Sunday, 9 May 2010

Woodland Wanderer

First of all, apologies for a general lack of posting/ replying to comments. I've been dealing with some problems, and life has generally been very hectic and at times overwhelming - and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down any time soon!

Anyway, carrying on with the floral theme from the last post, here is another flowered acquisition of mine! I found these floral shorts in.. let's guess, hmmm...Could it be? A charity shop!
 I love the fact that they look like they could have easily been made from my Grandma's curtain material! (More on recycling of curtain material in a later post).
I added a charity shopped soft teal (or is it pale blue?) Warehouse blouse- as the colour matched the rose leaves on the shorts perfectly.
The belt is one my mum bought at a jumble sale when she was a teenager, and one of the first items of hers I ever appropriated. I mislaid  it for a while, but lo-and-behold, here it is.. Back from (under) the bed - ready for waist cinching duties!
The necklace is another piece of costume jewellery from the shoe box of treasures that came from one of my great-grandma's.

Yes, I am wearing the white brogues... again. AGAIN! (Sorry.)
"Judge, I plea not guilty of repeat offending by wearing these shoes in practically every other post - they just happen to be very versatile."

Talking of brogues, I visited Topshop yesterday and salivated over almost every shoe there, especially a brown brogue/ loafer hybrid. That slightly strange, fringed shoe needs to be mine so I can pair it with floral Jaeger skirts and dusky pink thirties camisoles.
I was thinking about how I always wear brogues and loafers, and this footwear kind of stands out where I live - rurally. However, when I visited London last weekend loads of people were wearing them, so my feet just blended in!

So here's the question-  Do 'trends' filter down to different geographical areas of a country at different times? Do you think we are often influenced by the environment around us when we dress? I'd like to hear some opinions.

Photos taken as per usual by my lovely dad, with the accompanying patience of my mum and little brother while supposedly having a 'family walk' through ancient Welsh woodlands.


Miss Violet Bell said...

Love, love this post it is wonderful! The photos are great :) And your outfit is gorgeous!!
I know what you mean about the hectic and overwhelming life...exactly what you mean at the moment! But your blog is wonderful, LOVE it!

Miss Violet Bell.x

Ganymede Girl said...

The mossy forest is so beautiful, you always look like you are living in a fairytale!

I think that trends DO filter down to varying geographical areas of a country at different times, especially if the country is as large as where I live (Canada). I live in Vancouver but when I visit my family in Calgary it feels a bit like a time warp, going back in time 5-10 years sometimes. I don't feel like Vancouver is that fashion-forward, nor is any of Canada, but it certainly is a big difference and that's just between larger cities. The small towns must have a larger lag in how quickly trends are picked up by the average person. Regardless of the lag I feel like there are always people that this doesn't apply to because no matter where you live you can be more fashion-forward or actively follow trends with the internet and by shopping online. Most people don't seem to care enough to look anywhere else besides what is immediately available to them at their local mall/shops which is why it takes trends longer to reach certain areas.

I think we are influenced by our environment greatly since it has a large impact on what we do for fun or even just the difference of walking in fields as opposed to pavement will effect choices in footwear. It's all related and influences us at least subconsciously in some way.

Juliet said...

Like always I really love your outfit, you look gorgeous with this fabulous shorts!:)
I also love your pictures! amazing and cool photos! This places, where you take the pictures, are near your house? where do you live?
xxxx darling!

Raji said...

This is such a cute outfit, I love your shirt its perfect granny chic :P

Tiny Quirks said...

lovely photoshoot. i adore your shorts and brogues. i hope whatever your dealing with resolves itself soon! best of luck

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is gorgeous!
Oh, you have a lovely family. I like that your dad took the photos.


HAL said...

I love the white flats with this look. So cute.

I think trends definitely hit countries at different times (though I'm not sure exactly what does where) .. I think certain things don't catch on in some places like they do in others. This could have a lot to do with the environment, but is probably more due to the culture in general in a particular area. xo

♥Lola said...

Love love this blouse on you, it's such a pretty colour :)

Catherine said...

I think what we wear is affected by what we have access to. If you don't read fashion magazines and there's only a few clothing stores nearby, that's where you'll shop. And even if you are aware of a world outside what you have in your town, you might not think you can participate in that world.

As a kid, reading Vogue in the suburbs, that whole world with its extreme high heels and couture gowns was like a fairy tale. Now, that I live in New York, clothing like that is something that you see every day. Last week, I was people-watching while waiting for a friend, and a woman walked by wearing these incredible Nicholas Kirkwood/Rodarte heels. A city like New York makes you feel like you could wear anything. And people do!

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. said...

It doesn't matter what do you wear, you look always perfect. kisses

Dylana Suarez said...

The shorts are fab, and your father is a wonderful photographer!

Shallow Mallow said...

While at uni I lived in a town where the height of fashion consisted of jogging bottoms & hoodies. All the girls wore their hair in high, tight pony tails held together with golden scrunchies.

Even little old ladies gave me evils walking down the street as if I'd broken a secret dress code by wearing smart clothes. So much for local fashion policing. ;-)

Great outfit. The top is beautiful.

Ima said...

OMG you look so so pretty and gorgeous! I envy yoou!! hehe

fashionist__ahead said...

love your fotos..

Darling L said...

Lovely pics, as always :) Hope life is treating you better, you surely deserve it :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely blouse, and I never tire of your white brogues!
I believe we are always influenced by our surroundings, in regard to clothing choices. And yes, trends do hit different countries/regions at different times (or not at all).

Anna said...

Hi, i recently started reading your blog and i just had to comment to say how much i love it! Your style is almost like out of an old movie but has a quirky spark to it, i love all your vintage finds! I suppose certain trends reach different regions at different times, maybe its due to whats availible and what people have access too?

Sue said...

In my opinion, the environment is very important and it influences on the way we dress. It is not the same, a person who lives in cold climates dresses himself according to the weather. In tropical latitudes people have more freedom to choose.

btw, lovely pics as always!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I'm 17 and from the US, and I love how you create a mood with all of your photo shoots. My location definitely influences my style decisions. Living in Texas, I always have to dress for the heat, and I love my cowgirl boots :) I would love for you to check out my new blog:

lauren lanza osias said...

i think absolutely anything can influence how we dress!? so why not the environment around us. beautiful photos.
check out a new celebrity dress up vlog. good times.

blake said...

amazing outfit.amazzzing.

a. said...


Veronica_Fraticelli said...

wow. it´s my first time on your bloge and I am impressed and charmed- love the photography and clothes, much in my style! thank you!

Angie said...

Lovely pics....great blog..:)))

Leproust Vintage said...

Those shorts are such an amazing charity shop find! And what a gorgeous environment to shoot in!

jack bespoke said...

great blog, you have such a unique look which goes with everyone of ur outfits


Pixie Dust said...

Amazing blog :)) <3
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Anja said...

i love your look, the skirts is very nice, it maches your shirt. and the forest background is wonderful :)

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