Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Running up that hill

Although I didn't consciously plan two separate halves in my behind-the-camera shoot with Caitlin (see part one here), I realised once I was looking through the photos that the six outfits naturally fell into two categories. These three outfits seem to have a distinctly Wuthering Heights/ Kate Bush-esque feel, along with the original Helena Bonham Carter inspiration. In fact, at one point I asked Caitlin to pretend to be Cathy (lace skirts always make me want to wander over moors crying "Heathcliff!"), which resulted in an improvised monologue she recited whilst running around the field. However, I think for me, these photos just evoke recollections of Kate Bush's music.

While I was in hospital, recovering from surgery, I  listened endlessly to Kate Bush’s album ‘Hounds of Love’ - it allowed me to rise above the pain. Her lyrics, like a current, would dredge my heavy body up from the riverbed of pain and buoy me towards the surface. Music allowed me half hour ‘floats’ where the hurt was underneath me.
Whenever I hear that music it strengthens the memories by instantly pulling me back into that white room. (I was running up that hill, and dreaming of sheep...) Now the tracks are comforting - a mix of wanting to cry and smile. Somehow they remind me both of great wildness, but also of a safe cocoon of recovery time, with the autumn leaves falling past the windows of the hospital building.

The first outfit (and my personal favourite) is comprised of a vintage fifties velvet and taffeta dress (used to belong to my mum), a 'ruff' necklace I made out of some patterned tissue paper, and a child's Laura Ashley boater from a charity shop. The shoes are also thrifted, and the vintage leopard print gloves were given to me by my paternal grandma.

The second outfit is made up of an eighties monsoon raw silk dress with a vintage blazer (from a market stall) belted over it, cinched in with a second hand belt.

For the third ensemble, I put together a charity shopped lace skirt with a vintage silk jersey shirt that belonged to my great-grandma. The blue top underneath is Caitlin's (we had to improvise, as she nearly caught hypothermia in the wind!), the gold belt was given to me and the vintage necklace was a gift from my lovely grandma Babi - it used to belong to her.
The final shot was taken next to some ponies who appeared out of nowhere - Caitlin says she now wants to visit them regularly, bearing horsey gift snacks! Oh & Don't you think she has a very Carey Mulligan look about her in some of the shots? (Particularly the first).

Going back to the music idea, I find that songs can be incredibly evocative. I can almost categorise the last few years through the range of albums found on my iPod! Amy Macdonald reminds me of my first modelling trip, Beth Jeans Houghton (another fabulous eccentric to add to the list) brings back memories of recovering at home, and Massive Attack take me back to the Big Chill music festival. Do you have a particular song or artist that immediately transport you to a different place and time?


Sarah Rose said...

Ahh Roz you are amazing! I don't know how you could go through all those back problems and still continue to amazing your reader with such stunning photography! The pictures are beautiful - i especially love the last one with the lovely horses in the background.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography Roz - I particularly admire the blue blazer belted in over the dress. The boater in the first shot is great too! Dionne Warwick singing "Do you know the way to San Jose" reminds me instantly of last summer - beaches, holidays and the sun! I know exactly what you mean about how different albums and songs transport you back to a particular moment in time.

It is the same with people - the first few bars of Frank Sinatra singing "Pennies from heaven" immediately make me think of someone very special who is sadly not with us any more. Music can be very powerful in many ways - as you said it was an outlet from your pain.

Beautiful post as always Roz.

Alexandra Thérèse xx


sacramento said...

I love all the pics so very much. I can smell the coutryside while the poems are in the air, but what touched my heart the most, are your words:a safe cocoon of recovery time, with the autumn leaves falling past the windows of the hospital building.
So beautiful.

Lala said...

Beautiful photos, especially the last one. Wish I lived somewhere where I could shoot and random horses would wander along and join in. Glad you love Kate Bush and Amy Macdonald too :)
Romeo + Juliet by Dire Straits always reminds me of a trip to Sacramento, California and Land of a Thousand Words reminds me of a beautiful peaceful bay we found in Hawai'i. I would have to say one of my favourite artists is Dar Williams - whenever I hear her music, I just want to lie on the floor and dream :)

Catherine said...

