Monday, 20 September 2010

What my mother used to wear...

I have been wistfully watching the goings-on of London fashion week (and NY fashion week too), and wishing I was there! One day, one day..
However, the emerging trend for seventies themed clothes seems to have chimed perfectly with an outfit I styled recently. These photos were taken by my dad about 3 weeks ago, before Fashion month had even started - I have to say, I'm slightly proud of my trend forecasting! I suppose this is a more traditional seventies interpretation than, say, the Rodarte look  - but it's heading in the same general direction.

I found the fantastic cream crocheted dress (just look at the detail on those sleeves) at the St Michaels  Hospice tent at the Big Chill - it truly was one of the best charity shop hauls I've ever had. And there are still plenty more Big Chill items to feature! I was particularly happy with this stand out piece, after lusting over one I saw in a vintage shop ages ago.
The vintage suede floppy seventies hat was given to me by my paternal grandma (Babi). I love it to bits! Unfortunately I don't think it will be having any more outings as a sun hat this year. But at least the change of season means it's time to bring out my faux fur, aviator-style and leather fishermen's hats from under my bed.
The much-featured leather belt was my mum's when she was a teenager, and the charity-shopped wedges are repeat offenders on this blog.. The owl necklace is kind of my lucky charm, I wear it all the time - I like the wisdom that owls symbolise.

I've been collecting a big folder of inspirational photos that I've come across over the months, so thought I would take a little trawl through them to see if any fitted with todays theme. Can't say I would have the patience to do the make-up, but love the hat!

Now I know this next one is technically the wrong era, but really - how floppy can one hat get?! Head gear that handily doubles as a tent/ umbrella. This may be one of my favourite shots ever..

Although the seventies is not my favourite era (not being a fan of synthetic fabrics or studio 54 style per se) I have to admit there are plenty more weird and wonderful seventies things lurking in my wardrobe, so you might be seeing a sudden crop of them next spring!  It did get me thinking though - suddenly everyone is so excited about the seventies looks of next spring, that it seems like all the excitement of Burberry style shearling jackets has almost already begun to die down. I totally understand the concept of working six months ahead, but by the time a much-lusted item arrives in shops after months of waiting, it sometimes seems like everyone is already onto the next thing. For me, fashion is very much about living (and dressing!) in the moment - if trends chime with my look, than that's great, but if not I don't mind.
What do you think? I'm personally very excited about all the wearable looks this autumn (especially if it involves a cape of any kind). But are you already thinking about next spring?

I finally got to see 'An Education' last week, and loved it! The cinematography and outfits were suberb. And talking of  the Sixties, my parents and I are finally catching up with the much-lauded 'Mad Men.' So I'm off now to go and slaver over some stunning dresses...


November Grey said...

That dress is so gorgeous, Roz! And it's so sweet that you're wearing your mothers belt. Everything is so on-point for trends right now. I wish my mom had hung onto all of her clothes!


VintageGoa said...

You look gorgeous! And your dress...lucky to die for:)

Natalie said...

beautiful photos! and i love the dress with the hat! so chic :)

Mei-li said...

wouaaaa i really like this outfits !! especially the shoes ! whith the wood !! i want the same, where there are from ???
i always love your blog!!

check on mine

Calamity Jem said...

Hi there,
That dress is a treasure to behold, so delicate & romantic.
I love a good old floppy too ;)

Dina-Dyorre said...
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Dylana Suarez said...

The seventies is one of my favorite eras, even though I am also not a big fan of synthetic fabrics. But I love looking at old pics of my mom and dad from the seventies and there was such a great vibe too them. They always dressed so effortlessly and I adore all the browns, greens and earthy tones they wore during that time. Your seventies looks is a more elegant side of that era, and you pull it off beautifully. You, young lady, amaze me!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love these photos, you look great! :D

Claire said...

oh, you look so delicate! i love it.


samantha. said...

very smart to start working the seventies into your style this year seeing as it is going to be huge next spring!! you look fabulous!


