Friday, 10 December 2010

She was never lovelier (Part 2)

In a return to the sunnier days of early September, here is the second part of my behind the camera shoot with the lovely Zoe. As mentioned previously in part one of this post, my inspiration for the styling and photography here was Hollywood Glamour of the forties and fifties.

I've also been exploring the theme further through recent reading of the film star Lauren Bacall's autobiography. I was captivated by her story and the events she's lived through. She's someone who experienced a great deal of misfortune and tragedy in the course of her life. However, alongside her troubles, she starred in some amazing, classic movies that are now regarded as iconic. Plus, she really does personifies 'photogenic', particularly as she aged. For anyone who is also a Marilyn Monroe fan, then watching them performing together in 'How to Marry a Millionaire' is a must.

The first image of Zoe is very much inspired by one of my favourite Richard Avedon photos that I keep  going back to again and again. I was given a book of Avedon's work for my birthday, and (alongside my Tim Walker book), it takes pride of place on my shelf. I made poor Zoe jump SO many times in those heels to get this picture!

That first outfit is made up of my forties pleated skirt, my favourite charity shopped Jaeger grey jumper and a faux fur collar thrifted at the Big Chill. I bought the hat at a vintage shop in Bristol, the shoes are from ebay and the gloves were my great-grandma's. My inspiration for this ensemble was a 'lady who lunches'!

For the second look, I added a gentlemen's silk shirt (from ebay) to a fifties pencil skirt I bought in a vintage shop. I made the black 'mummy's scissors' necklace, and the belt is thrifted. All the bags either belonged to family members or were from charity shops. Zoe was originally wearing high heels, but this proved a little unsafe once the tree climbing started!

The third outfit is comprised of a black vintage dress that belongs to my mum, cinched with an old belt of mine - origin unknown. The necklace was my grandma's, and the peep toed shoes are from a charity shop.

The fourth and final is a simple black bandeau dress that used to be my mum's. I think she bought it from a jumble sale. Oh, and the necklace is vintage.

I was saddened to hear yesterday that the rise in University fees is going ahead in the UK. I know I mentioned this a few posts ago, but the feeling of shock over the Lib Dems' U-turn doesn't subside quickly. Sadly, people of my age will be one of the first year groups to be hit. Considering most of us were too young to have contributed at all to the current economic recession, it seems unfair that we will pay for it. Why, instead, aren't the government chasing up the big companies that are avoiding tax - such as Vodafone, or, dare I say it, Topshop? I've just been reading personal testimonies by peaceful protesters and I'm truly shocked to hear about the very violent tactics used by the police at the protests in London. Students knocked unconscious and not being allowed out of the 'kettled' area for medical aid? One protester having a three hour operation for bleeding to the brain, cause by a policeman's truncheon? Students traumatized by the level of violence?  I'm horrified that young people - many my age - seem to have been denied the right to protest peacefully. I was under the impression I lived in a democracy. Now I'm not so sure.

And talking of controversy, for anyone who hasn't already seen this, take a look at the big copyright issue on talented street-style photographer Jill's blog here -

A blogger for Elle Spain posted some of Jill's beautiful street style shots, with no credit to Jill at all - and inferred that she had taken them herself! To top it off, this Spanish blogger hadn't exactly been complimentary about the outfits featured. Among the four pictures 'appropriated' was one of me - nine days post surgery. So to find out that I was described as "cold" by someone who obviously didn't even bother to read the wonderful post Jill had written was upsetting. I wasn't cold - I was in pain. Also, I am technically still a minor - meaning that is illegal for Elle to post a picture of me without my parents' permission.
The page on Elle es has now been taken down, but (as far as I know), Jill has received no apology or explanation for why her photos were used without her permission.
The issue of copyright worries me as a blogger too, especially (as demonstrated above) because I post my own photography - and at the moment I don't have time to watermark every image I put up. What do you think about this outrageous situation?


San said...

