Friday, 5 November 2010

Wrapped in support (Giveaway still open!)

I didn't think I would be putting up my first post-op shoot so soon. Having stored up so many outfit photos ready to use during the recovery period, what is the first thing I do? Go out and pose for ten minutes among the leaves before retreating to recline melodramatically on a day bed and recover... The trouble is, having a new torso is like having a new camera - suddenly I don't want to post anything PS (Pre Surgery), with the old me. However, there were some great outfits, so they will be shown.

It feels great to get back to the old familiar formula of describing what I'm wearing and the location; a nice little sprinkling of normality.

Simple, comfortable clothes are all I can wear at the moment  - anything that is easy to put on! So this silk wrap-dress (worn back to front) appropriated from my mum has been one of the recent wardrobe staples. I love the bold, twenties style feel to it. . The brown lace up boots are also my mum's, and the hat is charity shopped Kangol. In one shot I'm wearing my favourite woollen cardigan - from a charity shop, as per usual. And I borrowed the pearls from my grandma's collection of jewellery.

I felt that me wearing a wrap-dress was also quite symbolic for the theme of this post. I've felt so surrounded (or 'wrapped') by support and well wishes - from the blogging community, to friends and family, plus hospital staff and neighbours. People have been totally extraordinary in their kindness. So once again, thank you. Also, my spine is being supported by its new metal-work  - I like to think of it as my scaffolding, holding up my fused vertebrae and keeping my back straight. My helter-skelter spine has now become a drop slide.

A little over two weeks on from the surgery, I can begin to reflect on the experience and its consequences. The surgery itself went well - I now have a lot of titanium metal work and rods screwed, hooked and bolted onto my spine, and have gained at least 2 inches in my torso due to the un-corkscrewing effect. I'm suddenly just under 5'11", which is another advantage (in addition to an obviously straighter spine.) However, as mentioned briefly in my last post, I had a really nasty (rare) reaction called 'cast syndrome' afterwards. When mum read my previous post, she was shocked that I referred to it as "slight." It's amazing how the brain covers up traumatic events; she's right, it was an absolutely horrible experience. I ended up feeling a like a pin cushion with the intravenous fluid drips, injections and blood being taken...

However, I was discharged on the Wednesday before last, and am currently recuperating in London before the long journey home. To complicate matters further, unfortunately I blacked out and collapsed against a wooden sideboard a week ago on Saturday morning (just after my friday post about how I was on the road to recovery), badly hitting my head and back. Voila, back in a different hospital for half a day - ambulance transfer and all. Luckily nothing else has happened since then. It'll take a while to get used to all that metal work in my back and for the pain and discomfort to gradually ebb away, but fingers crossed, it does feel like I'm out of the worst of it now. I'm really looking forward to when I can to tie my own shoe-laces again!
I'm also looking forward to the prospect of weilding my camera once more. Sadly, part of the recovery process is not being allowed to carry heavy things for some time. Good - in that when I eventually get back to school, apparently I have to have my bag and books carried for me (!) - bad for the weighty beast that is my Canon 5D though.

Fortunately, a lovely friend lent me a smaller camera a few days ago so I can still attempt some photography, which is great, as I was having a nasty dose of PWS: photography withdrawal symptoms!
The great thing about the height gain in my torso (and loss of rib humps and sticky-out twisted shoulder blade) is that I can suddenly wear clothes that were impossible to put on before. The possibilities of mid calf length Laura Ashley skirts are suddenly very alluring... Having said that, some of my mini dresses are now more like tunics. I think this calls for some much needed charity shopping to replace them once I'm better.

The mummy's scissors project has got off to a wonderful start, and I was overwhelmed by all the unique interpretations you lovely people have created. I'm really looking forward to seeing some more.

This incredible version, created by Kathryn held particular resonance for me. I felt that the encasing of metal in something else very solid drew a lot of parallels with the surgery I've just been through. She said that during the firing process the glass cracked and warped. Somehow I think this added to the effect - beauty in imperfection.
And generally, the whole idea of wrapping metal in soft fabric 'bandages' (as demonstrated so beautifully below) has been particularly symbolic of my recent experience. However, no bandages for me - I just had a very modern pressure dressing!

I will be putting up a list of links to all those who have been involved. Please see the previous post for the links to all the images featured above and the wonderful people who made them.

Note - My giveaway is still open until Wednesday the tenth, please see my previous post for the details. There are two pairs of Mummy's Scissors made by me up for grabs.


Shallow Mallow said...

You look beautiful :) I know what you mean with photography withdrawal. I've been there so it 's great you at least have access to camera light in the meantime :D

My mummies are ready wrapped for tomorrow.. just hope the weather will be good to me.
Happy weekend!

Tien said...

Hi Roz, hurray for gaining some height, but boo on the experience you just went through. I wish you the best recovery possible, and I'd kill to look like you after something so traumatic. You look beautiful, new, straighter spine and all.

Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful!

Nádia said...

So happy you're getting better sweetie and return looking as gorgeous has ever! Love those pics! :)

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Your shots are always breathtaking!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Miki's scrapbook said...

I'm so glad you're fit enough to stand up and take awesome pics! You look great! :) I'm working on my mummy scissors, hope I can post it soon.

Get some rest and have a nice weekend!


Penny Dreadful said...

