Monday, 20 April 2015

What Goes Around Comes Around - Part 2

I didn’t know it would happen so quickly. In fact, I was sure it should take longer. Why so soon? How so swift? Couldn’t I be granted a longer grace period, a little longer for it all to come back – instead of returning before I was ready to face it full on? Was there any rhyme or reason to such odd circularity, history ready to repeat itself seemingly infinitely?

I could be talking melodramatic bollocks about any number of things above, but I’m afraid my attention is focused in tightly to something plenty will think of as frivolous – trends. Ah, trends. Like the friend at the party that everyone thinks is kind of cool, but does have that irritating tendency to repeat the same story again and again.

Maybe I’ve been more aware of this recently, because it’s the first time for me when the magazines and catwalk reports seem like mirror image copies of the ones I picked up five or six years ago when I was a newcomer to the whims of the industry. Clogs? Check. The seventies? Check. Florals for spring? (Groundbreaking). Check. Obi belts? Check. And suede? Check, check, check.

Then there are the generic similarities between designers that one can loosely group together – things with labels like ‘whites’ or ‘sports luxe’ or ‘stripes’ or, with true airheaded offensive aplomb: ‘ethnic prints’. These aren’t real trends, but constants that can be packaged up as something new. Continuing with the party analogy, think of them like the people who turn up to every gathering going – very familiar, all dressed the same, being mildly edgy without any real innovation, but probably guaranteed to have a good time.

Let’s backpedal to suede though. It genuinely is one of my favourite fabrics. I have suede boots, suede dresses, suede jackets and a sixties suede A-line coat. Still on the lookout for the ideal suede skirt (been eyeing up these Beyond Retro ones – starkly similar to what I wore at my first ever LFW. Sadly that Topshop number had to go when I actually developed hips). Oh, and of course, this suede top, pictured above. I want to call it ‘buttery soft’, as that’s how it would be described if it graced the pages of a glossy mag, but ‘buttery’ is among the more bizarre fashion adjectives. Butter is greasy, slippery, sticky and liable to melt if left out of the fridge too long. This suede top, however, is smooth, supple and pretty cosy.

I first posted it on this blog almost exactly five years ago on April 28th, 2010. I’m out by a mere eight days (if I was truly dedicated I would have waited, but, you know, I’m an impatient gal). Back then I wore it with a black body-con dress, pointy Italian heels and a long string of faux pearls I’ve since lost (damn it). The little accompanying post mentioned Phoebe Philo’s sway at Celine, and nodded to the heritage of that suede t-shirt – originally belonging to my paternal grandma in the seventies. I even quoted Oscar Wilde (go fourteen year old me!) The whole thing was titled ‘What goes around, comes around.’ So consider this a continuation of that orbit. Maybe I’ll style it again in another five years when the industry inevitably looks to the past again. April 2020, I’m looking at you. Hey from nineteen year old me to twenty four year old me (good lord). Hope you’re having a good time. Hope you’ve found your ideal suede skirt too. 

This time round I'm wearing my suede with a vintage Betty Jackson silk shirt, some second hand velvet shorts (basically impossible to see though) and second hand heels from eBay. 


mariafelicia magno said...

nice outfit..i like also this location

Marina Loyko said...

amazing look!

Izzy DM said...

You really are an old soul! It took me ages to come to this conclusion. About trends recycling, that is, and the amusement of it all. It's actually very liberating, isn't it? Makes you realize how arbitrary and silly fashion rules really are and how you should always wear whatever suits you best, although I've no need to point this out to you. You've obviously already come to this conclusion and are blazing your own unique, lovely fashion path!

I currently can't fit into my own suede skirt for other reasons of my own... Not meaning to be coy. it's a short/ long story, which I'll explain. Still, owe you that email, although I think you're beginning to guess.

Thank you for the comment on my post. So glad you remember that piece. I re-edited it, and it was so funny to go back to it, to sentences that made me cringe and to (attempt at least to) untangle them. Funny how much blogs can help you develop; it really helps having this constant sense that you've got to be your own editor. No funny business or laziness allowed!

Vix said...

So we're both on a revisiting roll at the moment! I love this suede top and the way you've worn it. Buttery is so over-used but I'm just as guilty, its wonderfully apt.
Here's to blogging in another 5 years. I do hope so. xx


Ha! I'm sure I've used 'buttery soft' recently. Before even reading this, I noticed your lovely green heels. Your suede top looks smart layered like this. I find that retro in general seem to make their way back in style/on-trend every few years over and over. I keep reading about "Boho-chic," and the seventies trends often.

OrigamiGirl said...

I've been away for a while and too busy for blogging, as you know, but I've just been catching up on your blog. I enjoyed your previous post about politics and engagement - I'm probably voting Green too. Partly to remind the rest of the country that we're not all right-wingers who hate people who weren't born in the UK or who don't look like them. Well done on getting in the magazine too. You get some amazing opportunities.

On the fashion topic - I've never really got suede! I'm sorry. It always feels strange to touch somehow, almost tingly. The only suede thing I want is a pair of blue suede brogues with yellow soles that I saw once years ago and regret so much not buying! They were a thing of unique beauty.

Michael Jordan said...

such agorgeous dress, love it ! you look amazing !

Ivana Split said...

I don't mind repetition that much when it is trends that I do like, but still it would be refreshing to something really new, wouldn't it?

you look absolutely fabulous...and why don't your legs look endless? I love how you layered this look. I will even forgive you for not showing us those velvet shorts that I'm sure are quite lovely.

It was really interesting to see that older post btw! Time flies by when blogging, I'm often surprised that I have kept my blog for this long.

Melanie said...

Are the cycles getting quicker or am I just getting older? It's easier for companies to stick to the tried and true rather than go out on a limb, like oxblood and marsala. No brainer. But thank goodness for thrifting, there's always something there. I love your suede top this time and five years ago. Here's to another five years...

Hello Kuo said...

I completely agree with you about the recycled trends! I was reading TeenVogue awhile ago, I'm too young and basic for real Vogue, when I read an article about florals being a new trend for spring. I'm no fashion expert, but even I knew that florals and spring are not at "new" combination. This bothered me so much that I stopped reading fashion magazines haha. It seems that the fashion industry has been low on originality lately. We keep relying on trends that are 90's or 70's inspired, and I often wonder if people in the future (who hopefully manage to develop an exciting new style) will look back at us and say "that's the generation that couldn't think of anything good." Wow. I really rambled on there. Sorry!

Carlota Antolin Vallespin said...

Suede is a material I really enjoy, sooo seventies. Your inherited t-shirt is a magnificent piece that I would love to own myself. I love the shade, which is difficult to define: is it grey, green or brown? Just as i like it! Hurray for the confusing tones that are, in fact, difficult to combine. Of course, you managed perfectly. Not only in terms of colour but also the way you hit the "current trends" (like the way the shirt collar get importance going over the t-shirt).

Specially today I invite you to see my blog because I think you will enjoy what I show: cozy coffee place. You should definitely come once to East Germany to check out coffee places.


PD: I always enjoy a lot your way to pose.

Matthew Alexander said...

I'm amazed every time I come here by the locations you find! Great pictures with great subject and backgrounds! Good work!

Sarah Rizaga said...

I really love the location of your photos and your outfit is perfect!!

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