Monday, 21 June 2010

Beyond blue

Another week.. whoosh! Life seems to be speeding at, well, a very 'speedy' speed right now. Exams, wonderful weather and creative projects have been responsible for gobbling time.
I had a wonderful photography filled weekend though, including the creation of about 5 posts worth of photos to share,  bit by bit! (Both behind and in front of the camera.) Other exciting weekend activities included a riverside picnic, making brownies for fathers day and buying a book on the sixties designer 'Andre Courreges'. Every new book is a step towards one of my aims in life - to build up my own personal library full of classics (preferably penguin editions!), fashion, photography and art books.

First up, this is my newest purchase from Beyond Retro in Brick Lane, London. (I could write an ode to that shop.)  Luckily, the last time my mum and I visited this jewel of a place, there was a half price sale rail from which I managed to extract both this dress and an electric blue leather pencil skirt. (The beautiful little cream lace and muslin shift dress I also bought, sadly wasn't on sale, but seemed to have been subject to a low pricing error - lucky for me!) In the shop, this dress looked almost purple under the harsh lighting, so imagine my delight when I discovered in natural day light it was actually an even more attractive shade of bright blue!
I like the contrast between the vibrancy of the colour, and the quite demure shape of the dress. I always enjoy finding pieces with 'juxtapositions' in their design.

Here I styled it with a belt that was my paternal grandma's in the seventies, my favourite white shoes from New Look (they do surprisingly decent, and cheap, high heels) and a Laura Ashley hat from a charity shop. I bought it at the same time as the straw boater (featured in the bluebell wood - Lady sing the blues so well.) I have a feeling this too may have originally been a child's hat. I love the blue ribbon! Wearing it makes me feel as though I should belong in 'The Railway Children' or 'Mary Poppins'...
The brown box bag usually holds my vintage Kodak box camera (found at a flea market) and the bracelet was given to me by a friend.

My dad has been chief photographer again (after a brief interlude of my mum using the 'auto' setting) and this was a great sequence of photos. I'd been taking photos of my parents for a project, which involved recreating a Tim Walker-esque office on the side of a hill, complete with table, chairs, flowers and sheep! You'll get to see some follow up photos taken of me in the same set, resplendent in my 'photographer's outfit', sometime soon.
In the same field we found this amazing section of a tree trunk - the sheer scale of it was magnificent and perfect as a backdrop.

One of my summer resolutions is to really learn to make clothes properly. This quest shall be aided by the use of vintage patterns, retro fabric and probably copious amounts of chocolate. I can already use a sewing machine, but I am anxious to get to the stage where my sketches can be turned into real pieces. Any tips would be most welcome!

Oh, and a lovely little bit of news. Today I was featured as Girl of the Day on Teenvogue's Snapshot blog in my wool cape ensemble! This is fantastic, as I love Teenvogue and the standard of their beautiful editorials. You know that feeling when you look at certain outfits and think "I wish I'd styled that/ modelled that/ taken photos of that!" I only wish there was a British equivalent..


Laura Gerencser said...

Congrats on the Teen Vogue award! Love the dress!!
And good luck on the sewing adventure! It takes time and practice (lots lotslotslotslots):))But it's totally worth it in the end!!:)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

No way, I get to be the first commenter. Hello!
Again you stun me into fandom, Roz. GREAT photos, they truly look like fashion editorials to me, and to think you do it with vintage shopping and your family's whatnots. Amazing. Gorgeous.

That blue is out of this world in the best possible way. You've styled it perfectly.

Congrats on your TeenVogue feature. Won't be long when the feature is Vogue. Just sayin'.

My Republic of Fashion said...

That blue dress is absolutely stunning. The colour is fantastic on you.SarahD:)

Amelia said...

such a lovelily coloured dress! i love love your hat as well. well done on your Teen Vogue feature.

love from amelia of La Ville Inconnue.

Dylana Suarez said...

What a darling dress. The color is magnificently striking!

Laura said...

Wonderful blue dress!!!

Elliejane.x said...

Oh my gosh I love this dress! The colour is beautiful and it's such a lovely shape. Beautiful as ever!

Carys said...

These pictures are beautiful, blue suits you perfectly, and I love your hat!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anonymous said...

congrats on the teen vogue honor!
i've said it many times, is your color! i believe any shade looks divine on you.

Rae said...

I'm so happy to be finished with exams now! I love your outfit and the photography in this post. Also congratulations on your feature on!!! Please feel free to stop by and comment on my blog!!


Lydia said...

The blue dress looks amazing. I love Beyond Retro.

Lydia xxx

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow that dress is gorgeous! I LOVE the color! :D

Pearl Westwood said...

Congrats on TeenVogue, you totally deserve it!! I absolutely love this dress, the style, colour and length is my favourite vintage dress style, I had quite a few, but none is such a gorg colour! I also love the brown belt, I wear one with everything!

p.s Chanel nail varnish giveaway on my blog xx

Laumika said...

Oh I love that dress.

Congratulations for the Teen Vogue feature. I really like your blog

Page said...

wow this is another amazing shoot!! the blue is sooo vibrate and paired with your shoes and hat it's such a gorgeous combination!
i love every picture.. :)
and congratulations on receiving the teenvogue award! you truly deserve it! :)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Congrats on your feature, you are lovely in this vibrant blue!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Raji said...

Congratulations on the teen vogue feature, well deserved!
This is suuuuch a beautiful outfit
Absolutely stunning

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

I LOVE that blue! I am trying to find something in that blue, with bits of bright yellow and some green with it. thanks, such a pleasure for my eyes!
please visit my brand new blog:
it's about one mom's quest to look stylish on a budget...

