Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dedicated follower of fashion

The musically interested out there can probably guess, from the title, what I'm listening to while writing this - The Kinks. After having got out our ancient record player I've been discovering some great sixties (as well as seventies and eighties) bands, with another favourite being The Doors. And to follow on with this theme of all things sixties, the TV show this outfit references is also set in that decade. Being a dedicated follower of Mad Men, I felt that this ensemble was slightly inspired by an equestrian Betty Draper - a classic cable jumper and jodhpurs.
I love the powdery blue shade of this Laura Ashley charity shopped jumper, as well as the intricate cable pattern on the front. It has been invaluable in the winter cold, as I can wear two or three layers under it easily. The jodhpurs are American Apparel, bought from an amazing charity shop for £1.50 (I also got a vintage vanity case for a pound there!) and I wore them over tights from Next. The heels are also from Next, and match the colour of the jodhpurs perfectly. The beautiful mohair hat is one of my many Kangol treaures, and along with the blue leather gloves, used to belong to my great-grandma. The gloves were a late addition (my lovely mum actually took them off and gave them to me) and their main purpose was to hide the fact that my hands had turned purple in the cold! Poor circulation does not a good photo make. The bag is from ebay and the necklace belonged to my maternal grandma.
Dad took these photos of me when we were away in the coastal welsh countryside. Somehow, I quite like the bleak colour of the landscapes in the background. It gives the images a certain folorn feel. After taking the photos, my dad subsequently jumped in the freezing waterfall pictured behind! He is a bit of a cold water junkie.. I like river swimming, but mainly during summer! However, nothing beats the adrenaline rush or buzz of natural, icy water.

I thought that because the outfit had such a retro inspiration, I would round off the post with a thoroughly modern debate! I had a delightful little tea party (involving the best coconut and lime cake I've ever tasted) with a good family friend after school today, and we had an indepth discussion about the internet, its effects and the way it might evolve. I have been musing on this since I got home, and I thought I'd throw open some questions.

Do you think that eventually the internet will replace all books and magazines, and we will all download our literary material onto kindles or e-readers? Luddite that I am, I think there will always be room for printed books. For me, nothing beats the feel of turning pages or the smell of old books. And how could one put a coffee table photography book on a screen? It just wouldn't have the same effect.

Are newspapers in a different category? Is there a strong case for preserving natural resources by using e-readers insteed of papers? These are things that will only be read once or twice before being thrown away or (hopefully) recycled - it would save trees and paper if they were all presented on the same screen. I already keep up to date by reading the Guardian website.

Will the internet also change the nature of publishing? Will all new books have to be interactive and have razz-matazz  features to keep the reader interested? As my friend remarked, one thing about having a book in front of you is that you have to commit your whole concentration to the page. It's not like the internet where everything is instant, and sometimes attention spans are shorter.

One point to make is that I mentioned listening to records at the beginning of this post. It seems that vinyl has had something of a rennaisance - obviously it will never be as popular again as music downloads, but there is still demand for record-shops and the like. Maybe two types of media, digital and the tangible can continue to co-exist? I certainly hope so.


Freya B ♥ said...

Fantastic post!
Great pictures, love the jumper, thrift/charity shops are treasure troves!
I'm glad you had a good time.
I don't think the feel of a book will ever die out, the internet may be huge and growing, but books will be around for a long time!
How about we follow each other?
Your blog is so inspirational, so naturally, I'm a follower! :)

Emma said...

I personally will always be a book reader. First off they never have to be charged so when you want to read you just open them and enjoy instead of worrying about battery power.
And like you I enjoy turning pages and when I go back and re-read I find food stains or spots on the pages that remind me of previous times I read the book.

Ellie Jane said...

