Sunday, 21 November 2010

Preparing for the chill

These photos were taken a mere five weeks ago, on the weekend before my operation. Yet how much has changed since then... On that particular weekend I felt the need to run around, cramming in as much as was creatively possible. During the course of two days I made my 'scoliodress', persuaded dad to take pictures of me in it, spent half a day styling and taking photos of my mum in a shoot yet to be posted, and generally rushed around in a squirrel-like manner - hoarding creative nuts for winter sustenance! However, it yielded some satisfying results, and the final activity on Sunday evening was wandering out into the Autumn light, among the leaves, to have these photos taken by my mum.

I'm not usually one for very short dresses or outfits (and I am wearing denim shorts underneath here!), but looking back I notice that even though I felt I was embracing the impact of the curve of my spine, I had perhaps started subconciously dressing to highlight the parts of my body that weren't twisted, or weren't going to change - ie, my legs. The further away I get from my operation, the more and more I feel like surgery was absolutely the right decision. The brain has an amazing capacity to ignore pain and discomfort if it can, but in retrospect I can see that I put up with a lot of back pain most of the time. And no-one could dispute the visual impact of the way my back looked. However, the funny thing is that I'm now wearing dresses that really should be classed as tunics, simply because I can - no rib humps or sticking out shoulders to stop me...

I'm also determined to get the creative impulse flowing again, and am working on sketching two more scoliosis inspired designs to ultimately create a triptych of dresses.

I bought the jumper featured in this post from a charity shop stall at the Big Chill music festival; there's something about navy jumpers that are always classic. I then added some patterned tights and high heels, both bought using my Next gift voucher. The necklace, made up of imperfect cultured pearls, is my mum's - another twisted nature reference. Each one has its own beautiful, distorted shape. The leather handbag belonged to my great grandma. The - er - leaf hair 'accessories' were found at the scene! I've always liked blue and yellow together... Expanding on what I said about missing autumn in the last post, I felt that as well as cramming in creativity on that weekend, I also wanted to try to experience as much of the outdoor season as possible  - like I wanted to saturate each of my five senses with Autumn in the knowledge that everything that came after would be a completely unkown quantity. Leaves always fall, seasons always change, but I didn't know what the next week held for me.

Back to mention of the Big Chill above, I thought I'd share a few photographs I took there of various singers. I've finally had time to sort through them, doing the necessary cropping and deleting of blurred shots... These are my four favourite images:

 The stunning Skye Edwards of Morcheeba, whose lilting voice was very hypnotic, as were the feathers on her dress that soared gently as she sang!

The beautiful Beth Jeans Houghton, who was my favourite new find of the festival - I subsequently bought her EP 'Hot Toast' on iTunes. She has an almost silvery voice, and her songs are intensely addictive. Last summer I had a feeling about Marina and the Diamonds (I was right) and imminent recognition, and this time it's Beth!

And finally, what was possibly the highlight of the Big Chill for me, the powerful Paloma Faith (apologies for all the alliteration here!) She is a very dynamic performer - oozing with stage presence! And as she so perfectly summed up her Quality Streets-esque chocolate wrapper outfit - "Life's a box of chocolates, then you wear one".

I'm having a very quiet Sunday evening after a wonderfully hectic two days, surrounded by very dear old family friends and delicious food. I even managed to perform in a short made-up play (involving a haunted lake! I'll say no more..) that all four children/ teenagers devised for the adults. I needed some time like that - it's nice to forget about the arduous recovery process for a couple of days. And I had an additional two big treats, in the form being bought a rust coloured Mad Men style vintage dress, and an Orla Kiely pattern book which I have been lusting over for a while.

The mummy's scissors necklace project is still moving forward, and I'm really enjoying seeing each new creation! As promised, here is the updated list of all those involved so far:

Please do let me know if I've forgotten anyone. Thank you again to every single, wonderful participant. And I can't wait to see some other versions that people have said they are planning/ making! Please do keep the ball rolling - I want to see how far this stretches!


kate funk said...

You are stunning. I am in love with your tights. Isn't it funny how fast things can change? All my best!
velvet cupcakes

Anonymous said...

You are stunning and inspirational! I am going to do one of your beautiful scissors necklaces :) I hope your recovery is going well! And I really want to see the Rust coloured Mad Men style dress.

Penny Dreadful said...

Your hair is just glorious, quite pre-raphaelite. Looks so romantic with teh leaves in it :)

Des Histoires de Pieds... said...

You're So beautiful ;)
Giveaway here:

vio said...

beautiful hair!

sacramento said...

I am glad that you are well enough to put together this post. Love the dreamy pics, and adore Paloma faith.Interesting to know the scissor´s project is still rolling. Great news.
Looking forward to see you wearing your fist outfit after the op. In the mean time patiens.
Un abrazo fuerte.

Romy said...

you look so beautiful!


