Thursday, 7 September 2017

Seeing Double

I love a good sleeve. Give me an excess of fabric, a good shirt cuff, a poofy shoulder, a translucent chiffon, or a set of exuberantly ridiculous ruffles that have the air of a budget Kate Bush about them, and I’m as happy as a young woman who’s probably going to end up trailing her sleeves in her dinner can be.

There’s something continually exhilarating about being able to flail around one’s limbs with extra flair, knowing that shoulders, elbows and/ or wrists are more embellished than strictly necessary. It’s silly. It’s fun. And it’s just the right amount of melodramatic (Lorde’s Melodrama obviously being the most appropriate source of outfit cues at the moment. In fact, there’s actually some very good sleeve action in the video for Perfect Places).  

This particular green dress has some of the best sleeves I’ve ever seen. A veritable wedding cake of a design: all tiered and delectable and liable to garner appreciative comments from everyone in the vicinity. Sleeves so good that it merited being bought not once, but twice.

See, here’s the magic of the internet. A swirly patterned dress from the 1970s already owned in a size 8 (technically much too small for me, but just about possible to squeeze into if it’s done up with a safety pin) – one already featured on this blog – is found again, but slightly bigger. My mum’s ever keen eyes keeping track of the latest treasures posted on eBay, she buys it, hangs it on my bedroom door at home when it’s delivered, and waits for me to notice when I’ve returned for a visit.

The screech of excitement was almost as loud as the time I had my first book deal confirmed.

And here’s the magic of having a more petite best friend (my brilliant pal Holly: aka the illustrator of my blog header) who likewise revels in sleeves and over the top stylings and the chance to look like creepy woodland twins given half a chance; the conjuring trick of doubling up on swirls and full skirts - and metallic CAT boots too, because we really are that nauseating - not quite mirror images but, at the very least, eerie half-reflections when standing in proximity with one another.

Here’s the importance of stressing that we should see more body shapes side by side, because we all inhabit skin and space and cloth differently. Here’s everything I love about dressing up, especially when it’s fabulous and silly and creative and involves a ridiculous pair of girls on a summer’s afternoon haunting the trees in our green, green sleeves.



Porcelina said...

It was obviously meant to be! How lovely of your Mum to surprise you. x

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Your mum is the best, I love this shoot!


wholelottarosie said...

What a brilliant surprise - good ol' mum!

Carlota Antolin Vallespin said...

This is a incredibly good photo session. I am deeply pleased looking at the pictures. Woh... another level. I really like the kick you gave to your blog.


Jenna Opsahl said...

These photos are so magical, as is this story!


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