I love your jumper, I've wanted one like it for myself for a while.
The kinks are amazing, my dad used to play them around the house all the time, I remember being about 9 and trying religiously to make my friend sing along to follower of fashion whenever she came round!
In my opinion I feel that eventually the internet and technology will became a far more integral in the publishing of magazines and books. I also strongly hope that the good ol' fashioned book will never die out, I find a sense of achievement when finishing a book, and the ability to feel the pages between your fingers something I don't think can ever be replicated by technology.

I apologise for a long winded comment!

vio said...

really really beautiful!

Georgia said...

I love the outfit! So beautiful! :) X

Penny Dreadful said...

This actually reminds me more of Julie Christie than anything else - especially the one where you are staring straight into the camera.

Love the Kinks; and although I think it is fabulous being able to listen to music so easily on my tiny ipod, I also adore vinyl. I'm sure it will continue to be the same for books and e-readers :)

Pearl Westwood said...

I cant believe your dad jumped in the water!!! Nothing will ever replace the smell of a book for me!

Grace said...

gorgeous. i love the contrast between the blue and browns/gray!

xx grace

Roz G. said...

as always beautiful photography and clothes
I have really been dying to visit the english countryside ever since I started browsing by your blog. I'm positively in love with the landscapes.
For my own old-fashioned way of thinking I have my entire faith in printed books never dying out. The smell of old pages and the comodity of being able to pursue any and every single chapter at any given time or place are thrilling.
But then again faith IS afterall a beleif in something rationally impossible so there you go..

L'age moyen said...

Great hat! What a smart design with the wrap to protect ears and cheeks.

As for the future effect of the internet, I agree with your argument to spare the trees for the daily reads that are so quickly discarded. Personally, I've lost almost all interest in magazines having replaced that part of my reading with the internet. But books, ah, there another thing entirely. There is small renaissance for hand-printed and bound books in my part of the world. I hope books are here to stay. Lovely outfit, as always.

adrielleroyale said...

Great pictures as always - and I really enjoy The Doors as well :)

My Heart Blogged said...

Lovely outfit. You ask a great question. I think like many other things it will peter out slowly. But, still stay around a little. It's sad that it's this way. I believe soon tv, and the internet will be integrated. The internet has really changed the way we operate, and receive information. While they may never fully die out newspapers, and books are taking up valuable resources. Most people do not recycle. It makes sense to switch to e-books, and e-newspapers.
My Heart Blogged

Dylana Suarez said...

So glad to hear you are a The Doors fan! I a major fan of the doors. Listen to them every single day!

The color of your sweater is just spectacular on you! Not many can pull it off, but you def. can!


Ashlyn said...

I think it is a lot like film and digital photography: there is room for both in this world but one has undoubtedly become more efficient. The internet is such a great resource and without it, obviously I couldn't be writing you this comment. However, as a journal keeper and a reader I can't imagine a world where paper books and notebooks are essentially outdated and overpriced (much like some film processes...eek). As far as the use of paper goes, I literally can use a magazine up to six or seven times by cutting out images and clippings before I recycle it. True, others might not be as responsible, but I love the impact of the glossy (or non, in the case of books) page.

Ruby said...

I love the jumper. So lovely!

otherdutchanimals said...

Newspapers are going to go but books are here forever! They have to stay, it would be tragic without them. Although what you said about them becoming more "interactive" when digitalised is really interesting.

Loving your amazing charity shop finds! The setting for the photographs really captures an interesting mood for the outfit as well.

Lauren x

Camille said...

Great hat!

Kate said...

I love those jodhpurs- such a bargain for a gorgeous item of clothing! I seriously wish I had your charity shops near me! Your photos always have such an amazing quality and have gorgeous results!

On you question about the internet and books- I think that books will forever hold a special place in a lot of people, especially the older generations, heart. But even when that generation and many after that are gone, I'm confident we will still read and enjoy books. We still wear things from the 50s right? So why can't we read things in books from years and years ago? Its a topic thats really buzzing around at the moment what with kindles and ipads, but I love the idea of holding a book, turning pages and occasionally getting a paper cut! I like the physical object as well as whats inside it- but maybe that's just me!