Miss Tami Lee said...

Very Stevie Nicks, I approve :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set!

Diana said...

I love your dress and the hat is awesome!
Check out my blog and tell me what you think :)

Kate said...

You've really inspired me with asking your parents and grandparents and getting vintage handmedowns ect but my family have thrown everything out!! I love your hat but it cannot beat the picture of the ginormous floppy hat- is fantastic! love your dress too.

Zorian said...

Beautiful crocheted dress.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Roz, especially the floppy hats! I'll be interested to see how next Spring's looks pan out as I'm not personally a seventies fan myself (although I really love your crocheted dress - I'm doing a lot of knitting and trying my hand at crocheting at the moment too). I really empathize with you when you say that everyone is already over the Aviator and it has only just hit the shelves. Sometimes I feel like it's a never ending race, and that's part of the reason I much prefer to wear a lot of vintage.

Your owl necklace suits you very much. You look very sophisticated!

Alexandra Thérèse xx

November Grey said...

I mentioned you in my blog today. Stop by if you can. xx

Ginta said...

I love this look! You look like straight from another era (hehe, 70s :)))
I wish my mom had more 70s dresses I could borrow forever. Unfortunately she doesn't! :(

Anonymous said...

you have the perfect face shape and hair for donning a floppy hat. my mom wore floppy brimmed hats in the early 70s- not a good look on her, nor on me, i'm afraid.

your owl pendant is charming and the dress is lovely, but what i'm really looking at are those shoes!! i'd never guess they were thrifted because they look very "now"- perhaps they are? i know you said you've worn them before on previous posts, but i don't recall...anyway, they're a great pair.

Louise Somerville said...

I love the old photos of the hats! The second hat and the whole photo is just amazing. The first one really speeks the 70's and her make up is amazing! I love it!

Hope Adela said...

hi roz! i'm back! been keeping up reading your blog. you look beautiful, as always! i can't wait for fall's 70's look either! love those oversized hats!

Darling L said...

Your mum used to wear very pretty clothes :) The first pic is stunning!

costra y ampolla said...

SOOOO 70´s!!! Marc Jacob's new collection looks a lot like this look!! runway comes to real life!!!

Raez said...

I agree, the seventies are so back! i was just styling a shoot with a seventies theme. Wish I had found a dress that resembles yours, it would have been perfect;)

you look great as always, and I love your accessories!

xx raez

kelsea said...

i love that last pic

Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Dress looks great on you and I love big floppy hats. Well done you on the trend forecasting
Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home
Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

Ruby Jo Cloud Trewavas Abbiss said...

I've given you a blog award you beautiful person :)

Anonymous said...


Io e la mia amichetta Polly abbiamo aperto questo blog allo scopo di mostrarvi le nostre foto, in cui io faccio da modella e Polly da fotografa, e dimostrarvi che lo stile non è una questione di denaro. Tutto ciò che indosserò saranno i miei vestiti o abiti prestati (da mia mamma, da mia nonna o da amiche). Polly ed io non siamo certo grandi esperte di moda e non pretendiamo di esserlo. Per noi vestirci è divertente, un modo per esprimere la nostra personalità. E organizzare questi piccoli servizi fotografici è di sicuro una delle nostre più grandi passioni :)

- è appena nato e ci piacerebbe avere dei lettori :)

Saluti, grazie.

BattyNora said...

It's amusing how repetitive fashion is when every season the magazines proclaim all the 'new trends' etc. I think the industry just needs to slow down, though it's probably rather naive and simple minded to think so :).

What a gorgeous outfit! The dress looks comfy AND stylish, which i'm certainly jealous of, and i absolutely love the floppy hat :). Also owl is so cute- i adore his tufty ears! The first photo is a bit 'Jane Birkin'-ish, especially in black and white.

shoeless simone said...

This is all so incredible...that dress and hat are perfection!

-Shoeless Simone

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