Great shots and I love this shot of Richard Avedon too (I got his fashion photography book for birthday too, funny how it goes.)

And "how to marry a millionaire" is a favourite of mine. How they set out and then in the end choose love over money. Hilarious. But Funny face with Fred and Audrey was modeled after Avedons life and he even was consulted for this movie! Which you probably know.

As to the elle issue, I was mad as hell. I think copyright is important, as a blogger you may forget it or if you start out not know it. In any case most of us would apologies and put up the information if we were contacted, I guess.
However, if you work for a magazine such as ELLE other rules apply and what this writer did was definitely not adhering to those rules and simply rude, especially the aftermath is outragious.

In any case, I must say you are my inspiration and I will do some fashion shots inspired by your shots. Should be interesting to see how they turn out.

Have a great and hopefully painfree weekend,

Kimberly June said...

Lovely pictures.

Ellie Jane said...

First of all beautiful pictures as always! I particularly the 6th and 7th!

The rise in tuition fee's has always annoyed me, being the same age as you, it angers me the fact that we've had to pay the price for the mistakes of others.

Finally on the subject of Jill's situation, I've been following it on her blog and twitter, I tried to comment on the post in question but they wouldn't publish my comment. I think the whole situation is ridiculous as it could have been resolved so quickly if they had just given credit where it was due in the first place!

Ellie Jane said...

Just to add to my last comment (sorry for such length!) I really admire the way you don't just post about fashion but you also post about other not so superficial things, something that I personally would never have the confidence to post about!

Libby said...

I thoroughly agree with the unfairness of the tuition fee rises. I would simply love to go to Oxford or Royal Holloway, both of which {I presume} will be in that top bracket of tuition fees. This was the topic of discussion at dinner last night, and the overall consensus was that the naive youths {me and my eighteen year old brother} thought it was appalling for the Lib Dems to complete ignore the pledge they had made before entering the coalition whilst my jaded cynical parents just called it politics. Since I live near to Cambridge there's been a lot of publicity over it, and on Radio Four this morning I heard about the terrible injuries caused to peaceful protesters by policemen, supposedly mature and responsible enough to know better. It's ludicrous...
Zoe looks beautiful in those pictures, and the array of handbags is outstanding!

Anonymous said...

the post is still up, outrageous! luckily people are commenting their thoughts!

I thought you might be interested in the work of Margaret Durow, a photographer who has also suffered from scoliosis.

Hope you feel better XXXXX

Marloes. said...

These photographs are beautiful!

November Grey said...

That's outrageous that she can be working for SPANISH ELLE and do something like that. Well, think of it this way, she won't get far with that behavior, and she's bound to be called out for it. And you guys have the talent to back it up, and will be in a much better place karmically too.

I'm sorry, hon. But at least you looked GORGEOUS in the photo (as always) ...

And P.S. that first black and white picture is so stunning.


November Grey


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Don't even get me started on the copyright infringement issue, or appropriation of images without credit....I will go on about it forever!
Yeah, I'm miffed at ELLE for their blatant and cowardly non-response to Jill, who without surprise was cool and classy about the whole thing. She's such a champ, and they can not "steal" that away from her!

The photos are spectac, as always. LOVE the vintage styling, Roz. You are such a talent. My favorite photo however has little to do with fashion, but is a terrific portrait: the last picture. Her profile on the verge of laughter captures the edge of a moment...I believe memories capture instances like this one. Ah, what a perfect still for a life fast moving....
xo, dear amiga!

Jay said...

Great photos! You are gorgeous! :)

Mei-li said...

the black knife pleats skirt is awesome !!!

Dulcie said...

I was at the protests yesterday and you're absolutely correct, our democratic right to protest was disrupted and blocked by police every step of the way. The riot police were absolutely terrifying and I witnessed a man being hit with a truncheon for walking too close to a police van. I also saw a line of over 100 riot police employed to march peaceful protestors off the grass in an area outside parliament. I am currently in my final year of an English degree at the University of Manchester and receiving a paltry 6 hours of tuition a week. As a member of the Russel Group it is almost certain that it will be put its fees up to the upper limit of £9000 per annum.