The Lady Nerd said...

It always amazes me how you can pull off making such seemingly mundane clothes look to be something special. (I'd look quite frumpy in that get-up!) But you pull it off with such ease. Of course, a British Isles backdrop probably helps. :P

I don't believe that the internet with ever fully replace the printed word (or if it does, it'll be eons from now). For one, there's just too much volume of books out there. I know we've been having this debate at my house as Mom is about to put Allon up as an e-Book. I personally prefer a paper/hardback book to a Kindle any day. My eyes get too strained looking at a screen. And there's something truly wonderful about curling up with a book, a warm cup of tea. Somehow I just don't get that feeling with a Kindle/iPad. It feels too..corporate, mechanical, and artificial.

Though I'd go the opposite in terms of newspapers. I haven't read a newspaper in a few years (and the only reason we even got the paper was for grocery coupons). Books are something that you can keep with you forever. Newspapers become dated in 24 hours or less.

The Lady Nerd said...

I think you might enjoy reading my mom's blog. She's been writing about some of the very issues from the perspective of a published authour. She's been writing books for years, but the publishing market has changed drastically from what it once was.

Libby said...

Gorgeous outfits, and the subdued countryside is really beautiful.
As for the question at the end: I think the two things can live side by side. Having tangible books is really important to me, and actually feeling the weight of a book in my hands makes something linger longer with me, yet my parents think a Kindle is a good idea. I can't imagine a house without books and stacks of papers with notes and rambling thoughts scrawled on them. Also, I keep a journal & write stories on paper. Being without this very physical outlet would feel so weird. For many people, they conduct business over the computer and I think stepping away and journalling in a private notebook is very important. However I think online papers are a good idea. Honestly, how many people read every page of a paper? I skip the sports pages. We buy i usually {but still not regularly} and I read the rest of that since it is bite-size and I don't drown on the sofa under copious amounts of paper. But people spend so long on the computer, generally speaking, that online papers seem like the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Great post Roz, that last shot could have been from an old edition of Vogue you've matched everything so well! An interesting debate, I don't think that books will ever die out = after all it's now come into fashion to have vintage editions of magazines such as Vogue and first editions of books. It's the same with records - I buy records at charity shops and play them on our old record player. Obviously the quality isn't there but there's something so retro about playing records that makes them so appealing - almost as if we are rebelling against the digitalisation of the world. I'm not saying that the internet is wrongly stealing the limelight from books and papers because, after all we all write and read blogs and shop online and keep in contact with people and so we would be lost without it. However, I think that regarding newspapers it is much quicker and easier to find particular news items that are up to date on the web, and it's because of this that The Times are trying to cash in by making people pay to view the news on their website unless they already subscribe to receive the actual paper. I had the debate re kindles the other day with my friend as she has one and loves it as she can take all her books everywhere - especially when travelling on planes etc., although you always run the risk of breaking it/losing it (a £100+ kindle is harder to replace than a £6 copy of Pride and Prejudice) and it just isn't the same as concentrating on and curling up with a good book and feeling that sense of satisfaction and fulfilment when you finish it. I like to smell my books when I open them and feel the pages and become one with the book. I don't want to read it off a screen. This leads to the problem of independent and even big chain bookshops to close as people are either buying them much cheaper off Amazon or are simply downloading them onto kindles. I would hate to lose the feeling of wandering round an independent book shop and browsing the endless titles. I think that that is why I love charity shops so much!

Sorry that my comment is so huge but I am always really interested when this debate comes up as the future of books + papers is not very certain at the minute. I definitely share your view about hoping that the two can evolve together in harmony though. Hope you don't mind if I refer to + link to this post and debate on my blog?

Inspired by you as always Roz!