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i love everything about this post. you look gorgeous, and make me wish i had long, long hair. it's so neat your family helps out with your photos, and that you're pursuing your creativity! i have sewn a few things from vintage patterns, and i've found that the directions may seem rather confusing! a sewing teacher could always help you though!

Hannah said...

These are beautiful pictures and an amazing outfit! You are so right, this shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous. And the way you paired it with those creamy shoes and hat- just lovely.
I love that picture of you leaning up against the log.

m.fay said...

love that color of blue, oh my! your blog is darling. found you today on bloglovin. stop by and say hello sometime:


rachel. said...

that dress is so beautiful! the color & tailoring are quite the juxtaposition. ;)

Indie.Tea said...

Gorgeous dress!
And congrats on being featured on the TeenVogue blog!

Valentina said...

I love the electric blue!It's the new black!

Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

Milly. said...

I saw the feature - you looked absolutely great!

Congratulations x

Ruby And Siel said...

I love the look! the dress fits amazingly with the belt and the hat!


mirror said...

so cool! j'adore the hat ;)

Kim said...

Oh, the color of that dress is truly sensational! You look too gorgeous (:


danniekate said...

such a great colour, and congratulations! you look wonderful

daisymay said...

Love the blue of that dress, and it really suits you. Just wondering if you got my email about a feature I want to write?

Daisy Dayz Home

Anonymous said...

you look so stunning!

Tastes Like More said...

I can't even handle how gorgeous you are in this shoot! The outfit, the scenery, it's all perfect! Being a blue lover I'm immediately biased, of course!

Your ability to make this look like an outfit, rather than a costume, is unique. I could actually see you wearing this around town and not think it out of place at all!

I think it's sweet that your family is involved with your photo shoot endeavours. The shoot you did with your mum was fantastic, she's such a gorgeous woman! Extremely photogenic, just like her daughter :).

I'm always inspired by your posts to be involved more in art related stuff rather than being sucked in by hours of television.

Megan Hawley said...

I love this blue! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have been given an award!!!
Please check out link below-

StylePicks said...

Nice dress



♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
you look like you're straight out of the 70's. so beautiful! congrats on teen vogue.

tosia-hej said...

Wow, I've seen you on and i'm so amazed! You really look like a model! I like your style too!
Photos are perfect!;)

Visit my blog on

theoctoberissue said...

I spotted you on Teen Vogue
beautiful color!

theoctoberissue said...

beautiful color
I spotted you on

Anonymous said...

Hi Roz!

You deserve the spotlight at Teen Vogue! I wish more teens were as proactive and earnest as you in their ambitions. Can't wait to see the photoshoot with your parents. I featured you on my blog today as a blogger who inspires me!

Check it out here :

Ciao, friend.
nancy j

MaD said...

i really love this blue vintage dress and of course the hat.

Abby said...

Hey! Found the link to your blog on Teen Vogue...and I love it! Especially the close-up of you with the vintage Kodak case. By the way, what kind of camera do you have?


jackie said...

this is a wonderful blog for picking up tips on sewing, if you haven't already seen it... also she sews from vintage patterns, so it's really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Really nice images, love the dress :)


polka dot said...

Oh Roz, Congratulations!! In my book, you're Girl of the Day, every day! ; )

Love the dress and shots, even - and especially - because while I love blue, that blue isn't a colour I can wear well. Apart from a Calvin Klein knitted cardigan and skirt 'suit' with white buttons from the early 90s.. I really must wear it, at least the long cardigan, as a dress. Actually when I see you next I'll bring it and we can do a shoot in it!

I have a friend who is involved with Beyond Retro. I'm going to introduce you two. I'm thinking we should do something with them: a little shoot/post/something. She is so lovely! Actually, you might have seen her on one of my early posts, last spring:

Glad all's well, sweet pea! See you soon I hope. xox

Style Queen said...

I just love the vibrancy of the blue dress! Also, well done on the Teen Vogue recognition, you must be so elated.

Feel free to pop over to my blog if you anytime: Non-Stop-Fashion


mirror said...

hmm, yes, that's a good point. i mean, if you have a career in fashion then you would be focused on that. ;) i guess i was just saying that's it's not good to be obsessed with it-just as with anything. i guess that was what i was sort of trying to say ;)

i like looking at pictures of fashion & drawing and designing clothes (i have some pics on my blog of my fashion drawings), so im not saying that i don't like it. how did you get interested in vintage & fashion?

thanks for the comment! & i love your blog!

Olivia Isabella. said...

Very well done Roz, for your teenvogue snapshot win! You look fabulous.
The eletric blue dress matches perfectly with your skin tone and hair colour and I love the matching ribbon on your hat. Lovely vintage kodak camera box and, oh my gosh, your nails are immaculate! Very envious as I bite my nails to nothing!
Ah, I am having Beyond Retro withdrawal symptoms. Need to get up there asap. Also, I am very haphazard when making clothes and it takes at least two tries to achieve a semi-wearable garmet. I am in serious need of help! It is things such as how to correctly seam and do waistbands that I would like to know. I am just running stick woman!
Also, thank you for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you are enjoying my posts! It is lovely to hear.
UO x

we eat the blonde salad said...

LOVE YOUR Hair and your shoes
You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i looooove this! the blue is so striking!

little moon lover said...

lovely pictures.. that color looks amazing on you!

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