Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lists and Wishes

There’s something rather satisfying about taking an imagined version of a chic geography teacher from the 1950s as style inspiration. All it requires is a knee length skirt, lashings of warm wool, a pair of high-heeled brogues and a token linen-bound book to assemble an outfit full of studious goodness.
In keeping with the devised character behind these photos, a well-ordered list felt appropriate. This blue jumper-clad figure would have a keen appreciation for bullet points or numbers; a love for precisely laid out inventories. So here is a festive holiday activities' wish list for the weeks ahead... 

  • ·      Collect old magazines or newspapers before gathering scissors, glue and a large notebook to spend the afternoon scrap-booking.
  • ·      Don a furry hat and long coat to swish around corners and along streets in the drizzle.
  • ·      Carefully choose second hand books for friends and write personal inscriptions on the title page.
  • ·      Discover a parent's or relative’s vinyl record collection, preferably whilst reclining in front of a fire.
  • ·      Invite friends for an evening of films and themed dressing up (cocktails optional).
  • ·      Learn a poem well enough to recite by heart.
  • ·      Complete a long, blustery walk while dressed in Wuthering Heights or Tess of the D’Urbervilles inspired attire.
  • ·      Spend a day getting as lost as possible in a museum or gallery. Unexpected exhibits and objects are often delightfully startling.
  • ·      An afternoon of blankets and books: take it in turn to read out poems and prose excerpts to friends whilst snug under a duvet. Alternately, see how many people can be squashed on a single sofa to speak the various parts in a play.
  • ·      For the very brave – anyone willing to plunge (briefly) into a countryside river or lake for that buzzing adrenaline rush?
  • ·      Construct an indoor den with blankets, elastic bands, laundry racks and towels (younger sibling optional).
  • ·      Tackle an epic novel or text, one chapter at a time.
  • ·      Find new friends. Break boundaries by being the one to begin a conversation. 
  • ·      Make like Andrew Logan through taking a mundane object, smothering it in tiling grout/ adhesive and studding it with bits of broken mirror, sequins, beads, tiny ornaments and glitter.
  • ·      Have a (silk) pyjama day complete with red lipstick and heels. No better way to lounge around browsing newspapers and eating brunch.

I felt the spirit of Diana Vreeland and her ‘Why Don’t You’ column peering over my shoulder in the last few, and was tempted to spiral down into recommendations of evening gowns for the weekly shop or theming each room according to a different century. For now the balance remains tipped towards the more practical, if fun, end of the scale. As with my previous set of suggestions here, I’d be intrigued by other people’s additions, ideas or variations. 

My skirt is second hand Brora, the high heeled brogues are Carvela, the jumper was from a charity shop (as was both the brooch and belt), the gloves were my great grandma's and the book was plucked from our shelves. 


AVY said...

Love the skirt, very pretty.


Thea said...

This list is perfection.

janettaylor said...

Pretty look!

Willow said...

When this came up on my blogger dashboard I was reminded of Helena Bonham Carter. You are so gorgeous, as is the skirt and shoes and backdrop and - well, everything.

Your list is wonderful, the scrapbooking, being clad in warm cosy clothes, films, dressing up, poems, friends, walks, dens and of course - silk pyjamas (the very thing I'm wearing as I type.)

My own list would include many of these things, as well as stick fights (although given the season it's more like water fights), visiting little creeks to take photos and running around picking mistletoe berries and lily pillies.

Also, in my last comment I forgot to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and the 'Absolutely Fabulous' season was season one.

Sam said...

Beautiful outfit and incredible photos, as ever... Good luck with your wishlist!

Sam Muses xx
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Rosa Fay said...

Absolutely beautiful! Such a rugged and wild, yet pristine look. All those activities sound fantastic, I shall be sure to try some of them out! (I can say for sure that an indoor den has been assembled many a time!)

Rosa Fay said...

Absolutely beautiful! Such a rugged and wild, yet pristine look. All those activities sound fantastic, I shall be sure to try some of them out! (I can say for sure that an indoor den has been assembled many a time!)

Katia Pellicciotta said...

This is so achingly amazing. You look so poised and beautiful and the list just makes me long for winter!! Your writing also is lovely as always, I'd love to meet your character.
I especially love the idea of personal inscriptions on the title page of second hand books as gifts; I love finding notes about the text itself when reading second hand books so I think the next one I buy for someone else I'll first read and put notes and thoughts in for them.

Closet Fashionista said...

That is such a wonderful wishlist! Lots of fun and adventure to be had :)
I can totally see you as a geography teacher in the 50s, haha...funny how clothes can do that :)

Izzy/Bella said...

I want to do all these activities! I particularly liked the idea of giving second-hand books with thoughtful inscriptions written in them to friends. Not to the point, but I LOVE when I come across books such as those in second-hand shops.

I like the majestic feel of these photos. There's a repressed feeling of grandeur in your expression-- perhaps inspired by your choice of character this week?

Speaking of second-hand bookshops and 50s librarian/ teacher types, I'm reading a lovely book called "The Thirteenth Tale." I don't remember by whom. I think you'd love it...particularly as (I think I read this somewhere on here?) you love Du Maurier's Rebecca? Anyway something in these photos reminds me of the character in the book-- not entirely as she's described outwardly but as she is on the inside.

Well! I hope you have a very happy holidays, you and your family!