On Ahh, Caitlin is so gorgeous! Her look reminds me alot of Elle Fanning and Frida Gustavsson. I can't believe you made the first outfit's necklace...you're so crafty. And the photography is great too, of course! (CANNOT believe you're only fifteen). The last shot is my favourite...I too want to live where ponies randomly appear !(and where mythical jumble sales unearth some amazing treasures).
And I completely agree with what you said about the evocativeness of music, you described it so well!. Basically any time I listen to a forgotten song, I'm immediately transported to the first time I heard it. Such a great feeling!

Tessa Brooke said...

Amazing photography Roz, as usual! I especially love the last one! It just has a great feel to it! Reading your blog makes me want to move to England or something. That is definitely going on my bucket list!
Tessa Brooke

Emily said...

This post is really stunning. Your photography is great! It's fun to see you take the other side of the camera as well. The second photo is my favourite, but they are all lovely.


Dylana Suarez said...

This girl is such a stunning being!



K said...

Tom McRae takes me back to my first year of university, Florence and the Machine to the last. Such different memories!

Lovely pictures, the horses in the last one are very photogenic!

K xx


Natalie Suarez said...

that last photo would have to be my favorite! it is so stunning!
and thank you for your comment. I'm definitely getting around to shooting with that lovely necklace you made..sry my sched is all over the place, as well as my closet haha sry for being so late!! gaah!



Fashionistable said...

Roz, Hounds of Love is one of my favourite albums too. I play it loud in the car. Love your 3rd and 7th shots the most. Another great post.Xxxx

Closet Fashionista said...

I love these photos! The last is my favorite :D

My Heart Blogged said...

I feel like music has got me through some very tough times. The third photo is my favorite. Your photos are always gorgeous though.
My Heart Blogged

Midtown Bazaar said...

You are a young woman who possesses an old soul, I swear. Kate Bush is my generation, and I LOVED Hounds of Love. Yes, both heavy and weightless.

Your model does have a Carey Mulligan look to her, and that first shot is superb. Do I use the word superb too much in my comments here? Well, try not being so uh, superb at everything and I'll give it a rest.

I propose you do a shoot with outfits representing certain songs. Just the outfits, same background, and see if we can feel it. And bonus points if you do Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

(this is Bella Q by the way, signed onto my Midtown Bazaar acct...sorry. Was working and got distracted when I saw you had a new post!)

AvaPilar said...

I love all of the Kate Bush references your incorporating into your posts lately. She has been one of my favorite artists since I was a child. If you have not all ready, try watching the video for cloudbusting, it has Donald Sutherland in it!

Hazelnut said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the first photo best. The clothes are beautiful. I like the hat she's wearing.

Sara said...

Wow these pics are gorgeous. love the first one especially.

autumn, coffee and inspiration

Polka Princess said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures........sigh! Instantly transported to the "wuthering Heights" era.......LOVE the shot with the ponies!

Zoë said...

I love these shades of blue!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. I am home sick in Narnia (Chicago after our blizzard) and nothing makes me feel better than Kate Bush and a cup of tea.
Might have to go watch the 1939 version of Wuthering Heights now.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought these images were taken from a magazine editorial, wow! love how you have a story to tell lemar 'My boo' brings me straight back to my wedding day, and always makes me smile. x

Midge said...

Gotta love a girl in a good hat :)

Penny Dreadful said...

I like how often you reference music, as we seem to have quite similar tastes. I listened to Hound of Love obsessively when I was 17/18, and the songs still take me back to that time and the creaky old record player in my teenage bedroom.

Kate said...

I love the last picture. The skirt somehow reminds me of an Alexander McQueen creation! You always manage to take such creative, imaginative photos!!

Gabby said...

I just love the collar on the black dress. SO CHIC AND CLASSY.


Vera Anna said...

It is really fun keeping up with your thoughts and meanderings Roz -= whenever I feel a bit tired, I think - oh, must look if Roz has come up with something new and mostly you do not disappoint me. Thanks. You do have some lovely friends and you take some very very good photos.....Love babi

beeble said...

These photos are amazing, especially love the last one!

danniekate said...

such lovely pictures, the colours are incredible :) xx

AVY said...

Didn't I comment on this? Oh well. Lovely pictures, cute girl.


Haute-fly said...

zero 7 never fails to take me back to my travels to Asia.

Lovely posts and great blog,

Haute-fly xx

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