Alexandra Thérèse xx

Anonymous said...

i agree with what you say about books sticking around. in fact, i think there will always be room for paper-printed material.

the powdery blue does so suit your coloring! and as always, brown.

looking lovelier than ever, roz!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, as usual you are stunning.

As a rare book collector and a professional librarian I embrace traditional print and new reading resources. Things are changing in the publishing world due to the use of the Internet and mobile devices. For example, traditional reference collections are being replaced by online databases. You can't beat the internet for "happening now" information and often for the most accurate facts.

I use the Sony Touch, Kindle, Nook and Nook Color e-readers in the library and own a Nook Color. On my Nook I have over 600 books from the classics to Harry Potter. It's fantastic to have a library I can never finish in my handbag. I value and still find the same thrill in book collecting, but it's different books for changing times.

Hello Bee said...

Totally agree, this is Betty season 2 Mad Men to a T! Beautiful blue colour against the rural backdrop, and the jodpers are amazing!

Emily said...

My goodness, I hope there will always be books and records on this earth! (Books and records being some of my favorite things.)
I also think that letter-writing should be preserved. E-mail is quick and useful, and I truly appreciate it, but our lives shouldn't be merely 'quick and useful'. Our lives are intricate... unique, beautiful.
What would we do without those precious, worn pages that tell us so much of the past? Letters capture so much more than a glaring screen ever could.
Sorry for the ramble.
I love the countryside photographed here.
Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roz,

Finally published my post referencing this one! Hope you like it,

Alexandra Thérèse xx


Really enjoy reading your blog, nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing!!!!

polka dot said...

First, absolutely beautiful photos and I love this Equestrian Betty Draper look: you're even more beautiful than January Jones in this!

In no particular order: I am such a Luddite and I hope paper books never go away. I'm the same way, I love the feel and as your friend said, the total attention you have to give to a book. And I can't imagine taking a Kindle in with a bubble bath!

2nd: I didn't know your dad was a Mad Swimmer too! I'm not great with icy water but I am swimming obsessed. I can't believe he swam in Welsh water this time of year! He has my total admiration.

re: vinyl records, my brother as you know is a musician and really understands producing, and he told me years ago that digital recording is, he feels, inferior to traditional recording because it's 'too perfect'. It's the same as film vs. digital photography: there is something organic in the grainy quality of film, the same applies to music. Or something like that. But basically, as much as I revere each technical advance, I am a proud, card carrying Luddite all the way!

And re: coconut and lime, those two ingredients have become obsessions in the past year. In fact my contribution to our 2009 dinner party was a coconut lime cheesecake I adapted from a vanilla cheesecake recipe with orange zest from a Martha Stewart cookbook. I will email you the recipe this week. (a great quick snack: a dollop of ricotta cheese in a bowl of strawberry banana innocent drink, with a hefty squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of coconut = perfection. And it's so colourful).

Last but not least: the colour and the light. There is something so sophisticatedly dissonant about that electric blue - which is so sixties - with the cool chocolate and mocha colours. Just gorgeous. xox

Sarah Rose said...

Great hat! Beautiful scenery :)
Rose xx

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

blue is definitely your color!

Katie Krinkleberry said...

Oh you are so pretty! :) Do you take the photo's yourself with a tripod or something?

the Citizen Rosebud said...

God, I LOVE the Kinks. A little meh about the doors however.

My b*friend's passion is music and he's an avid music collector. With over 10,000 vinyl records, 6000 CDs, you'd think he'd not be into downloads. Ah, no. We figured out that if he sat down and listened to every download he's done in the past 6 months (he has those CD books filled with burned copies of these downloads) He'd be listening to music non-stop for 22 years. Which is ridiculous. But for him, there's so much out there to learn about and explore (world music, jazz, kraut rock, death metal, jap pop) that he can not stop. He says that the best tangible is the record, the quality and the visceral experience.

So apples in oranges I guess.

Anonymous said...

completely LOVE this... looking and reading i got this really interesting vibe from your work. again, LOVE it.

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