P.S. I think I'm taking down my blog :( Since you're one of the only blogs I read and comment on anymore (you and Jenny over at The Foolish Aesthete) I wanted to give you a heads up. I just discovered my host site published my (old, Manhattan) home address (thank goodness, NOT my current one in Brooklyn) and my (soon-to-be-changed) home phone number on the worldwide web! I'm totally appalled. I'll let you know if I continue blogging through another site such as blogger or wordpress... Oh, and good luck with exams? All my friends in school here in America are just finishing up their semester... xoxo

Return to My Blogg said...

i love the skirt! really!

Melanie said...

I love your geography teacher inspiration for this post. If I may add to the list: meet at a friend's house and spend an afternoon painting an abstract expressionist piece on a naked, lonely wall while listening to your favourite music. Happy holidays to you!

daisychain said...

I love your list and will be trying to implement some of the ideas.

Your hair looks incredible in these photos xx

Vix said...

Love your chic geography teacher look so far removed from the deerstalker, tweed and handlebar moutashioed gent who was mine at our fusty all-girls' school.
What a sweet list, full of fun, challenges and glamour. On mine today there was exploring an inner city graveyard but looking at the weather it's going to be a whistlestop tour! x

Jo said...

Lovely skirt! This look reminds me of some of the outfits in mona lisa smile :)

Tara said...

Since I have been overwhelmed by an acute sense of Christmapathy – a word, I believe, of my own coinage that I have yet to copyright – for the last few weeks, it’s really lovely to see something like this. Something very homely – yet quite unconventional when pitted against just sitting by the fireside, guzzling mounds of mince pies.
I love the sound of spending a day “getting lost” in a museum/gallery – the V&A would be my gallery of choice, simply because it is filled to the rafters with amazing artefacts and the on-site café makes the most scrummy apricot croissants! And it would be a crime if I weren’t to do some den making over the hols – simply because of the name of my blog. But, due to the fact I have far too many scraps of paper, and the like, dotted around I think making a scrapbook would not only be a fun, festive and relaxing activity, it will also be a clutter-eliminating one, which will be an early Christmas present to my parents!
P.S. Hope the interview went well – or, if you are yet to do it, goes well. Wishing you the very, very best – fingers and toes crossed!

Best Wishes,


Maxens M. Finch said...

"For the very brave – anyone willing to plunge (briefly) into a countryside river or lake for that buzzing adrenaline rush?"
How weird! Just yesterday at night I was walking near the Ill and wanted to try swimming in it... though my first thought was plungeing from the bridge. Which sounds really romantic, but I would have broken something since the water isn't as profound as it seems. I keep thinking about trying to swim a bit in it, still dressed, while walking near. I guess I'll try one day when I work out the guts to come home soaked.
The Ill:
I really like the blue lace (?) on the bottom of the skirt.
I also want to do a painting like in Better Than Chocolate with someone I'd be in love with. I guess I have to wait to be in a relationship and, erm, really sure it's the person I want to do that with?!


What a pretty post, I love the photos so much :)

Lydia said...

I love your list. I need to make one for myself! Yours sounds so cozy and perfect for the season.

OrigamiGirl said...

I love the second hand books idea! I am giving my sister a first edition of the Wheel on the School that I found in Edinburgh in the summer. We both love old school stories so I think she'll love it.
Your planned activities do sound like something out of an Abbey Girls book though! You are lucky to have the kind of friends who will indulge in play-reading and dressing up with you!


I have been meaning to catch another art exhibit ... which is on my list of activities in the coming weeks. I'm particularly loving the high-heeled brogues with the skirt, and what a treat to still have gloves from your great grans! I hope you have a great Christmas Roz. :) /Madison

Emalina said...

You're the most glamorous geography teacher I've ever seen! You look beautiful in that gorgeous ensemble, I love the skirt with petticoat peeking out. A modern day Cathy walking the moors....

That's an inspiring list! I've done the donning of furry hat in my most recent post, and I'm wearing the silk pjs; what I'll add to my list is to bake (my double chocolate brownie cake in particular for xmas day), and to do lots of yoga (working off the cake!). Have a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year Roz!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Somehow I've never seen such a beautiful geography teacher... a wonderful look in a gorgeous setting! My Christmas to-do list looks quite similar - except the river plunge - I'd exchange that for a visit to the sauna...

Wishing you a Happy and Merry Christmas, Roz! X

Fashionistable said...

I agree with Sabine, I have never seen such a beautiful geography teacher either. I love your list and can imagine you in my minds eye in each of your activities. I want to go shopping in an evening dress :).
I wish you a wonderful cosy Christmas. Xxxx

Bella Q said...

Happy Christmas dear Roz! I like your list- some of them are near and dear- like recite a poem by heart.

Wishing you and yours a warm, happy and joyous holiday!

Barnsley Bargains said...

Happy Christmas to you. Fantastic blog.

Loving the 1950's style. My daughter is studying fashion and she will love your blog. Keep up the good work.

I wish you a happy and very prosperous new year.

Sacramento Amate said...

So wonderful everytime, my dear Rosalind, Happy Christmas a all the best in the New year 2013.
Love and admiration.

J. said...

What an amazing outfit, I love the skirt in particular! Happy 2013 to you in advance :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Marvelous plans Roz, have a lovely Xmas x

EvaLeokadia said...

Wow, exciting post! I've only just discovered your blog, and I think i WILL be following you very soon!

Eva xo

Mocha Daily said...

ooo! Your list is so inspirational! I love the idea: walk while dressing in Wuthering Heights or Tess of the D’Urbervilles inspired.

And I also need new friends:)


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