Good luck studying English when the teaching budget has been cut by 100% and your classes are doubled and hours halved!

You need to show that your generation are not going to stand for these cuts. Do all you can to support the university occupations, lobby your MPs and raise awareness through any means you can. Refuse to mortgage out your future before you've already lived your present.

And just how many people could go to university for free for each £285,000,000 Sir Phillip Gree annually avoids due to tax evasion. It's absolutely revolting!

Pearl Westwood said...

Roz we were just talking about the fees issue on my facebook page - are you on there? And also about the Jill/Elle fiasco. I feel very strongly about the fees as someone who has been through 8 years of university, come out with an insane amount of debt (that will now be trebled for all future students) and I have to say at this moment in time it hasn't at all been worth it. The fees already charged are not 'value for money' in my opinion, I have had to struggle through a PhD with lab equipment so old it was forever breaking down and supervisors who never had time for the students. I have also seen the other side from the teaching end, where teachers cannot fail even the poorest of work as now the student is a customer, literally buying their degree. It is so, so sad that many young people will not now have the chance at an education, and sad too that so many of those with the education cannot be given jobs now they have finished and are in ridiculous amounts of debt because of it. They think unemplyment is high now, but how much higher will it be if there is a 75% drop in university admissions! Yes I also have to add Clegg is the turn coat I always suspected him to be.
Oh and of course wonderful photos, I love the bags up the tree xx

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

very pretty - i really like the styling, and the shot with the purses on the tree.

A Little Brighter said...

Stunning! The pictures are just what you were going for! So lovely! Haha I am picturing her jumping up in down in heels (I could never do that)

Ayesha x

MellJBrown said...

LOVE the last photo!

Sucks about uni fees. Do they have fee assistence in the UK? Over here (Australia) the Government can pay for it for you and then you pay them back. They don't take any off you untill you're earning over $30,000 a year though. So if you move to another country before you earn that much- free uni!

-m xx

Anonymous said...

What happened to Jill (and to you and the other subjects in her stolen pics) is definitely a rights infringement, and quite rude as well. It needn't have happened in the first place, had Carmen B made an effort. I mean, it's a logical conclusion/assumption that she is a PAID blogger, since she blogs for Elle Espana. Not to say that unpaid bloggers should make less effort in adhering to copyright laws, I just mean that her paycheck should have been incentive to do her job correctly and honorably. When that turned out to not be the case, an apology and correction (not removal of the post, necessarily) was in order. That blog is definitely "black-listed" in the international (fashion) blogging community. What a shame this happened.

I'll bet Jill (and you and the other subjects) would still accept a simple apology from Elle Espana and Carmen B, then end of story, hopefully.

To end on a more positive note: You are an aspiring photographer/model/ name a few! I know that black and white photography is harder than it looks- these images are great.

Anonymous said...

Meant to sorry to learn about the Uni fees in the UK. That sounds pretty terrible for future students. I don't know the whole story but I'll check w/ BBC or find on google to get more info.

adrielleroyale said...

Fun shots!! I especially love the last one, her smile is so beautiful! As for the mistreatment of the students, how terrible! I can't imagine what that would be like, especially since I tend to have kind of a big mouth... And the copyright too...sigh... I don't know what to think about that except that for my purposes I suppose I have assumed that it could happen - but my pictures aren't capturing my own creative ideas like yours. Mine are of nature - God's creativity captured. It's not right what Elle did and in not apologizing, what they didn't do. People really ought to know better. It reflects very poorly on that company, that is for sure!

Kellie W. said...

Gorgeous photos, I love the styling so much!

