Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Festive Note

Life has been tumbling over itself day after day recently. This year Christmas will be a nice little respite - a quick pause for breath in the midst of ongoing hard work. I've had to promise my family that I'm not going near my laptop all day tomorrow...

I guess I'm a festive person in that I love celebrations, good company, great wine, and the warmth of a day filled with eating, talking and laughing. I'm just less of a fan of 'Christmas' as some big consumerist edifice with a build-up of about a month and a half beforehand, complete with cheap reindeer antlers and lit-up snowmen. However, ignore my slightly Scrooge-ish inclinations (if Scrooge decided to wear red lipstick and glittery dresses) - I hope that if you're celebrating, (and if so - in whatever way you enjoy best), it's a good one. And if it's not going to be a good one, am sending my thoughts your way. It's an unfairly tough time for so many - often those who deserve the most love.

Right, I'm off to get ready for the Czech half of our celebrations - complete with the wearing of some huge costume jewellery and a dress that belonged to my grandma. The fish soup is on the hob, we've made the cookies, and there's a handful of presents under the tree. Merry Christmas.

Wearing all second hand, from the Betty Jackson shoes to the vintage skirt to the faux fur hat from a charity shop. Wore a variation of this on the train back home today - I like to think I provided a slightly shiny bauble quality to the journey. 


Ivana Split said...

gorgeous background and photos...I know what you mean by consumerism, my husband is totally against buying presents so we don't do that...and it still feels like Christmas.

I do, however, always buy presents for my brother, his wife, their kids and my parents..and my neighbour Antonetta...and I do enjoy that let's say I understand both sides.

Merry Christmas dear! I wish you much happiness<3


Hannah McManus said...

Merry Christmas Rosalind, hope you have a great time!
Hannah x

Beri Allen-Miller said...

Beautiful outfit! I really love reading your updates, so conversational and natural :)
Have a good Christmas and brilliant New Year.


Melanie said...

A SMART shiny bauble, definitely. Merry Christmas.

India Wood said...

Such a beautiful outfit and stunning photos as always! x

India Charlotte♥

India Wood said...

Such a beautiful outfit and stunning photos as always! x

India Charlotte♥


It's never really been about presents in my family, so I do love Christmas, as our family festivities are really important since most of us are dispersed all over the world. It's the one time we can all try to see each other together. This outfit is divine, and I can imagine a perfect look for going home in by train. Enjoy your time with family and have Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

You are gorgeous! Love this outfit, esp your skirt and shoes. <3 Hope you had a wonderful Chrimbo. xoxo

Vix said...

Having a Czech friend I know those festivities well. With Pavlinka its carp in the bath tub for 3 days before - very odd to encounter when you pop to the loo!
Looking gorgeous in your second-hand finery. Hope your Xmas was all you hoped for. xxxx

his_girl_friday said...

Love that ethereal shirt!

Kristie Glenn said...

Nice shots!

Cameron Adams said...

With you on the holiday madness and have found the best solution: ringing hand bells at lessons and carols gives me the sort Christmas I remember from youth. Best 2015 Wishes! Cameron

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