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I’m an author, freelance journalist, and poet. Having won the Vogue Talent Contest at the age of sixteen, I’ve gone on to write for places including British Vogue, The Guardian, Broadly, Refinery29, BBC Radio 4, The Debrief, SUITCASE, Buzzfeed, AnOther and Metro with articles covering areas from clothes to culture to health to travel. I am also currently junior editor for Violet magazine.

My debut non-fiction book Notes On Being Teenage came out with Hachette (Wayland) in 2016. Part memoir, part manual for adolescence, it takes an honest look at areas including body image, friendship, family, and online life. As an author I’ve talked at literary festivals, schools, sixth forms, and bookshops.

I’ve also performed my poetry in locations ranging from Shakespeare and Company to Burberry to The Society Club, and my first poetry collection 'Branch and Vein' is available through the New River Press. I am currently working on a verse novel (among other things). 

I began modeling at the age of thirteen, started my style blog at fourteen, and had surgery to rectify a spinal curvature when I was fifteen. These days I still (occasionally) model, still (very occasionally) blog, and still have two metal rods in my back  - and yes, I do set off metal detectors in airports.

Over the years this blog – specializing in a mix of inventive imagery and intelligent commentary on everything from fast fashion to feminism – has seen me featured/ quoted in publications including Sunday Times Style, Miss Vogue, The Observer, Grazia, Vogue Nippon, the Evening Standard, and i-D.

Beyond all that, I read constantly, adore long conversations, am usually pretty well caffeinated, hate to go out without at least two books in my bag, am happiest climbing hills or stomping around cities on foot, spend a lot of time lingering in charity shops, advocate dressing up at every opportunity, and am sometimes to be found jumping in freezing lakes and rivers. Oh and I'm rather tall, too.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the way you write it so amazing!
I 'm a fashion blogger and i would like to introduce your blog on mine, a legfashion blog. And you're so beautiful!
Please answer me at this e-mail:
My blog Le Collant Selon Arnaud (tights by Arnaud)

Anonymous said...


Nice blog. I like the surrounding of your pictures. Nature is the perfect frame for such poetic and beautiful clothes. I'm also impressed by the lack of attitude that's like a virus in fashion blogs. You seem at ease and laid back, in your articles and pictures.
Keep going and never change the way you are.


MissP said...

Your blog is very unique, and I like how you have combined literature with clothing (since I have one blog on literature and another on sewing).

I must add, I cannot leave the house without a notepad and paper, I started a notepad collection just for it.


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