Hearing that ELLE did that to Jill (and you and the other featured girls) makes me so sad. How unprofessional and disappointing! The blogger who stole Jill's pictures should be very ashamed of herself.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Such stylish, unsual and painterly images. I so love the sweet story behind the pictures, too. Glad I went to Oxford before the rise in tuition fees. Riots are always nasty, though, not to mention the injuiries. Have a sweet weekend;-)

polka dot said...

Oh Roz what a beautiful post! That top photo: it gives me the chills (not in a 'cold' way; ) - I felt I was seeing an iconic photo from the past - which to me is the sign of all excellent art: we feel we have seen it before, it resonates that deeply with us.

This all came to light while you were coming to London and I hesitated and ultimately made the choice not to bother you or your family with what was going on - hoping I would solve it. It's not solved, yet - and while the initial letter from the Spanish Elle editor (which didn't arrive until Thursday morning, altho I had been contacting EVERYONE in Spain, London, USA, since I found out on Sunday) - originally the email was lovely and sounded sincere and gracious.

You know me - like you, like your family - I always assume the best in people. I kept saying I had no animosity towards these people that I didn't know, I just wanted to solve the problem.

Remember what happened with Gordon Brown? The look on that poor grandmother's face when she was told that he was recorded calling her... what was it? Ridiculous? I felt for her: her face just fell.

Well: the editor, Sibila Fernandez, accidentally sent ME the email she intended for Carmen B, the post author - just a quick note referring to me as 'la pava' and signing it 'besos' - and then quicklky realised her mistake and tried to cover it up. Basically tried the same thing Gordon Brown did with that poor woman. But I soon discovered, via various Spanish speaking friends, that it was a real slur. I mean, BIG mistake.

Anyway, my acceptance of their apology was only on conditional terms that were not met, and I told the editor that she was not to keep the post up. But in a sense - from a legal standpoint - if you can bear to keep it up longer, and even with people continuing to leave comments in Spanish that are making me out to be a raving lunatic - I feel that in the long run, it will be better for the side of goodness, and reason.

I'm writing this publicly rather than privately because I am censoring myself at the moment on my own blog - just until I know how to best proceed. But I do hope that anyone here reading this will fight for you, and for me, by going to that post and leaving comments - because they will be safe there, I won't delete them - and if they want to be a thorn in the side of the lovely Carmen B (who, by the way, Roz, is so jealous: I've seen HER photo) - then who am I to stop them.

I am so sorry to have unwittingly put you in this situation, but you are handling it with grace. And by the way I noticed you reading Lauren Bacall's book that day - it was in a lot of my shots - I know that red cover so well, as my copy was so worn. I loved her book, felt she wrote so beautifully. It's worth a read again and now, I'm going on LoveFilms to rent How to Marry a Millionaire, which I've never seen!


Shallow Mallow said...

I am getting copyright anger again. I've tried to calm down about online thievery over the past years but that just takes the biscuit.

While legally you don't only have rights to your photography but also hold the copyright to your face (copyright law is crazy but on your side) this stuff can happen because few people would want to go through the strain of a legal battle because of a stolen photo.

I recommend you join the photographer's union. They support their members in instances like this.

Oh and copyright anger aside: Lovely photos!

Larissa said...

love the photos! and oh my handbags! amazing styling!

PitiminĂ­ said...

Oooohhhh!! Love it!!! Love all your blog!!!
Best wishes,

PitiminĂ­ blog

Carly said...

These are absolutely gorgeous shots Roz, I especially love the ones taken around the tree. You really do have an extraordinary talent.

Regarding the rise in tuition fees, I really do feel for the younger generation like yourself who are going to suffer because of this and hopefully not but may have their further education jeopardised.

I do sympathise with the peaceful protestors who were treated inhumanely at these protests in London but seeing first hand what a small minority did to our beautiful city and how violent and aggressive they were to inconspicuous members of the public it enrages me that the majority of them will get away with it without any punishment. I'm all for peaceful protests and standing up for what we as individuals believe in but when these 'thugs' decide to turn against innocent passers by and damage private property then I believe it is a policeman's job to defend the public and bring order to the streets. It is just extremely unfortunate that the peaceful protestors got caught up in some extreme handling. Lets just hope that all those responsible for the damage caused will be held responsible, thugs, police, government officials and all.

