Monday, 13 September 2010

Needle in a haystack (plus Next blogger pop up shop)

It's that time of year- leaves beginning to fall, having to think about taking out a cardigan everywhere (wait, I've been doing that for most of the summer too!) And, here's something you don't often hear on a fashion/style blog: the combine harvesters are out and about!
I took the opportunity offered by these straw-bales before they disappear into barns for winter - by asking my dad if he'd mind snapping a few shots while the late afternoon light was still wearing its Sunday best. It's pretty rare now to get square bales like this - (everywhere else they are usually huge, round cylinders sealed with polythene).  In fact, it felt very much like I was a child in the 1950s running around and climbing on these golden stacks. Famous Five here I come...! In turn, the outfit was very fifties inspired too.
My mum bought this silk Zara skirt from a charity shop for me, aptly pointing out it was 'very Prada this season' - I've taught her well! It was a fair few sizes too big though, so I elasticated the waist one rainy weekend, and it has now become a steadfast staple of my wardrobe. To this I added a woollen Jaeger tank top - worn back to front, as I love the colour, but not the V-neckline! The leather belt is 'thrifted', the watch pendant from ebay and vintage watch, leather gloves and handbag were all inherited from one of my great-grandmas. In some of the shots. Then there are the shoes.. Oh the shoes!
These brogues are what I spent a Next voucher on after participating in the Next blogger competition. They are incredibly comfy (very rare for new shoes) and possibly the perfect shade of  palest, pastel pink? Plus,they're perfect for scaling straw bales  ( as opposed to the heels I nearly wore, but decided against)! They are my favorite flat shoes right now.
However, the title 'needle in a haystack' title does have a reason as I went on a second shoe hunting trip at the end of the holidays, hoping I might get some black brogues exactly the same as these pink ones for school. However, this turned out to be wishful thinking - wherever they had the right style (Topshop, Next, Aldo, Office etc) they didn't have my size, or they were the wrong colour or were too expensive. Seven shoe shops in an hour and a half with no purchase: not pleasant! However the happy end to this story is the rediscovery of a pair of gentlemen's brogues I'd bought from a charity shop last winter. I'd thought they'd be too bulky for daily wear - however, I'm breaking them in and they pretty much epitomise 'sturdy' and rather ridiculously sensible!
So, on the subject of shoes, I was recently contacted to ask if I would be a part of the 'Next Blogger Pop Up shop' initiative - the premise being that I chose my four favourite outfits from the new collection, and these items are now available for anyone to buy. I started from the shoes up when deciding - my favourite being the lace up high heels in plum and grey. (I want them!) I tried to select outfits that I could imagine myself wearing too...
This outfit above seems like a very popular blogger choice! Maybe it's the allure of that shearling aviator jacket contrasting with the lace. (I'm getting deja vu, didn't I do that a few posts ago? Oh well, all inspired by the big Burberry in the sky!)  I'm also liking the new trend for hiking/ grandad style socks - I've been doing that for a while now.

Oh dear, now that this Next grid has been published, it seems the blogger template (which I still haven't managed to fix..) has cut off the right hand side when viewed on some computers! However, clicking onto the slivers of pictures available brings up a full description. I highly recommend the tan cable knit cape! (third down, right hand side..)



Anja said...

You look soooo lovely!
I like colours and whole outfit, especially skirt and gloves :)

Lady Moriarty said...

I really love the original shape of this dress and the colors !

See U !

Closet Fashionista said...

Loooove these photos!! The outfit is so cute :D

assonnata said...

you look so beautiful!!!

❤Cate❤ said...

That is a really beautiful skirt, your mother has great taste! I love this look xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the looks you chose! One of the (many) things I love about your blog is that your closet is down to earth. You don't rush out to buy the new thing for the season, or have unexplained connections to receive free clothes from labels all the time. It's very refreshing!

:) nancy

ps love the new skirt and new shoes!

Ginta said...

Photos look so pastoral - love it!
And that skirt is so beautiful! Your mom has great taste!

Agitarsi said...

