Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Turn and turnaround

On the same day that I went off afternoon-raspberry picking, I also unearthed this beautiful pleated, reversible skirt in a local charity shop in the morning. This got me thinking - the thrill of finding raspberries, and discovering a new item for my wardrobe share some similarities. It's that sense of accomplishment, of bringing something home that you took the initiative to find. Maybe some things, such as the urge to forage, just never change. Whether we're searching for wild food (there was nothing more thrilling as a child than to find a cache of blackberries to gorge on. As Seamus Heaney put it - "... sweet/ Like thickened wine: summmer's blood was in it.") or clothes, are we just still driven by our primal urges - in whatever guise they now appear? What do you think?

So maybe it's apt that as I write, with a cup of coffee to hand, the smell of simmering raspberry jam is wafting up the stairs...
Back to the clothes - the item in question 'foraged' here is a vintage skirt, checkered on one side, striped on the other. It;s a clever design, as whichever way you're wearing it, the other pattern peeps out from the pleats. It also fits perfectly and gives me a distinctive fifities feel.
Here I added a vintage thermal vest layered over a grey t-shirt. Oh, for the days when even thermals were stylish! And that's before I even start rhapsodising about silk knickerbockers, camisoles and slips from bygone eras...
 The belt is my mum's, bought in a charity shop and the gold necklace was from ebay, as part of a bundle of clock-related jewellery. I have a slight fascination with accessories that integrate time-keeping into their structure - give me a vintage watch or a white rabbit-esque pocket watch over a Rolex any day! (Even if the vintage watch doesn't actually work!) The cardigan slung over my shoulders in one shot is my favourite for warmth (another local charity shop.)
The gloves are from the the large collection (mentioned many times before) amassed from various late family members and the vintage red vanity case was given to me by my paternal grandma. It  was probably one of the first retro items to infiltrate my room - though my foraged collection has now completely taken over! I think my clothes may be planning house-hold domination if  any more are acquired. It's like continental drift, the tide is already lapping at the landing.
I know I've said it before (and will most likely say it again) but I really love the fact that some of my late relatives live on in the items of theirs I now wear - I'd say they account for at least a quarter of my wardrobe and accessories. I may not have known them in person, but I know what they wore, the fabrics they preferred and the styles they liked. It's a very tangible connection to my family tree.

These photos are a mix of both my mum's and dad's endeavours behind the camera, at one of our favourite local locations - complete with china teacups and beautifully old books!

Talking of books, I've finally started  'As I walked out one Midsummer Morning' which I am thoroughly enjoying. The imagery is sheer poetry in its use of surprising descriptions of settings and people. I've also just finished reading 'Lord of the Flies,' I found it an intriguing mix of gripping and bleak. I'd love to hear any opinions or responses to it.

I'm off to the Big Chill (music festival) tomorrow. Very long time readers will recognize this as my second year in a row! Last time the highlights included seeing LAMB, Emmy the Great and Marina and the Diamonds - in a comparitively small audience - she's now one of the 'new big things'. Marina Diamandis had an amazing stage presence, and I can imagine that, from the viewpoint of a photographer, she would make a fascinating subject infront of the lens.
So apologies for another dose of non-responsiveness in the next few days. I have had so many wonderful comments that I want to take the time to reply to properly once I get back. Promise!

An additional note - also enjoyed spending time yesterday styling and taking Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass photos of a good friend of mine. Can't wait to sift through and post them!


San said...

Oh these pictures, the story behind them and the outfit are just lovely.

Love your blog.


That skirt is beautiful and I like the theme of these photos. Picking raspberries sounds divine!

Jen said...

I love these photos and your skirt!

Carys said...

You look so nice!! These are such amazing photos, and I love your skirt!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Dodo said...

Really gorgeous photos! Love the outfit! :3

Carys said...

Also, I just read that you're going to the Big Chill, me too!! Hope you have a good time!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

❤Cate❤ said...

Such a beautiful skirt, you take the prettiest pictures!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

You look gorgeous in all of the pictures. And that skirt is fabulous

-The Trendy Fashionista

Anonymous said...

i'm admiring not only your vintage outfit, but that epic landscape!

Lena ♥ said...

I love your blog :)

Lulubella said...

I think the way you live is amazing, so wild and free!
you wear the prettiest dresses and take photos in meadows and near the sea, places where there are no limits and control.
I also admire the relationships you have with your parents.
You're so innocent, don't change. :)

Natalie said...

you look beautiful as always darling! i want to see some more of ur modeling work! :))

My Republic of Fashion said...

Fantastic outfit! I just adore that skirt.:)SarahD

ANDYTOP said...

No te suelo contestar a los post, pero tengo que decirte que me encantan¡¡¡¡ tus estilismos son geniales y posas como una auténtica modelo. ¿Has pensado en dedicarte a ser modelo???.
Eres preciosa y tienes mucho estilo. Besos.

Lyndranette said...

love ur blog. u look beautiful in that outfit.

my blog -

Calamity Jem said...

That skirt is wonderful!

Miss Molly said...

really really love this, great post - enjoyed reading it!


Miss Violet Bell said...

