Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Birthday Note

Keeping this quick, sweet and to the point as the afternoon is short and the sunshine plentiful. I turned twenty today. Kind of exciting, really. It’ll take a little bit of getting used to, this whole business of no longer being able to refer to myself as a teenager. But my, how marvelous too…

When I was younger, I spent plenty of time daydreaming about my twenties – seeing that as a highpoint of the future, floating somewhere beyond school and challenging friend groups and exams. Funny to be finally alighting here. But despite those years spent being frustrated by the limitations of adolescence, I still packed in so much that I remain proud of: from the most thrilling opportunities to the biggest difficulties I managed to move through (no matter how painful).

Things kind of feel normal right now, albeit with slightly more in the way of presents, picnics-for- breakfast and promises of cava than usual. Any excuse for celebration and slight decadence, that’s me - birthday or no birthday. But there are still emails to send, deadlines to hit, work to do. I’ve been running around and working hard and jumping between Oxford and London for the last week, too occupied with other things to give today much thought.

For that reason, I didn’t really attribute any significance to the age change until I sat down to put up a blog post. Maybe that’s because we often construct significance for ourselves, shaping these kinds of markers and moments to be as big or as small as we want. Maybe it’s also that I rarely wish to define myself by my number of years, preferring to dwell on experiences and people and achievements and memories instead.

I am a little exhilarated at the thought of the decade ahead though. I don’t know what it’ll contain, but I hope it will be interesting – if not always easy. Regardless, so long as it involves creativity, curiosity, great company, glasses of wine, the odd kiss, and a healthy dose of the unexpected, I’ll be content.

Thought some summery images were especially apt for today. I'm wearing a vintage dress, some pretty delectable Orla Kiely for Clarks t-bar Bibi shoes, vintage accessories and my much-loved suede jacket from a jumble sale. 


Vix said...

Happy Birthday to you! Its hard to believe you turned twenty today, you've got wisdom and style way beyond your years.
Have the most wonderful day. I'm glad the sun is shining for you today and you can wear that incredible dress and those gorgeous shoes. xxx

mariafelicia magno said...

nice dress and beautiful pics

Closet Fashionista said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed your day and didn't do too much work! My birthday is on a Saturday this year, so I'm going to do absolutely nothing, haha

Ivana Split said...

Twenty! how wonderful! I think birthdays are always a perfect day to give ourselves a pad on the shoulder and take a moment for ourselves. Happy birthday and many many happy and fabulous returns!

It seems to be like it has been ages since I turned twenty...even turning thirty seems a long time ago and it was fairy recent,only weeks ago, at the end of this April...

I do now regret not celebrating my birthday, not even with a simple cake and cup of coffee. I had a busy day that April, but that is no excuse...I should had celebrated it in some way.

I hope you'll have a wonderful doesn't have to be a big celebration but I do think it is important to take some time for ourselves at least on our birthday.

I absolutely love that dress! and the shoes are marvelous. I do like how you're not afraid of're like a ray of sunshine in this outfit.

I also really like the outfit from your last post!

Once again...happy happy birthday dear Rosalind!!!!!

Anja said...

Happy birthday! Twenty; so young. Yet so wise and well-spoken already.

I'm with you if we're talking about celebrations, decadence and bubbly. Every day is a good day for that, really;-).

Next week is my birthday, but Im getting slightly older than you, hahaha. Dinner with loved ones and afterwards cocktails in a secret bar. Yay!

May your upcoming year be a good one!

Kailey said...

Happy Birthday dearest Rosalind! I'm 21 and still feel a bit of a sting when I think about how I'm no longer in my teens...

I hope you have a beautiful day <3

Anupriya DG said...

Belated birthday wishes to one of the most beautiful, inspiring & mature souls I know!! You've always been more mature than the average teenager, yet turning the big two-oh must feel special indeed!
Hope the 20s hold the promise of a lot of new adventures, success, happiness & love for you!! This is the time to do all that you want in life! I'm sure you'll be more inspiring through the coming years!!!
Lots of love & best wishes from this side of the world! :*

P.S.: These are some of my favorite pictures on your blog.......the crazy, beautiful blossoms behind you juxtaposed with the lovely blooms on your dress - summer couldn't get prettier!!! <3

Demilade Aina said...

Happy Birthday to you! I pray your 20's are filled with happiness and success! Loving this outfit, the retro vibe is cool. xx

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! No longer a teen. Your energy and hopes for the future are contagious. Thanks for this blast. There is so much ahead for you.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Belated happy birthday! I hope it was wonderful. xo


What a wonderful vintage look, and how perfect that the sun shined for your special day! Happy birthday to you, I wish you many more glorious years to come, and of course bits of decadence and all. :)

Miu said...

Happy Birthday, Rosalind!

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