Thursday, 27 August 2015

Golden Days

I’m not sure what I noticed first – the coppery tint to all the fields, the hay bales, or the rain. Probably the rain, to be honest. We’re currently sitting on the cusp of that part-magical, part-melancholy tipping point between summer and autumn. The kind of point where thick cardigans are pulled out again, and talk about the lack of sunshine becomes commonplace.

I sort of love it though. Despite the dip in temperatures and possibility of grey days ahead, there’s a thrill to it as well. Call it all the clichés: back to school sentiment, the whiff of new beginnings, another seasonal shift full of possibility. However it’s labeled, there’s a sense of opportunity - somewhere among the slightly colder mornings and shorter days. Fresh starts – just as the leaves are readying themselves to embark on that final, glorious, colourful change.

It’s a feeling that lends itself to optimism – to the beginning of new projects and completion of longstanding plans. It also ushers in a certain amount of nostalgia too. I’m already aware of a sensation of loss on recalling the heat of late June/ early July where plenty of days involved river swimming, barbecues, and drinking wine outside late into the evening. I want the warmth and the thrill of skinny-dipping at midnight under a full moon. And yet I also want the warmth of big jumpers and thrill of crisp, bright mornings full of mist. But maybe that’s because it’s always easy to crave the season that’s not currently being experienced – especially when it can be condensed down to a few picturesque scenes and memories. 

There are plenty of adventures ahead though - things to write and schemes to work on, as well as a hefty amount of reading to complete. In the meantime though, I’ll be celebrating the end of summer by dancing through these last few days of August. This is being hastily written in between shoving every glittery dress I own (and the odd practical layer) into a rucksack, ready to head off to Shambala festival later today. I’m being sent by CAT boots, and will be striding around for the whole weekend in these metallic beauties – my feet shimmering through the night. Besides, as someone who usually chooses impracticality above all else, there’s something ever so satisfying in making pragmatic footwear choices that still look bloody fabulous.

Thanks to CAT for sending me off to Shambala. I'm wearing their Colorado ankle boots, here styled with a second hand, charity shopped slip dress and vintage velvet blazer. I half-froze while doing these photos - my mum and I dashing between the snug car and windy, chilly hillside - but the views were beyond magnificent. 


Ivana Split said...

You know that first photograph is really maginifent. The background is breath-taking. I do enjoy being outdoors and I love nature, so I always enjoy the photography aspect of your blog, with most of your outfits being shot in wonderful locations. You look fantastic! Those boots are gorgeous...such a great look, you always present great second hand and vintage finds.

I'm familiar with the feeling you speak about. It will be a while, perhaps a whole month or even two, before the weather cools here. Right now the heat is making me dizzy but once the days get a bit cooler and the nights get chilly I know I will be filled with a longing for Summer while at the same time I will be crazy about Autumn. Both of these seasons mean a lot to me and those time between them is pure magic.

AVY said...

I could use an adventure too. Life is so empty without them.

/ Avy

Closet Fashionista said...

I do love Fall! It's definitely my favorite season. The pretty leaves, the smell or the air.....ahhhhhh :D
Those mountains are beautiful, so breathtaking!
And I hope you have fun in your glittery shoes and dresses

Demilade Aina said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful. Love the scenery. Your blazer is so gorgeous.xx

daisychain said...

Autumn always has that feeling of upcoming adventure about it, I love it! I also rather love those boots of yours xx


Autumn is definitely my favourite time and season -- I love the slight chilled mornings and the leaves changing. Your CAT boots caught my eye, as did your smart styling with the royal blue jacket. Enjoy the Shambala festival, I'm sure you will have plenty of tales to write!x

Amanda said...

Oh wow these photos are breathtaking

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

You look wonderful in the photographs.

Vix said...

Metallic boots and a free gig to Shambala! Jealous, me? Mmy inbox is just full of invitations to promote Chinese knock-off rubbish.
Wonderful festival-friendly outfit. Look out for a lady in a psychedelic catsuit - it came from me!
Have an ace time. xxx

Lola Byatt said...

Rosalind! Your writing makes me smile so much, it was so wonderful reading this today after having a bit of a miserable afternoon. I am also already yearning for those long summer nights whilst being equally excited by autumn, new beginnings and all the colours that september brings with it! xx

Theresa said...

I've always found autumn my favorite season because you know what you're about to lose (the sun, the warmth, as you said, the wine in the sun and warmth). It makes you appreciate everything more.

Also: the textures! Fall textures are the best. Love the juxtaposition of your shimmery clothes with the heather(?), esp. in the second-to-last photo.

Lally said...

OH gosh so many thoughts whirring after reading/looking at this. Firstly those boots are just marvellous, who knew that cat made such glorious concoctions! Secondly what a beautiful landscape - so incredibly fitting for the change of season. I too love this interim period between late summer and early autumn. I still haven't done my annual wardrobe change over yet but after seeing this I'm inspired to get out all my boots and jumpers in anticipation of cold crisp days. I hope you had a delightful time at Shambala, I'm very jealous, it looked wonderful! XX

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