Gorgeous outfit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Roz, I agree about the last Celine collection, I think Phoebe Philo has been pretty reserved with this one - let's hope she hasn't peaked too soon! Glad to hear you are pioneering for hats like I am - a different coloured beret with every outfit for me (I own 12!). I love your gloves in this post - I have always liked gloves. I think they polish an outfit and give it a classy air. Nice muted autumnal tones as well. Up to date as always, but it is as if you are wearing A/W 2010 cuts and colours in a bygone era some 50 years ago - in others words a time warp! It suits you perfectly though and you are an inspiration as always.

Alexandra Thérèse xx


love all the pretty pix & great fall looks!
come follow me xxo

Calamity Jem said...

Stunning pics as per usual my dear.
That skirt is adorable & I love the gloves...very chic!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and in response to your question, if I have a favourite era for clothes, the answer is, not really.
I collect vintage frocks and I do have a soft spot for frivolously pretty 50s ones in particular but as far as my personal vintage style choices are concerned...ANYTHING GOES!
Take care,

WM said...



Gabriela said...

I love all the colors, from your pictures to the products at the end, they remind me of autum, hravest and warm afternoons.

Jen said...

The pattern of your skirt is so beautiful! Loving all the browns in your outfit!

Public Mentor said...

Beautiful poses and a great lightning!


Zorian said...

Beautiful Skirt. Great Pics!


Wow nice skirt!

Please Visit & Join


Fashionistable said...

Great shots. Your dad is a very good photographer isn't he. You look as great as always. I tried some brogues on yesterday in office. Cant decide on which colour to go with though, they have quite a few. I love your choice of look from Next. Amazingly I was in there the other day trying to shop it! Xxxx

Annabel said...

I love the shots with the hay! Absolutely beautiful.

WeShop said...

Hi from a fellow Next pop-up shopper! We picked 2 outfits the same - great taste or what! xx

Kate said...

These photos look so professional!! I think that skirt is fabulous and the background is inspiring!

Miss Molly said...

everything about this look is perfect! you look lovely!


Aria said...

This is such a romantic post!

The light and photos are great!

You styled them flawlessly and look stupendous.

♡ Aria

Pearl Westwood said...

Next have done good this season, the brogues are lovely x

Chloë said...

beautiful. just beautiful.

polka dot said...

Hey Roz!! Finally have a quiet moment to check just a few blogs. Actually just one, yours. : ) (We've got a garden square meeting: I'm the secretary but my husband's also on the committee so he's making apologies for me & I'm resting up before tomorrow).

I love these shots - your mum is right, it's SOO Prada (hi to her btw!!) and it's funny, I've done the same thing with tops - switched it round so the v goes in the back. And I LOVE those pale shell pink brogues. I've got a similar pair by Kate Kanzier in a pale lemon, more like celery, and I wear them all the time.

It's so true, I didn't realise til you said it: you NEVER see square bales of hay anymore! Those black plastic cylinders so do not say country to me.

Okay enough chit chat for one comment. Just wanted to ask you to send the email thru again: there was a day or so where all my emails bounced back cause my server got overloaded (our guys in Devon left 500 emails on my account) so would you mind sending it again? Thank you.

Wish you were here tomorrow. Oh and I love your Next choices: I could see you in each of them and the pink/black was my first choice but I switched.

This is why I only have time to visit one blog at a time. xox

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos!! The location is so cool, these look like they could be from a magazine!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

wow, i immediately thought these photos were taken from an editorial! when i read your text, i couldn't believe they were really you (as it's my first time on your blog). beautiful work & great style!

your newest follower,


stunnning photos!
Come Follow & Vote for me xoxo

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely incredible! That skirt is amazing.

I just love your blog I get so excited to read it!

Kim said...

Oh, this is too gorgeous! I especially love the colors and the poofiness of the skirt. And you seem to get more beautiful all te time!


Tessa Brooke said...

Oh, I love this outfit! I found your blog via Horsefeathers and I love it! I will definitely keep reading! I love your hair too!

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