I really feel for yourself and the talented Jill regarding the use of her pictures, it is a disgrace that this even happened but to make matters worse the response from the editor and the unintended email that Jill received are so insulting to all involved. I hope it gets resolved and you all get a sincere apology for this huge mistake but also they need to have a serious look into how this could have been allowed to happen in the first place. It is especially worrying that someone has the nerve to use someone else's work and pass it off as there own especially for someone like yourself who is basically creating your own editorial worthy shoots and to think that someone could be taking credit for your remarkable talent. Lets hope this is the last time we hear of it happening but regardless we all need to stay aware and notify our fellow bloggers if we ever see any of their work published without credit.

Now of to rent 'How to Marry a Millionaire'

Carly. x

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Hi Roz,
Love your pictures and especially the first one. What a great sport your friend Zoe was!!! Love your pleated skirt and how about those purses?! I can't resist myself an interesting looking purse or clutch when thrift shopping.
Thanks so much for your comment. I posted today about how I styled my fur clutch. I found this fabulous silk shirt in cream color and a black pleated skirt at Goodwill (local thrift chain), military coat, black wedge....
glad to read your posts. means you doing ok.
So sorry about the whole Elle-gate.

Francesca said...

wow great photos. you went to a lot of effort and they look great! and reading about that copyright thing, i had no idea about it and wow, how stupid of that writer!! she better lose her job!
anyways, if you have a spare moment I would love it if you visited me :)

F. (

A N G E L A said...

i love your blog...and your style!!:)

i am following!!



danniekate said...

do you exclusively keep company with beautiful people? you and your friends are lovely!

i was so mad about what elle spain did to Jill, especially when they evaded any kind of communication. if you're in the wrong, admit it. xx

Louisee x said...

These are so so beautiful! I did a shoot based on Richard Avedon's portraits a few weeks ago, for a University project. they're on my blog right now :)

i love your blog by the way, you are so talented!


Raez said...

absolutely gorgeous! Part two is even better! I love the dark yet playful mood. I think the first action shot has to be my fave of the set, along with the one of her on the tree with the bags. keep up the great work!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

those photos are so classically styled, it reminds me of Prada, Louis Vuitton and all the ladylike vibes that are going around these days.

Sophia said...

these photos are incredibly lovely.

xx, sophia

Ania Alonso said...

Nice photos!!!
I love your style!

sacramento said...

Have a wonderful Christmas my dear friend. I know that 2011 will be full of all the best things in life for you.
Un abrazo fuerte always.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented, your blog is beautiful both words and pictures. I love the use of the handbags :)

SymbioticLife said...

Your photo's are gorgeous. I am particularly fond of the 40's, 50's, and 60's style so for me, they're divine.

I found your blog by reading Jill's. I do hope that it's resolved positively somehow. I don't see how that's possible after everything that seems to have transgressed but I will keep my fingers crossed.

I'm disappointed about the Uni fees being trippled as well. It seems really unwise. In a time when the economy is so distressed and there are now reports showing a general decline in the education level of the populace, it's hard to imagine how England will stay competitive in the world markets. Those tuition increases are bound to lower Uni enrollments and ruther dumb down whatever education level England currently has.

I, myself, am an American that's just relocated to England. I was not only disappointed and disturbed to see the violence used on the peaceful protestors in London, but continue to be shocked by the violence being used in America. Yesterday, tear gas and flash bombs were launched into a peaceful protest gathering in Oakland. From reports, hundreds have been arrested, injured, and generally traumatized. I never thought I would see a day when America and England stopped allowing the right to peaceful protests.

I'll be following your blog from now. You're a very talented and intelligent young woman. xoxo

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