Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Snow Princess

One of my main frustrations while incapacitated after surgery was the lack of possible photography - I wonder if there is a condition that involves having creative withdrawal symptoms? (I suppose if, according to urban legend, there is a wing of a hospital somewhere in Europe catering for those 'overcome by art' then it wouldn't surprise me!)
However, I was very happy to be behind the camera again on Monday, doing what I enjoy most. This recent snowfall felt incredibly photography-worthy, and luckily my friend, the other Roz, (who lives nearby) was on hand to be styled by and pose for me in -8C for an hour and a half!
We decided to do a little shoot in a local beauty spot. We were both remarking on how Narnia-like the scenery looked. Suddenly a common branch, when struggling under the weight of snow, takes on the guise of a fairy tale.

I like to come up with back stories for photo sequences, and in this instance I devised a little Russian style tale about a princess. I'm sure this was inspired by the fact I've been reading Anna Karenin, and have also recently rewatched Doctor Zhivago!

 This red haired beauty sleeps for the majority of the year, missing out on the picnics of summer or running through the leaves in autumn. Instead, she likes to wait until the first snow fall before emerging from her cosy, green hollow in the foot of a tree. It is then that she is ruler in her own land. Hers are the first footprints imprinted in the fresh snow - and her fingertips brush the icy branches before anyone else.

I wanted Roz to show a mixture of elegance and childish wonder at the scenes around her. We had a lot of fun wandering through the trees, (getting lost a few times) and finding suitable locations for each shot.

Clothes-wise, I decided on a palette of greens,  golds and muted oysters with hints of black. My new favourite fabric is velvet - I have rediscovered it after several years of disliking its texture - meaning I used it a lot in this shoot.

The first ensemble was made up of a green sixties velvet jacket that used to belong to my mum, belted over a thrifted full skirt. The hat is from a charity shop.

The second outfit was comprised of a raw silk thrifted green skirt, a charity shopped gold cardigan and belt, and the other Roz's fur coat. The leopard print gloves were given to me, and the two necklaces belonged to my grandma. I loved the idea of styling Roz like a glamorous Russian heiress from the past.

For the third I put a green velvet skirt (matching the jacket) with one of my favourite cable knit jumpers from the Big Chill. The faux fur hat belonged to my paternal grandfather, the gold gloves from my dressing up box, and the purple velvet shoes are the other Roz's. Necklaces as above.

I thought these snow-filled photos were appropriate to post just before Christmas! The process of this shoot felt like another healing step. I proved to myself that I could do it, and had the required stamina needed. And today I only lay down once or twice! Hopefully the next few days will be full of laughter, love and good food - although unfortunately not for my dad, as he has just come down with a nasty sickness bug..

And if I don't post again before then, Merry Christmas!


Suz said...

beautiful jacket and cardigan!

Blythe and Charlotte said...

I love these, especially the sweater in the last one and the gloves! The color pallet is gorgeous!

Marloes. said...

These photos are really cool!

Rick Forrestal said...

Great snow photos. And she doesn't even look COLD. Her red hair looks so RED against the white snow. Nice work. Merry Christmas to you both.

CAT said...

Aaaah! These photos are absolutely amazing! SNOW! I LOVE IT!

I have a new post titled 'Adolescent Scent' and I would adore for you to check it out!


eartha said...

Love these photos, very beautiful!

sacramento said...

Wonderful photos. Have a wonderful Cxmas my dear friend.

Ruby said...

And a merry christmas to you too :)
I love the photographs

Peacock's Hat said...

Your friend's hair is gorgeous.

November Grey said...

Ah... beautiful, love! Look at all the snow! Gorgeous shots. And the previous of you are stunning as well.

Merry Christmas!


November Grey

Anonymous said...

STUNNING it is.......super work .....

Frini, the Common Suspect said...

well, this looks so professional!!
your friend is wonderful in these outfits, which by the way are so special and appropriate for a christmas post! especially the long beige/off-white skirt is amaaaazing!
have a merry merry xmas with lots of fun and people you love!

kiss kiss*

Penny Dreadful said...

I like the one where she is sitting under the tree the best. Did you see you have been named one of the bloggers of the year over on Citizen Rosebud? Hope you have a great Christmas :)

Miu said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It is quite like Narnia. A beautiful, magical winter wonderland, and the outfits are a perfect compliment.
Merry Christmas and continued healing to you, Roz! And hoping your dad gets well soon.

Soccer Mom Style said...

Your friend Roz looks like a real Snegurochka (Russian Santa's -Grandfather Frost's) granddaughter!
Your friend is beautiful! Love her hair.

Which Doctor Zhivago did you see? I love the one with Keira Knightly in it! Actually, it's one of my favorite movies.

I am very much into green and gold myself. I think nothing says vintage more than that color combo. I have a green thrifted skirt I wear a lot these days with black and gold:

and also worn here:

merry Christmas, Roz!
Gilocav Shoba Akhal Tsels! (that's in Georgian) and
S Rozhdestvom Khristovim! (in Russian)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Wonderful pictures..
Merry Christmas! Please give your opinion about my latest look too

Fashion is me said...

Very trendy and original idea, styling admirable. Super

Regards, Adam

Raez said...

what a great shoot! kudos to both of you for braving -8 deg celcius to do a shoot. the photos turned out lovely-my favourite shot is the one of her in a tree!

hope you had a merry christmas!

xx raez

Kate said...

I love the knitted jumper- it looks so perfect on her! The scenery is beautiful and very Narnia! I recently watched Doctor Zhivago as it's my grandmas favourite film and although it was quite hard to get into I ended up loving it.

Happy Christmas!

Pearl Westwood said...

They do look very magical! I absolutely adore velvet, I just like to stroke it. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you poor dad feels better soon xx

Dylana Suarez said...

This is an amazing photo shoot! The stylish is superb and complements the beautiful snowy environment so well! GORGEOUS! And yes, it is so Narnia!


Shoe said...

Lovely! I love the whimsical house in the background!



Luca Belotti said...

Hey very cool picts
I love the location...
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You were my personal favorite in 2010. Here's the feature on your blog. Congrats on being part of Citizen's Choice Best Blogs 2010.

Anonymous said...

Lovely set of shots :) I love the Russian feel...also reading Anna Karenina at the moment and can see its influence! Love the blog, and Happy New Year to you :)

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