Monday, 27 September 2010

Rust and lace

Right now I am languishing in my room with a nasty sore throat.. Cue hot lemon and honey, plenty of tomato soup and some sympathy! However, this has given me the opportunity to finally sort through the backlog of photos I took of the striking Roz. That's another Roz. Yes I know, confusing isn't it! Two Roz's! Maybe I should nickname her 'Red haired Roz' - as she has such stunningly luminescent hair.

I've known (red haired) Roz since I was little, as we went to the same primary school, though in different years. We met up again at a drama group showcase evening - she's just got distinction in her gold medal LAMDA exam! And let me tell you, if she's discovered anytime soon as the next young Fiona Shaw for the RSC, just remember that you saw her here first! She is the most electrifying performer. (I'm currently working on my bronze medal, after getting a distinction in my grade five acting.. I can only hope to aspire to her level of performance in a few years.) It was while watching her act that I thought she would be a perfect photography subject. So, after also agreeing to be styled by me, within a few weeks we met up to do the shoot at a local beauty spot. 
She was great to work with, as she had plenty of ideas of her own and wasn't afraid to experiment - she also seemed unfazed by a number of dog-walkers gawping as they wandered past!

I was feeling very inspired by early Autumn - so I chose a rust and bark palette of colours with lacey additions. The day started out beautifully and gradually progressed to stormy, providing an interesting array of background colours and lights throughout. There were ominous drops of rain every now and then, but thankfully it held off..

The first outfit is made up of a thrifted Laura Ashley jumper dress, a thirties lace camisole I'd bought the day before at a local 'flea market' (£5!), and my favourite seventies belt. The skeleton leaf necklace was given to me by my grandma and the lace up heels were for christmas.

The second was partly 1940s WW2 austerity inspired. I put together a charity shopped cable knit jumper belonging to my mum, a charity shopped lace skirt (see 'Laced into the Landscape'), and silk 1940s Brettles silk stockings from a vintage stall plus shoes that used to belong to my mum. I bought the Jaeger silk scarf from the Big Chill - the collection is still growing steadily...

The third and final includes a real favourite of mine, my gorgeous russet Vintage welsh wool cape featured back in the winter. I couldn't wait to get it out again - but this time I replaced the original belt with one of my own. Under this I put a charity shopped grey jersey dress and the skeleton leaf necklace again.

Bracelets throughout are the other Roz's.

Yesterday we finally dug out my dad's ancient record player, plus a big box of vinyl records - from David Bowie and Joni Mitchell to Nick Drake and The Doors, there's a very eclectic mix of music. My clothes tastes are like my music tastes - eighties and earlier.

The only good thing about being ill in bed today is the prospect of watching a couple of Mad Men episodes later. I now totally understand all the hype! From the cinematography to the fantastic writing and subtle status shifts or (to state the obvious) the costumes, it is surprisingly addictive.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, what a striking head of red hair - reminds one of red autumn leaves. Whilst all images are lovely, I like the last image best - that smile is so warm and playful. Get well soon. X

Pearl Westwood said...

Aw bless I hope you feel better soon!
I really love the last photo, she looks so happy and carefree - probably due to the stunning outfit she is wearing! I am still looking for a lovely jersey dress or skirt like that xx

Fashionistable said...

Sorry to hear you are ill. This is another nice story from you. She is cute your friend, looks almost elfin. Xxxx

Jen said...

These photos turned out so great!

I'm sorry you're feeling porely and I hope you get better real soon! Aww, yes. Mad Men. Haven't watched that, but I'm glad you liked it.

Ellie Jane said...

It's a shame your feeling under the weather, I was ill with a cold a few days back but I'm fine now.

These photos are stunning, I particularly love the fourth one and the final one.

Carys said...

These photos are amazing, and your friend is beautiful! Sorry to hear you're feeling ill, hope you get better soon!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

The last photo is wonderful. I like the way her body seems to mold to the geometric lines of the stone.
I hope you feel better too! Although sometimes it is wonderful to have a really good excuse to lay about the house and rest!

