Thursday, 19 December 2013

Festive Finery

The text to accompany these photos can be found in this piece I wrote for Guardian Students on alternative ways to source a festive outfit, from customising old clothes to swapping with friends. My own favourite find for this year is a vintage taffeta skirt from Reign in Cowley, Oxford. Here worn with various vintage and second hand accessories, the stripes and length call to mind a Victorian circus. It was such a joy to return to the playfulness of packing a large basket full of clothes and jewellery to suspend from (still growing) Christmas trees. We had to tramp across several fields, wrapped up in many layers, to reach the plantation - all the while listening out for the sound of tractors or landrovers heading in to chop down a few more for the festive market.

Talking of unsustainable consumerism, Izzy wrote this wonderful post questioning buying habits and the power of an individual's action.

I hope your next week is filled with food, family, friends, warmth, laughter, parties and long walks.


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Absolutely beautiful, as always!
And congrats on having the article published, that's wonderful! xx

Ivana Džidić said...

I love vintage clothes and holidays in particular are a great time to wear them because you get to unite that feeling of history and present.

Christmas always feel a bit like a recap of a year past for me (maybe because the New Year is following shorty after), so it makes me thing of last Christmas and the one before and so on...I do agree there is no point in buying an entire new wardrobe and spending all that money on fancy clothes you won't wear that often. There is always something we can reinvent or alter in our closet. It is not that hard to find something shiny and holiday appropriate.

That skirt is so cool and I love that shiny vest. Nice accessories. I actually have a similar leather belt, my mother's friend gave me a few belts that she made and wore in the 70ties. I must say, they're also really practical because I feel much warmer when I'm wearing one.

Lata Roy said...

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AVY said...

It's pretty, a good find.


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I love that skirt! It looks great with the metallic sweater! :D
off to check out the piece you wrote now :)

Natalie Suarez said...

so so beautiful! as always! x

Natalie Off Duty

Jean at said...

Wishing you the same!! XXXXOOOO

daisychain said...

Utterly amazing photos Miss, to go alongside that brilliant article x

Vix said...

Wonderful pictures and a stunner of a skirt. Off to check out your article! xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas x

May Loh said...

Love the vintage skirt! Its really good that you are gathering the younger masses to be more ethical and consider vintage too. Hope you are having a marvellous festive season so far and a very Merry Christmas ahead!
May x
PS: 'Walking In May' is running a 1920s inspired GIVEAWAY and there is still time to find out more or enter:

Michael Clark said...

looking so adorable and charming as always.specially i like your clothes.


Bravo for your article, and what a lovely melting pot of nature's colours, as well as nice textures in your outfit. Wishing you a happy Christmas holiday and new year! :-)

Izzy DM said...

This touched me so much! Thank you so much for your inspiration and support. You're a great soul, Roz, and I'm so happy to have met you even if it's only as my British penpal.

And I loved the new haircut! Am I seeing things or have you cut off six inches? Does it feel nice to have the burden of long, heavy hair lifted? I also love the belt and the beautiful texture of this skirt. You were in my thoughts yesterday by the way as I spent a delightful Christmas Eve with my sister in three separate thrift stores around Brooklyn, finding the most wonderful treasures and pausing only for a hot cocoa. We had a wonderful time. I hope one day I get to share all my favorite, unknown except to natives thrift shops in New York with you too! Anyway off to read your article. xx

Izzy DM said...

I couldn't comment on the Guardian site-- discussion was closed-- but I loved the post, and it made me smile. I imagine your friends are probably pretty lucky to have you to swap with, and for my part, I pretty much have entirely dressed my sister head to foot for years now. And now I have another little girl already eyeing my closet (loves to sit in there and paw all my dresses.) Oh good Lord, I can already see what's coming!!! Luckily, I think she's going to be twice my size. At ten months old, she's already wearing 2-year-old clothes. I'm getting repetitive stress injuries in my wrists, because I have to hold this 30-pound child around the clock. That's all she wants now is mommy! Anyway, if you make any of the ideas yourself, I hope you share them on here or Instagram? I'd love to see them! Okay, congratulations on the excellent article and Merry Christmas again!

Sacramento Amate said...

You are made of magic material, my dear Rosalind.
Slowly back to normal in our new home. Still so much to do.
Merry Christmas and the best New year everrrrrrrr

Cloud of Secrets said...

This post makes me want to do the holidays over again in much more festive "found" finery! Oh, I think I did a pretty good job of shopping my own closet and pulling out sparklier pieces of jewelry I'd forgotten about, but I was still pretty conservative and unfantasian.

When I look at December issues of fashion magazines, I do get that craving to treat myself to a glimmering new party outfit and clutch of fresh makeup. My logical side knows it's ridiculous. I'd use everything maybe 2-3 times a year, and I don't go to many super-festive and playful winter celebrations these days anyway. But I can't help imagining myself into a trendy new party dress and silver sandals and glitter eyeshadow, an impractical tiny clutch in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other!

Emalina said...

Fabulous festive photos! I love all the glitter and gold of your outfit, including that wonderful taffeta circle skirt. Congratulations on having the article published, many more to come in 2014 I bet.

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