Monday, 15 November 2010

Jumble sales and treasure troves

As you may be able to tell from the shorter length of my torso here, these photos were taken pre-op. Even now I'm still shocked sometimes by how out of proportion my body was - I suppose there was a certain state of denial, and it's easier to look directly at things like that in retrospect. As I said previously, I feel like I just want to show images of clothes on my 'new', untwisted shape.

I bought this pair of velvet trousers at possibly one of the most fruitful jumble sales I've ever attended. My brother and I had been at a local art workshop, and as my mum picked us up she mentioned that she'd seen a flyer. Now, in our area, jumble sales are like new Governments - they only appear every four years or so, and hardly ever live up to expectations. (Don't get me started on the rise in tuition fees to hit UK universities - for a girl who hopes to apply to Oxford or UCL to study English Literature, I am not happy.) However, this jumble sale was surprisingly reliable.
We walked in, I headed over to the piles of clothes scattered over table tops and started rifling. Slowly a growing pile of garments were slung over one arm: men's silk shirts, a welsh wool full length skirt, a reversible black and camel cape, belts, coats... Once I was ready to topple under the weight of  my finds, I figured it was time to pay. For fifteen-odd items? A little under eleven pounds.
As I was handing over what felt like a pitiful amount for the bulging bin bag of clothes, the elderly woman on the stall said, "Oooh, there's some nice new things here too!" Luckily, it seemed I was the only one there interested in the old. However, everything went home and into the wash before I could try anything on.

One of the treasures found that day were these brown velvet Jaeger trousers.Who had owned them in that rural village, I can't imagine, but I'm so glad they decided to donate them!
Here I turned up the bottoms slightly to make them 'ankle grazing' (a technique I like to use for slightly too short trousers - which is a bit of a recurring issue for me). I styled them with a khaki silk shirt given to me by my paternal grandma, and a Jaeger charity shopped belt. I bought the hat from a charity shop stall at the Big Chill, and the silk scarf tied around it is also 70s Jaeger. So. it makes this post is a bit of a Jaeger-fest. My love for vintage items from this British brand has not dimmed one bit, and the collection is ever growing. I'm also wearing my favourite owl necklace (the nearest thing I have to a lucky charm), a vintage leather watch and some charity shopped wedges. Only about another three weeks before I'm allowed to wear heels again... I'm told that they shouldn't be worn until at least six weeks after surgery, and luckily I'm not a walking-in-heels wearer anyway; they're strictly for the odd social occasion and for photos.

The patchwork bag also came from the incredible jumble sale. I noticed it as my mum and I jointly hauled out my bag of swag, and mum scrabbled in her purse for some remaining coins. Unfortunately there was also a rather delectable child's briefcase, and only being able to afford one, I chose the latter. However, we had a good search of the pockets, footwells and glove compartments in the car and managed to scavenge the requisite 80p to go back and purchase this one too!

My mum took the photos of me in September. I missed a lot of Autumn while I was in hospital, and then convalescing - the trees are now nearly all bare, and frost carpets the grass in the mornings. Great for winter walks, but I do miss those traffic light shades on the trees. I suppose there's always next year.

Recovery is a lengthy process. Slow and steady may win the race, but it sure does get frustrating along the way. I'm not naturally pre-disposed to 'taking it easy', and not being able to hold my camera for more than roughly seven minutes is hard. I'm finding going on the computer particularly difficult - as, if I sit up to type then my shoulders begin hurting very quickly, but if I lie down then the typing is arduous and strains my arms. It's a bit of a lose-lose situation for now, and it's the reason why I haven't been doing as much blogging, emailing or replying to really wonderful comments as I'd like to.
However, considering it's only a little over three and a half weeks since surgery, it's pretty good progress. And I still think every day how lucky I am that this operation has changed my future for the better. I'm enjoying home-schooling myself and getting to have lots of artistic time too.

I also have my giveaway to announce! When I thought about doing a giveaway, I didn't realise how hard it would be to judge. I had so many creative styling ideas and thoughtful interpretations to choose from - I wish I had more pairs to give away.
However, after a tricky decision process, I'm going to give the pairs to:

Adela of Pink Champagne who said she would style them with: "a full 50's-style black skirt with lacey black fishnet tights and 90's grunge boots, complete with a knitted gradma-chic black shawl and vintage fishnet mitts, and topped off with slightly teased out hair and a 40's black pillbox hat with a net veil. I would wear the scissor pendant around my neck, and call the look "Edwarda Scissorhands".