LOVE this post! Your outfit is just lovely, and the picnic theme is great!
The photo of you spinning reminds me of The Sound of Music! hehe
Thankyou so much for the sweet comment and for visiting my blog, it really means so much!


Diana said...

Love it. it looks so great.Please check your mails. I wrote you an e-mail :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I need to stop saying: this is my favorite post of yours so far, because you inevitably make another post, that is best too.

Pics= goosebump chillingly gorgeous. Some of the photos LOOK just like a fashion editorial, VOGUE quality. So good. Thermal = genius. You took a vintage look and made it modern by this addition of this humble garment.

Your writing is simply brilliant. Engaging, intelligent without being cheeky or overly clever. Heartfelt. LOVE your writing skills almost as much as I love your photoshoots.

Which brings me to this: I humbly, very humbly present you with a blogger award for always being an inspiration with your style. You can read about it on my page. Congrats! -Bella Q

Wynne Prasetyo said...

that outfit with the jacket is so amazing. great job!

Sit Under the Apple Tree said...

What a beautiful skirt! I love the books and teacups setting.

Olivia Isabella. said...

Love your more frequent use of movement recently, it completely accentuates the clothes at their best, how they are supposed to be; worn.
Yes, I completely agree that the sense of accomplishment will always arise when something has been foraged, regardless of what it is. I guess it does accentuate qualities one would hope they would possess; initiative and assertiveness. However, I must say, that sense is somewhat magnified when clothes are involved!
UO x

reckless daughter said...

wow, I just love this skirt! All this talk of berries is making me want a big bowl of them.

Ps: have a lovely time at the festival!

Simes. said...

Loved the pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want.

Sabina said...

What a pretty blog :)) I would really appreciate you visiting mine - I think (and hope! :)) you will really like it :)
Can't wait to hear from you, lovely!

Juliet said...

Love your skirt, darling!
I really love your pictures!!

minnja said...

Beautiful :)))

Mystery Bruises said...

loving the layering! you have an awesome unique beautiful style! you have a great blog, keep it up and ill be back for sure!

Raez said...

haha, your parents are great behind the camera! I love these--the setting, the props, and of course, the styling:)

hope you have a great weekend!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

Hmm tea, old books, full skirts... the eccentric english rose! Love it alottle.

November Grey said...

I just adore you. And sort of want to go through your closet and shop. :)


anna bu said...

wow amazing shots!!
so kool!


Bess Georgette said...

A wonderful post ... and such delightful photographs!! :)

ki' said...

Hello darling, I have just read your section in Style magazine and I must say you are absolutely inspiring.
You're not afraid to dress exactly how you like and I appreciate how you said that you don't dress to attract boys; which is very mature for someone of your age (no patronization intended at all!)
I hope you keep your innocent/mature/positive attitude to life and style, it's turning you into an icon!
Kitty xx

Tania said...

Just opened up Sunday Times Style magazine, turned instantly to my favourite page and saw you! I've never been on your blog before, but ou dress so beautifully! And I love reading all about what you're doing, many bloggers bore me, but you're actually interesting!

Now I'm going to find out that I've got the wrong blog address, but it certainly looks like you!

Anonymous said...

My, oh my... that first photo... <3

Sazzle said...

Just found your blog, having seen it in The Sunday Times style magazine.....well done! I have since been mesmerised & scoured every post you have made!I find your style truely inspirational! I too, hoard moutains of vintage gear & I totally share your passion.Really looking forward to following your blog.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog after seeing you in the 'What are you wearing?' section of Sunday Times Style magazine and I love the way you put outfits together - it looks so natural but polished!
I was wondering if you would consider writing a blogpost about your hair and beauty preferences/routine?

Rachel xx

Anonymous said...

That skirt is beautiful.

Stop by, get comfortable, stay a while at

Flis said...

I was about to come on here and say how i saw you in the Sunday Times Style magazine, but it seems i was beaten to it!

Blog looks good, you're so lucky you found something you enjoy doing! You have inspired me to start a blog ( although it is not quite as well themed as yours.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, and it's lovely!!


Tami said...

What a cute cute skirt you have on! I love it so much. And the books have very nice colors. Hah. Great blog! Oh, and I just made a blog yesterday, and i was wondering if you can check it out when you have time. Thanks!

Jaymie said...

These are gorgeous photos.
love the styling :)

kat said...

Hey honey
thankyou for sharing more pics with your beautiful outfits. I also love seeing our British countryside in your photos as I can't get out into it for the present and I miss it. So you bring a bit of it to me :)
congrats on the style mag feature it was a treat seeing you there
love Kathryn x

María del Rocío said...

that is such a beautiful skirt
I love the fact that most of your wardrobe is made out of vintage pieces and old hand-me downs
I agree that those are the best pieces, my mums belts and my grandmother's gloves,old sweaters and sunglasses are my most treasured possesions
congratulations on being an amazing dresser that doesn't rely on designer brands to look great :)
btw the beautiful landscapes featured here have made me want to visit great britain badly
they are breathtaking

Maddie M. said...

I love your photography! I'm a fellow fashion photographer myself, and found your blog from Teen Vogue's girl of the week. Bravo!

Sharon said...

Oh you are such a timeless, graceful beauty. I love your photos and your beautiful long hair. Fantastic blog!

Sharon xx

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