Monday, 17 January 2011

Not how I planned it

Let's forget the winter cold for the moment - instead cast your mind back to that elusive season known usually as 'summer'. Or if that feels like too much of a stretch of the imagination in this miserable British rain, then maybe just think of a mild autumn day? As in, mild enough for bare legs.
I have a cache of photos on my computer, taken a few months before my surgery, that need to be posted. And at least in my part of the UK, this post is sunny enough to make me forget that I had to walk through a minor flood to get home today.

However, when this outfit was photographed by my dad back in late August 2010, it turned into a slightly awkward venture. The original styling plan had involved high heels, a bag and more jewellery. However, once at the location ( a family favourite of ours), I accidently dropped one of said heels in a small pool. So au revoir Faith wedges and hello bare feet! And then there was a general thinning of accessories until I was only left with what you see in the photos.

This beautiful green velvet dress was given to me by one of the nicest stallholders I know. There is a local vintage market stall that I often frequent, and from which I have bought numerous vintage coats and other items. The lovely woman who runs it sometimes gives me things she can't sell. Other treasures she has passed on to me include a blue and gold bound book from the fifties called 'The Importance of Wearing Clothes', and faded pink satin shoes with diamonte heels. This particular item is vintage Monsoon, and was created with very good quality velvet. I previously mentioned my newly discovered love of velvet, and it is not on the wane. While writing I am wearing a velvet jacket that my mum bought during her student days - thank goodness she has the family hoarding gene! The colour of this reminds me of cool forests in late summer. I wore it with a pair of my 'mummy's scissors' and a belt that used to belong to my grandma.

Thank you for the thoughtful and interesting additions to my debate in the last post. It seems that most people have reached the consensus that digital and tangible can live alongside each other, and someone made the good point that we still wear vintage clothes - if we didn't then my blog probably wouldn't exist!
I must admit, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the internet. I love all of the opportunities it brings - such as blogging - and being able to instantly research something or contact someone. However, when it comes to social networking sites, I find that nothing beats face to face conversation for me. And I am constantly paranoid about my laptop getting a virus and wiping all my work stored on here. Now all my photos (as well as writing) are stored on my laptop, rather than in a photo album or notebook, it seems that they exist all the more precariously - which is why I can't wait to have a few of my best photos printed out!

Stored on one of my shelves are various boxes of family photos from different generations of great-grandparents and grandparents. They are invaluable for scrap books, moodboards, inspiration and an insight into the fabric of family. However, am I just going to be the family archivist of the past now,with my old fashioned images in boxes? Now generations after me will only see photos taken in 2010 on a screen, and not by chance in among a hundred blurred images of flowers taken by grandpa.
Somehow this thought makes me want to learn the art of film photography all the more. That is definitely one challenge to set myself for this new year.

Finally, I was incredibly impressed by the PR push behind the launch of 'Boardwalk Empire' on the Sky Atlantic Channel. I was sent a gorgeous vintage Vogue (1960!) as part of the publicity, which I have been enjoying leafing through with a cup of coffee in hand. I love the flapper style (I have the perfect figure for the clothes!), and have recently been studying 1920s America - I find modern history fascinating. I hope those of you who are watching or are planning to watch Boardwalk Empire enjoy it - and the question is, is it the new Mad Men?


Indigo said...

that dress is so beautiful. I'm giving away a vintage velvet dress at the moment. x

Ellie Jane said...

That dress is lovely, I love the deep colour of it. The final shot is beautiful.

I acquired an old film camera from a carboot in the summer and since then I've gained a real love of using film cameras, after being given some by family and most notably my Grandad's favourite camera from the fifties. I like to think there's something a bit more genuine about film photography. It feels a little bit more real than flawless digital images, but of course digital camera's are invaluable, for one I wouldn't be able to blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the green of the velvet Roz, it reminds me of when I played Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream in School! Beautiful photos - I know what you mean about the weather - I haven't been out all weekend! I actually published a post this evening about how I was "dreaming of sun"! I agree with you about the photos - although I take mine on a digital camera I have them all printed off and sent to me by Truprint. They are ridiculously cheap and postage is only normally £1.50 and then I have an "in the flesh" record!

