Primrose Hill (another of my favourite places) and a communal garden.
Unfortunately it rained for a lot of the time we were there, but we managed to hurry out during a brief, dry interlude.
While we were in London we went to the British Museum - the Mummies weren't really my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed looking at the clock exhibition. From jewel encrusted pocket watches to grand father clocks, the fact that they have continued keeping time long after their creators passed seems extraordinary to me. Real inspiration!



You look great in hats like that. Beautiful scenery and love the pearls. x


Elliejane.x said...

I love spring its one of my favouite times of year, mainly because I can start to wear dresses and skirts again. I really like the dress and the material its made from its lovely x


fashionist__ahead said...

love your photos
and your style..

Sue said...

stunning as always!

Anonymous said...

Stunning!! I want your hair!! :D

Lemondrop Marie said...

Beautiful background, love the dress!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Petit Rococo giveaway

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress/hat, fabby backgrounds!

Anonymous said...

Roz, your style is so instinctive, effortless, and age-appropriate. You are a breath of fresh air.

Starr Crow said...

absolutely stunning, love.

T. said...

Beautiful dress, you always look so ladylike!
Japan is also top of my places-I-want-to-visit list!

Kylene said...

Beautiful dress! Im following, follow mine?


Dodo said...

You look stunning in that first picture! And those heeled boots are so cute!!

HAL said...

so gorgeous; very whimsical. i love the setting. enjoying your posts so very much!


Pearl Westwood said...

You always find the most stunning settings, I do love the spring flowers x

Miss Violet Bell said...

Love this post! Absolutely gorgeous!!
I know exactly what you mean about spring time and the blossoms, it's my favourite time of year I think :)

Miss violet Bell.xx

Juliet said...

I love your pictures!
you look gorgeous with this cool outfit, and your beautiful pictures with all flowers! so cutee!
xxx darling!

Gracie said...

Oooh I love that outfit and those pictures are great. And your hair, oh your hair. It's beautiful!

Kate said...

Gorgeous snaps! The first photo is especially wonderful!


Gracie said...

I love this outfit and you just look lovely. The photos are great too. And your hair. Oh, your hair.

yOka said...

Great pictures, lovely blog

Zoe said...

Such gorgeous photos!!! I love this look!


The Lady Nerd said...

Beautiful as always Roz! I really do appreciate and enjoy the way you incorporate your dress into the scenery rather than just a sideshot on a random sidewalk. There's always a story that can be inferred from the photos you create (like with this one you mentioned a fusion of a gardener and the blooms she tends. It does feels like that!).

It may be a bit hokey, but I just want to thank you for giving us, your readers, something beautiful to behold. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

WOW! You look fantastic! That dress has a beautiful print!


Natalie said...

your hair looks soo beautiful here! love this whole look :)


Whitebird said...

one of your best shoots ever!

Anonymous said...

hi :D
im a spanish girl, new in this blog-world and i visitot your blog and.. WOW
i lkike your photograpies, your clothes and your hair!!:p
in going to follow u ok?



What a great style! amazing!

SophieGrace said...

Beautiful photos!

Fashion is me said...

Wonderful shoes, I love them

unfortunately I'm in love,

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love the hat you're wearing and that pearl necklace is gorgeous :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Charlotte said...

The dress is beautiful and I love how the images were a family collaboration! Your mother's and grandmother's pieces and your Dad's photography - perfect!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Yary and Sary said...

gorgeous girl!
your hair looks amazing..and this dress is perfect!

welcometoviolence said...

love the photos your so pretty!

Mart.ine : D said...

I love your look! I think the best photos are these with the blue flowers and the bush with red flowers in the background. The mix of colours is great there. I always enjoy reading your blog because it's usually not all about fashion, but also you write about your thinkings.


daisymay said...

Beautiful as always! Love your 3rd shot, your face is so striking. you should try modeling professionally!

WildFlower said...

Your beauty is astounding and your images always feel to me like they are timeless and pulled from a high fashion vintage magazine!
Sounds like you had a nice time in London despite the rain...the museum is such an awesome source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

That first shot is my absolute favorite!
The cinched cardigan and pearls is perfect. :)

TessatheFirst said...

Your dress and your whole style is beautiful!
and all the pictures are great! :)

Love from Germany,


Raez said...

gorgeous! I really love the pretty and delicate dress against the gloomy background--surprisingly good mix:) those blossoms on the ground are awesome too!

hope you have a great weekend,

Julie said...

I love that dress! And your hair is so long and beautiful!


Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

beautiful you!

Social Media Salon said...

nice hat + necklace, good outfit combinations.

polka dot said...

Roz! How wonderful that you found a field of flowers to do this lovely shoot in, even tho it was a rainy weekend. I wish we could have met you on sunday, it's funny to think we might have been doing our separate shoots at the same time on Monday.

Apologies for not visiting your blog more, too, recently. Suddenly time has been speeding up for me, it's hard to manage it. Time has become a bit like an unruly puppy.

Not sure which email you mean.. will check thru. I thought I replied to your last one? If it was about coming back to London in two weeks, I hope so! I'll cancel plans to see you this time, if need be. Can't wait to meet you & your parents & introduce you to Mr. Dot.


Nabila said...

stunning! are you a model?

Nabila xo

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