Nancy of the Sway Report who said she'd put them with "a silk floral printed dress, black tights, striking equestrian boots, and a black victorian jacket. If the dress was light enough, and everything else being black, then a striking color for the scissors like red or emerald green would really stand out!"

I will be contacting both of them direct, and Hope and Nancy, if you're reading this could you send your addresses to my email (at the top of the page, right hand side) so I can dispatch them shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and hopefully I'll be holding other giveaways in the future.

I spent ages putting up a list of links to all the new people who have created wonderful and imaginative pairs of mummy's scissors, but Blogger decided that not only was it not going to co-operate, it was also going to refuse to save the last half an hour's work on this post and delete it when I tried to put it up. So for now just please take a look at the original mummy's scissors list (a few posts down) which I will try to update, and I'll attempt to edit again tomorrow when I'm not feeling frazzled and annoyed with all things computer-related.

I'm off to watch Mad Men - it's slowly but surely turned into a family addiction. We're just about to start on the third series...


Kellie W. said...

Glad to hear your recovery is going fairly well! It may be hard now, but just hang in there. it'll be so worth it in the long-run! <3

CAT said...

These photos are amazing!!!!!!!! I took some photos for my blog the other day, perhaps you'd take a look?!?! :)

I love your blog too much!


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh blogger is being such a pain this week, your not alone! I find it keeps refusing to up load my images grrr. Anyway so glad to hear you sounding cheery, you are doing remarkably well in such a small space of time.
The olive green is a very pretty colour on you, and what great Jaegar finds! I often roll up pants legs but mostly as they are miles to long for me xx

Fashionistable said...

Roz you are so amazing. I am so happy to hear you are mending well if somewhat frustrated at the lengthy road to recovery. Yes, Jaeger is amazing it is great to hear you appreciation of it. You look brilliant in it too. I totally feel your annoyance over the tuition fees - it really annoys me too. I feel on the march last week they students should have been carrying placards that said Invest in me I am your future - instead of stop the cuts. Lots of Love Xxxx

Shallow Mallow said...

Love your look :)

Blogger gave me evils today as well, I ended up retyping an entire post (my hand slipped on delete, somehow everyhting got selected GREMLINS I TELL YOU! and blogger sneakily auto-saved). Grumble.

There 's nothing quite like a good MadMen marathon. Enjoy!

Romy said...

nice outfit! i love yout photos :P

you are welcome into my blog


Laumika said...

Amazing outfit

Kennedy said...

how did i just find your blog! you are amazing and this outfit is my idea of perfectly effortless style.

Anonymous said...

Yay yay yay yay! Roz, I'm so glad you saw my outfit vision! I wish I had a silk floral dress, equestrian boots, and a victorian jacket, so I could style it with the necklace and send you pictures.

So glad to see your posts again.
Wishing you a good (continuing) recovery.

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so wonderful in the velvet trousers! I am dying to get my hands on a pair similar to yours! And I never realized before that your torso was so much shorter, but I can see it now that you point it out! I am excited to see your new longer torso in your future posts! hehe. I hope you are doing well. Interesting to hear you want to study English literature when you go to college. I went to UCLA and studied literature, but with a stronger focus on American literature/culture and creative writing. It was the best 4 years of my life!

Have a wonderful day dear and I cannot wait to receive the mummy's scissors!



ByeByeSoccerMom said...

aww, so nice to see your post! that means you are well.
you are one of the most beautiful creatures i've known... inside and out!
take good care of your self

jayde said...

great contrast of the softness of the shirt and the textured cuords. love your cork shoes as well!

Katie said...

i love the velvet trousers & the necklace!
PS i did my masters at UCL & would recommend it (admittedly, I stopped the application process with st andrews when i got into UCL as i knew i wanted to go to london! - have you been to Beyond Retro in London? i love that store..)


Return to My Blogg said...

cool outfit..

Anonymous said...

You made always so beautiful pictures! Love the outfit too!

maria said...

You were not out of proportion... You were a girl with extremely long legs lovely to look at. I'm glad you're recovering well. Gorgeous pictures :).

catrincoathanger said...

You're absolutely stunning! Like some figment from a myth or legend! Glad the recovery is going well :)

sacramento said...

You looked beautiful then, sometime we are too hard on ourselves.
I haD a simple meniscus operation on my right knee, and after 6 weeks still hearts, and i can only walk so far. When before I used to go trekking. But You have to develope a calm in the knowledge that at the end of it all, you will become not only more beautiful than before, but a much wiser person who will understand other peoples´ pain.
Un abrazo GUAPA.

Hope Adela said...

Yay! Thank you, Roz! I sent you an email. =)

Closet Fashionista said...