Hello, I am so glad things have gone ok and you are starting to feel better (and taking pictures again!). The image with the leaves being thrown up is stunning x

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Ellie Jane said...

It's so good to here you are on the bend, you look so beautiful in those pictures, you would never guess what an experience you had been through. I have some spare time tomorrow with which I'm going to do my mummy scissors!

San said...

Glad you are feeling better and are even taller. Beautiful pictures and fantastic outfit. But for the time being, stay away from sideboards, especially the wooden ones. ;D

Kathryns version is really amazing and really beautiful. In my opinion the best so far.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time in London.

Pearl Westwood said...

Its reallly, really nice to see you getting outside into this wonderful autumn. Your dress reminds me of willow pattern. Wow gaining 4" is a lot, you could get yourself some thick lace and add hems to some of your dresses if you dont want to wear them over pants. Well wishes still being sent over to you and your family xxx

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

oh, wow, i am speechless about Kathryn's scissors....

your pictures always look amazing.
love mum's boots!

so glad you're feeling better now. can't wait to see more posts when you're up to it.
take care,

Dylana Suarez said...

WOW! Already posing for pictures! I don't think I was ever up for something like that back when I had the surgery! HURRAY for you! I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to more outfit posts! I love seeing how tall and straight you look here! Yes, it get's some getting used to right after the surgery, but really it is the best feeling in the world!



November Grey said...

That dress is divine, and you - stunning as always. I can't believe this is after your surgery. I believe the human mind and heart can will the body to do great things. And you are proof of that.


November Grey

Ginta said...

I'm so happy to read that you're getting better. Congrats on gaining some cms! You looks so amazing! All the best wishes to you!

Kate said...

I love the image of you with the leaves in the air- your pictures are always so amazing and professional!!

styleeast said...

I know we've never met but I've seen you on Jill's blog. My readers and I have all been thinking of you, wishing you a speedy recovery. Lovely to see you back on the blog already, and looking great. Long may the mummy scissors project reign x

Jazzabelle said...

ohh, i'd love the see black velvet dress you've got and how you'd style it!

i'm so very glad you understand, roz. as i said i am going to do the project but i'm quite funny in that i have to do things in my own time. even though there have been many free moments for me to do it, i don't want to rush something. i take your concept as i take my artwork, as simple as my work may be i don't want to half heartedly create something. as we both agreed, it will be quite nice to see the concept develop over time :)

i'm so glad you saw the exhibition! wasn't the largest wall hanging incredible?! i've been five times now, last time i went was with lucy from snippets of shiny thoughts. if only you saw her face when she saw it, hehe :) i'm not sure if you know, but the fashion galleries will be closing soon for a revamp, i don't think it will be open again for a couple of years.

beautiful photographs, i adore the composition in the top picture. sorry to hear about you fainting, it's awful isn't it? it's happened to me a few times. once when no one was in the house, i hit the front of my head on hard tiles, i don't know how long i was out for.. so glad you are feeling a little bit better, though. xxx

CAT said...

AAAH! I love your photography, so inventive with the leaves!!!!
A great blog post once again..!


Anonymous said...

your pictures are beautiful, love the hat and boots,

Raez said...

beautiful look my dear! the dress is very pretty and delicate, yet bold in a way somehow (kinda like you!) glad to hear you're recovering well enough to be out and about posing again, even if for only ten minutes:)

hope you're having a great weekend!

xx raez

Tonio said...

Love your outfits!
you look like a model!

You are invited to visit my blog
the lovely san...

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Anonymous said...

Hey lovely Roz! Wonderful to see a post-surgery post, but I look forward to seeing any outfits you wear- before and after the fact. You've been through a rough time. Learning of your fall and horrible bout of cast syndrome- well, my heart goes out to you! I was teary-eyed reading this post. However, on a positive note, your outfit is pretty, as always. The dropped waist is quite becoming and elegant.

The mummy scissors projects are an extraordinary display of thoughtfulness. All of them are beautiful in their own way. I admittedly have not done mine; I am searching for my smaller scissors, as a few things from our big move are still missing.

It's amazing that you gained 4 inches in height! Yes, those short dresses will now be tunics.

Take care, dear Roz. Good to see you up and about.


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I am in love with those boots!!! :D

amateur idler said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. Best wishes from the states.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have to pass all the surgery and hospital stuff. I wish you good health and all the best! said...

those boots are stupendous! and that picture of you throwing the leaves is gorgeous!

Lauren said...

your outfits are always so gorgeous!

hiven said...


x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Fashionistable said...

You are amazing. Back on your feet and out having your picture taken. You are my hero. Xxxx

polka dot said...

Oh Roz. This post - and the one, since, of your beautiful friend Zoe - amazing. I haven't commented til now because I just have so much to say. Your courage. I've waited a whole week just to upload the photos and will send you and your mom batches now. Just doing my first of what I'm sure will be a series of that amazing day last week.

I keep reliving moments of that day. Your family are such beautiful people in every way. Your brother! I left, reluctantly, feeling I had somehow been healed as well. Be well and we'll see you soon. xxx

Inspiration partout said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!I wish you never have to go through an operation again...Your blog is amazing and I really liked the Mummy's scissors project!If you like check out my blog for my version of your idea!!!xxx

Shoe said...

You look beautiful and I hope you're back to full strength and up and about soon!



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