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh I love the leaf hair you look like a little pixie! Great tights too and why not show off such lovely long legs. I am so glad to hear you are enjoying yourself again. The Chill photos are beautiful especial the portrait of Beth xx

Jay said...

beautiful! love your photos :)

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE this outfit and the photos! Your tights are amazing :D

Fashionistable said...

You look as beautiful as always and I love your tights too. Paloma is amazing isnt she. I have something for you. Could I have your address please? My email is Xxxx

Anonymous said...

you are breathtaking in these images. the hair "accessories" are a whimsical touch.
i'm keeping up with your progress best i can. it makes me smile.
i'm familiar with skye edwards (huge morcheeba fan here) but not the others; glad to hear of them.

Emily said...

I love the idea of putting the leaves in your hair- flower chains are so popular, it's nice to see someone take an artsy angle on that style for fall. Creative!

Also... I totally want to make some of the mummy scissors. I'm not a fashion blog, but I love what you're trying to do, and I've been reading your posts about your scoliosis. I'm sorry that you were in so much pain. If I get a chance to pick up some scissors and put it together, I'll send you the link. But, as I said, I'm not a fashion blog... it's a photography one, so it's not really with the project :)

Natalie Suarez said...

u are beautiful girl! i love ur hair! i'm so happy u recovered so fast! looking absolutely STUNNING! and thank you so much for the necklace. can't wait to wear it on my blog!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

legs, legs, legs and that beautiful face. well you know I've just got to do an homage to you with leaves strewn about in my short shorn hair, because you look simply devastating in them.

i am happy to hear you are feeling better, and that your surgery was a success. as always eagarly awaiting your next wonderful post. xo. Q

Irina said...

what a lovely post!!! i just came across your blog and i have to say i loved it! i went back all your posts... it's amazing!!! your style is incredible!!! check out my blog too... if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same..;)))

Emilie said...

Nice idea with the leaves!

polka dot said...

That is so true and so wise (about the brain ignoring pain). There will be a time soon when you'll even feel that way about the surgery/post surgery period - it will be like 'oh it wasn't that bad'.

I remember your mom writing about you storing up images like a squirrel for winter.

I LOVE these shots! The leaves on your head, like a crown. And I love that look on you. It's like you're already standing taller in these shots: I actually thought it was after. In hindsight, you did manage to hide your torso so well. Well, watch out world now: you will now float thru life, spine perfectly straight, like a ballerina - it's really extraordinary to see - and graceful, and you'll be able to wear whatever you want, with nothing to hide.

I bet it will be like childbirth. When I've asked mothers if it hurts - giving birth - they always say somehow you forget about it when you see the results.


Kate said...

I love the leaves in your hair its such a unique, quirky idea and the photos look great! I am in love with your jumper and the tights are amazing. That bag is definitely on my Christmas list! Overall flawless images!!

Lucy said...

It was a big pleasure! :)
I haven't been able to read your whole post yeat but will when i have time!
Just wanted to say i have the same tights as you and man they are soo hard to put on! Maybe its cos i have wider legs than you but they just barely stretch round mine! boo

Ponytail Girl said...

You look fantastic in these photos!


Raez said...

beautiful photos my dear! really digging the leaves in your hair, you look gorgeous:)

xx raez

sacramento said...

There is a photo, and a hug for you, amongst my favourite bloggers, in my post today.

Wild Flower said...

I see you have been through some tough healing time...sounds like you are strong and made it through ok. Its amazing the bodies capacity to cope isn't it!
Every time I see you photo's I think 'wow this girl will seriously be a big model one day!'
Love the addition of the leaves, this big floppy top looks great on you great figure.
Take it easy! x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair, face, eyes and all outfit plus pictures....FANTASTIC DEAR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

paloma is brilliant. and i love the tights!

Jazzabelle said...

these tights are amazing on you! you pull them off ever so well. i adore the shots with the leaves in your hair, the colours compliment you hair, skin and eyes beautifully.

i've posted my mummy scissors on my latest post, by the way. xxx

Little Miss Curious said...

wow, i love the tights&sweater combination! :)


Hope Adela said...

I can't wait to recieve them; I'll send you and email when I do. Thanks again! You look so lovely in these pictures-the autumn leaves in your hair are the perfect artistic touch.

Marloes. said...

you look really amazing in these shots! the idea of putting leaves in your hair rocks!
I follow you now ;)

The Style Sandwich

kelsea said...

you are beautiful.

Camilla. said...

I know a girl in my year at school who just had Scoliosis surgery, and i love your style.

Alysia Pollock said...

Amazing blog. Keep it up! :)
I'm following you! If you'd like to follow me, that'd be awesome. Have a great day!! :)

Ms.Fashionista said...

Super cute blog! Pics are so fab!


valncami said...

love your tights & the leaves in your hair. such a cute idea. you look gorgeous!

xo, camilla

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