Leia said...

I think you did an excellent job, as always! She is a gorgeous subject and I love the way you styled her. Well done on her dramatic achievements!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - hope your sore throat heals soon. I've had one since I left London and landed in Bangladesh so I've been living on Strepsils, cough syrup, and green tea with cinnamon and honey :)


annierama said...

I love your photos as always!
her hair has such a beautiful colour and I love here necklace!
It´s definitely fall now!

Kate said...

I love that cape its gorgeous!! Well done on the acting grade 5- I din't realise you could do grades. I love her hair too she looks amazing. Great photos :)

Carly said...

Great photos, I especially like the close up beauty shot in black and white.

Is that you I see modelling in the Charlotte Taylor S/S11 Lookbook? You look great. Especially the denim shorts look. Great job!!!

Hope you feel better soon. x x

danniekate said...

you're so lucky to have such gorgeous scenery! feel better soon xx

November Grey said...

Roz ~ your photos are so great! I really love the last one. Very happy and sweet.


November Grey

Anonymous said...

Great shoot Roz, loving the wool cape especially! Check out Nick Drake - River Man. Amazing song - unexplained and mysterious but I love it. This flu is everywhere at the moment, hope you are back on your feet soon.

Alexandra Thérèse xx

Anonymous said...

your friend roz is quite striking...she has a classic beauty, and that amazing red hair. and YOU, roz, may just have a future as a stylist...or...anything creative that you choose.
feel better soon, xo

Romy said...

nice pics! i love your hair and style!

You are invited to my blog


♥ ÉriS ♥ said...

I just would love to say that I love your blog, you´re so creative and I think it´s so cool :)
pls support my new fashion blog?

CarlaStyle said...

your hair is amazingg!
i love your style

Juliet said...

Love your white skirt and your red poncho, amazing!
I really love your pictures and outfits, you always look perfect!
xxx gorgeous!

italianfashionvintage said...

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Miu said...

I love the leaf necklace and the last photo where she's laying on the wall!

The Wonder Of ... said...

Your blog is lovely. The clothes are beautiful, as is the photography !!!

That cape is a definite favourite.

Raez said...

gorgeous shots and I love the styling. The other Roz is a red-headed stunner!

xx raez

MargieF said...

i like the photography and the place you chose to shoot its beautiful. looks like proper english country which i love

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I here-by christen her "Ginger Roz." Two Roz'es in one lifetime and you are both stinking gorgeous.

Photos amazing too. LOVE that cape like nobody's business.

Get well soon.

Sarah said...

Beautiful combinations - colour, textures, layers, patterns, I love it!!

girlyfemme said...

How cute are you!?

Aria said...

Hi, this is Aria from 2treasurehuntsblog

I recently tagged you in an award post :)
You can check it out here:

Also there is a “award badge” to copy and place on your blog if you like.
& I have posted a link to your blog.

♡ Aria

Jazzabelle said...

the skeleton leaf necklace is simply beautiful, earlier on this year i was extremely fascinated by skeleton leaves, my grandma found plenty in her wonderful garden so i just had to include them somehow in my college artwork. beautiful photographs, the top one is especially lovely.

your comment just reminded me of how i keep forgetting to reply to your email, which i think in itself proves i have quite a bit on and that i don't feel i would be the best member for your project. i hope you understand? i'm definately interested in being on the other end of it, though, to see how it plans out without me actually being a part of it? also, i got slightly confused when i replied to your idea, thinking that each 'member' would create their own diy, not one, so i do apologize if my email didn't make sense!

goodness, i'm rambling again! i hope you are okay? jazmine. xxx

Kim said...

WHoa she's got such a perfect pixie face! She looks like a little elf! and such a stunning haircolour - I can't believe it's her own shade! Lovely photography as usual Roz :)

Xx Kim

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