I am in looove with those pants!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

My eyes don't see it, the out of proportion thingy. But I am glad now you are different because it means you are healthier. Slow and steady, eh? Yeah, I'm not too good at playing patient either.

Congrats to the mummy scissors winners, what great prizes. Life has been a bit crunchy for me as of late, and I've missed my opportunity to play. My bad.

wishing you the best, amiga. xo. -Bella Q

jamie-lee said...

Girl you look incredible! great post by the way, and just loving your velvet trousers! x

Finder said...

amazing hat..i want to get him:(

we have a lot of fashion stuff who are waiting you,for find those brand...please help us...
and follow us

TrendRebajas said...

wowowo you look it´s amazing!!!!

great great Blog........

kisses&love from Germany

see you soon.

polka dot said...

Oh, Roz ; )

First, BEAUTIFUL photos and hats off to your mom - she's giving your dad a bit of competition. And I can't believe you found those gorgeous Jaeger trousers in the countryside, either. It's like a gift. I mean, a gift as in present TO you, but also a gift - a skill - that you can find these things. It's just good karma, babe!

It's strange... when I look at the photos when I met you last spring, I can see only in hindsight that you were styling yourself in a way to take attention away from your torso. I don't know if people appreciate what a skill/talent ('gift') it is to know your own style that well that you can actually trick the eye. Watch out world, now that you've got your beautiful ballerina posture.

One last thing: MAD MEN. I find that whenever we've had difficult periods of our lives in recent years, there's nothing better than getting stuck in with a brilliantly created television series.


Kate said...

You look amazing- I adore jumble sales as you always get brilliant finds! Glad your recovering,
kate from

E is for Eleanor said...

I am not a particularly openly emotional person, but I have just read back about 10 posts and am in tears. You have been incredibly brave and your recovery sounds like it is going so well, I really wish it continues to excel. My best friend had this exact surgery when she too was 15 and she still has her fantastic scar to prove it. She tells everyone she was bitten by a shark! She is now 25 and ten years later is as beautiful as you and has blossomed into a wonderful young woman (with a perfectly straight spine!) and still sets off airport x-ray machines- she loves the attention!

Good luck with your recovery and I am now a loyal follower. xx

Raez said...

gorgeous! loving the styling as always--you look feminine yet strong. looking forward to seeing your outfits with longer hemlines, as you mentioned in your comment :)

xx raez

Jazzabelle said...

oh roz, glad to hear the recovery is a tad more bearable for you. do you use disaposable cameras? as you said your digital camera is too heavy for you, perhaps you could experiment with disposables whilst you recover?

i wore my mummy necklace today, despite the many problems i have, this somewhat put everything into perspective. unfortunately my mum left before me in the morning and i didn't get home until late so i couldn't take any photographs. i'll try again next time my mum is free.

oh yes, do you have membership for the v&a? if not i suggest that goes straight to the top of your christmas list! i get free entry with a guest to any exhibition if you'd like to look round the ballet russes again? i offer this to as many people as i can as there is no point paying when i could get someone in for free and have a lovely day trip out.

these velvet pants look beautiful on you. i have to roll trousers up too, damn our long legs! hehe.


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

you are stunningly gorgeous girl! lovely outfit, the pants are super, and the hat is the cherry on top!

xxx Charlie
Feminine Bravery

Chuck said...

Look at your legs! Fab. Hope everything continues to go well even if it is a bit slow. x

Anonymous said...

you wear brown so well, roz!
i imagined your recovery would be long, uncomfortable and at times, painful and frustrating. i'm sure it's quite an exercise in patience and fortitude. but every day is one step closer (hopefully!) to complete recovery. take care, xo

Catherine said...

I'm so glad your recovery is going well. I broke my foot a few years back, so can relate to the frustration of not being able to move about. It's hard to sit still when you just want to be creating things! One of the best things that happened during my recovery, is that my mom sent me a care package with lots of fashion magazines— escaping into those pages really helped pass the time, and stopped me from hopping around on my bad foot to see if it was healed yet. ha.

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

Alice In Fashionland said...

Those pictures are stunning. Glad you're doing better.

The tuition fee thing makes me so angry too. I'm nearly done with Uni, but it's so stupid to raise them. I could hardly afford my MSc fee at UCL as it is!

ABIGAIL NY said...

I love the outfit! You look amazing especially paired with that top!!!

Anonymous said...

i've just discovered your blog. gorgeous photos!

Anna Bonfiglio said...

You are so pretty!
Come to me :)
If you become my follower so do I!

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