Did you manage to check out the post I mentioned the debate in? Thanks again for the modelling advice too, I will keep you posted if anything comes of it!

Alexandra Thérèse xx

November Grey said...

Look how pretty you are, Roz! That color is divine on you. We're getting pretty warm weather here in L.A., so this post suits my mood perfectly.


November Grey

E is for Eleanor said...

What a beautiful PR gift to receive! I'm looking forward to seeing that show, I am such a huge Buscemi fan.

The green couldn't be more perfect or appropriate- did you see all of the emerald green on the red carpet at the golden globes last night? Absolutely one of my favourite colours. x

Kate said...

Beautiful dress- you are so lucky you know that lovely stallholder!
Although we keep all our photos on the computer, we print out a lot too as my mum is obsessed with photo albums!
This post has made me really miss summer and I can't wait for it to come around again, although I know it will be a long wait!

TC said...

such a beautiful dress!

Pearl Westwood said...

I think it is wonderful that yuo have carfully stored your photos, and yes I regret I do not print them out anymore. I should find sometime to make up a few photo albumns, there is nothing quite life leafing through them x

Natalie Suarez said...

such an elegant, beautiful dress. that is one of my favorite colors, forest green. looks sooo gorgeous on ur skin tone! :)

Mei-li said...

ooo my god you are crazy it's still a bit cold here !!
but i like to don't wear shoes abd have fun next to a river !!
and the green of the dress fit perfectly with the rocks !!

Anonymous said...

wow, you look amazing in that green velvet hue, roz! too bad about your shoe, but on with the photo shoot!
you just reminded me...i need to back-up. like, tonight. lest all my photos and precious documents be lost. technology is great until it fails you.
hope you have a lovely week!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi, Roz! Beautiful pictures and dress; and I'm sorry about your shoe!

I want to thank you for having dropped by a while ago. You're always in my thoughts, honestly. I don't always write because I'm usually running and now that I'm moving to a different country, I'm even busier. But trust me, I'm right here wishing you all the best and sending my good vibes! :D

By the way, I love and hate the internet, too. But I think I love it more; without it, I'd never met David! Hehe.

Have a great week!


Dylana Suarez said...

You look amazing in that emerald green dress! It looks gorgeous against your hair and skin tone. And I feel exactly the way you do about digital vs. tangible debate. The Internet has definitely opened a lot of doors for me and helped me explore a whole new world full of people that I am so thankful to be able to connect with, but at the same time I try to find balance in my life with tangible things that keep me grounded and more in tune with reality. Nothing is better than a good book that you can dig your nose in and literally turn because each page is more thrilling than the next. And nothing beats a good face-to-face conversation with your good friend, or even a fellow blogger turned friend in real life. I, too, and also so paranoid that my laptop is going to die on my one day and I will lost everything. hehe. I didn't even get my first laptop until my 3rd year of college. Kids are being exposed to technology and the internet younger and younger nowadays, but I am thankful that I got to do things the good old ways a lot longer. I still love the Internet though, but I try to limit my usage of it, though it can be very hard.

Have a lovely day!



My Heart Blogged said...

I the dress is rich it's okay you didn't have the shoes, and accessories you planned on. I would take that dress for free any day of the week. I would love to get my hands on some old vogues, they must be so inspiring.
My Heart Blogged

Polka Princess said...

I love looks gorgeous & so rouyal!!! In fact, the jewel color of your dress makes it all the more stunning! :)

sacramento said...

Your photos, your green velvet dress...Nothing else to add, jut enjoy.
Sometimes words are not necessary when you express everything you want with one image.

sheila said...

You look lovely! That colour is amazing...

Fashionistable said...

I was so happy to read on and realise your did not have your tootsies out in this cold winter weather. The green velevet is beautiful. I feel the same way about photo's as you. I have loads of photoalbums. But since I went digital they are all in machines or on disc. Please make sure you back up regularly to an external hard drive or disc, so you can stop worrying about what your laptop does. I feel it is time to start using someone like Blurb to create my albums. I havent heard of Boardwalk Empire. Dont have Sky as we watch TV only occassionally. Xxxx

Rachelous said...

Beautiful, beautiful dress! I love the idea of Boardwalk Empire, 1920's America, Steve Buscemi and Scorsese sounds amazing... but I love Mad Men too much :) xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, you look like a romantic heroine from Celtic folklore! That dress is such a great vintage find - every time I read your blog I feel compelled to do some treasure hunting of my own. The vintage Vogue sounds wonderful, old magazines are a wonderfully tangible connection with a bygone time. I guess the problem with object though is how fragile they can be, so being able to make digital copies is a fantastic way to immortalise such precious things. Barring viruses and computer malfunction of course! xx

Libby said...

Gorgeous dress! It's so hard to find anything with a really deep green to it.
Flapper dresses are so pretty! I'd love to wear one sometime, but I can't imagine where I'd find one.
And have you heard of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair {} ? I'm planning to go with a friend when it comes to our town and it seems like there will be some great stuff.

Penny Dreadful said...

Green is certainly your colour, you look very Pre-Rapahelite here.

Will certainly be watching Boardwalk Empire, how could I not with all the gorgeous clothes that will be on display!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! I think the bare feet are a brilliant edition, where you live is beautiful :)

Bea said...

you look absolutely gorgeous, that green is perfect on you! bad luck on the shoes, but looking on the bright side it certainly adds even more interest than usual (and your shoots are always captivating anyway) doing a photoshoot barefoot :)
Bea xx

Shallow Mallow said...

Shame about your shoes but these photos look amazing barefoot.

More photographs are being lost/deleted now than ever. Of course we also take more of them than ever before. I guess they have become more of a throw away item thanks to digital technology. No more spending money on film and processing. Family photographs always intrigue me. What do we choose to document, what events (or which family members) do we ommit? Our walls used to display photographs of our dead but nowadays we are more preoccupied with the living. Eventhough there weren't yet digital photographs when I grew up a change had already taken place in people's attitude to photography by then. My Dad took thousands of photographs of me growing up. Every special event documented in minute detail. Even my first visit to the dentist is enshrined on film (yes, no kidding) but still there are ommissions. I am fascinated by the way we use photography to manipulate our own memories. We eradicate the bad times and choose only to remember the good. (That is unless your name is Sally Mann I guess. There are a few others who have turned family photography on its head but she is my hero). So crazy about this topic. If you are interested give On Photography by Susan Sontag and Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes a go. Way worth it.

Beckerman Girls said...

Lovin' your blog...the pics just BLEW me off my chair!!! They all are soooo amazzzing and like out of pages of a magazine! Your styling is soooo RAD and so happy we found ya! We are soo followin you now! You look like a princess in the pics!!Love your green dress..grrreat neckline! Sooo beautiful! We are from Toronto and bloggin' in the snow right now.ahhh!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Evi said...

I love your have a great style and you are like a model..WELL DONE, GREAT WORK.... follow you for sure <3

Love, Evi

Raez said...

really gorgeous colour on you Roz, emerald looks magical on you! love the addition of your mummy scissors as well, so charming:)

xx raez

Sara said...

If you're interested in 1920s America, you must read Flapper by Joshua Zeitz! It's an amazing read, probably my favorite non-fiction book ever, and the most engaging overview of the decade that I've read.

Emma said...

Can I you find that you feel confident at the size you are, I have followed your blog for so long - were you scared that when you had your surgery you would suffer a gain of weight and this would lose your confidence? I think as a model you are so something to aspire to, you always work with your physical limitations, but I just wonder, if your surgery had induced, weight gain, would you be as confident to have your photo taken?? much love, and glad that you are following your dreams of english lit at degree and your writing xxx

Juliet said...

Amazing pictures, beautiful dress and really gorgeous place!
I love it!
where is it?
xxx gorgeous!

Aimee said...

really love the green velvet! it looks so sunny in england!!

vicen said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?


Raji said...

The color of this dress is stunning, beautiful romantic photographs

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Wow, these photos are soooo stunning ! I lovee your blog, so glad I found it !

Cara said...

What amazing shots! I love the first one...the dress is fabulous, that color And I love that you went bare foot...simple yet stunning.
xo Cara

Cecilia said...

what a timless elegance
with a clever mind
and such a good taste in potography

read your posts and visit this blog
it has been a pleasure


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